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  1. Tezz

    Soul Scene Villains

    This underworld stuff has always been and always will be part of the soul scene. Like a lot I have read, I was taken by older guys to gigs. Even in senior school, you had a choice. That dictated a route in life we took. Mod or rocker. Obvious the way I went as did a lot of guys and gals in the 6t's. Mods became almost gangster like. Dealing in everything. You just got caught up in it. Became a way of life.... Tezz
  2. Tezz

    News: Jerry Ragovoy Has Died

    RIP Jerry. Condolences to the family from the Northern Soul fraternity of Great Britain
  3. Tezz

    Open Decks Day

    The Cricketers Arms, 43 Iffley Road Oxford. OX4 1EA are holding an open decks day. Nothing to do. Bring yours tracks down and have a spin. Vinyl only, sorry Tezz
  4. I could'nt earn a bean prostituting ha ha How you doing you old git Tezz Trins says hello
  5. Tezz

    Oxford Soul Club 11 December 2010

    Don't forget, Oxford Soul Club warm up at The Cricketers Arms, Iffley Road, Oxford. OX4 1EA 01865 429691 See you guys there Free entry and plenty of soul & good old fashioned Motown Cheers to all and Merry Christmas Tezz & Katrina (The Boss)
  6. Tezz

    Oxford Soul Club 11 December 2010

    Hope you all saving your energy cos from the start 100 mile an hour tracks.... Just to warm you al up as is so bloody cold. Katrina gonna b knacked as dancin'from the of Tezz ps looking forward to getting you up and dancing before 8.30 pm har har
  7. Tezz

    Oxford Soul Club

    Just to say thank you to everyone who attended. I like what Maz and Del say about the people attending. NOT Punters, friends. When I ran a couple of gigs in Gloucestershire a few years ago, we had an expression that I feel said it all and applies to Oxford Soul Club so much. "There are no strangers here, just friends yet to meet and make" I look forward to getting the gig up and running next time in December. Sorry guys gonna get those punt, sorry friends up and knackered for you who follow.... Look forward to seeing everyone then... Tezz Soulies Live Young Lives Forever....
  8. Tezz

    Oxford Soul Club

    What a nite. Brill nite for the birthday boys... Great sounds, great peeps and a brill atmosphere, good turn out with soulies from as far away as Folkestone to The Boro' way up north there. This little independent gig goes from strength to strength. Well done guys Terence (Tezz) & Katrina
  9. Tezz

    St Georges' Soul Club D.j's @ Dowtys

    Thank you DJ's Scooby Pops Patch Soultime Steve Paul Garland and friends and of course Clive Walby Tezz
  10. Tezz

    Top Rank Suite, Hanley, Soul On Trent

    Regards to all. Name Terry from Cheltenham, now in Oxfordshire. Did usual gigs. Loved Hanley alldayers. Main gigs for me were Cats, Mecca, Va Va's, Torch and of course Wigan, although for me and from what I now understand from others I since met on my return to the scene ten years ago. A lot left the scene between 73 and 75. The latter being when I left. Usual thing. marrage, kids and a spell in the services (RAF). Anyhoo. Used the coaches in 73, but before then it was the proverbial thumb was used for the many miles to gigs up north for us poor southerners. Started for me when still at school. Funny thing is, learned only a couple of years ago, that while in third and forth years of senior school. Fridays and Mondays mates left me alone. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday was fine. Because Friday on way up and Monday on way down... However love the scene just as I did as a kid. Sorry no claims to fame, just went to dance the nite away... At any gig... Regards Tezz
  11. Tezz

    Southampton All-Dayer

    Hi Alfie. As part of the Oxford contingent. (Hi Del and all) Thanks for a great alldayer. We njoyed all the tracks, and all the pepes from the area who welcomed us, taking time to chat about thier scene and where they go. Katrina and myself like going to new venues as you always hear something that pricks your ears. new to you, but with that familiar sound of soul. We will definitely be making the return journey for net year. Also to the local southampton venue. Thank you all whomade us welcome. All three of us including Colin Tezz and Katrina
  12. Tezz

    Blue Max Rip

    My first recollections of Max speaking to me, was at Cats. Don't know if anyone remembers when the DJ's tiny box was in the corner of the dance floor. Then suddenly got moved to the end of the bar. Sorry guys, I gotta put my hands up for doing a back flip or flips. making the tracks jump. Oooops... Yes Maxes first ever words to me were probably along the lines of "what the fxxx you think you doing, fxxxxing stop that or I will have you thrown out. That was in the very early seventies (Aged 16). Then one nite I took Katrina to Soul In The Cellor, Wallsal. Where I had the privilage of double decking with Max. My hero of the soul scene. I only really got to know Max again was about ten years ago. Yet got to know him better as a friend in the last two years or so. He always chatted to us. Thought the world of katrina as he knew me during my dark period. Funny thing is, we never think that the last time we saw someone would be the last. I can rember chatting to him, laughing about old days, and he always chatted about his family to Trins. I am gonna stop now. Tears starting. Love you Max and Colin sends you a tail wag Condolences to his grandson and family, to all his friends and anyone who was fortunate enough to meet this "The Original Gentleman of Soul" Tezz and Katrina XXXXXXX
  13. Tezz

    2010-05-02: Pete Robinson Memorial Allnighter

    Hi John and all. Just got onto the comp this morning. Want to say that John like everyone else you did an excellent job. However in memory of Peter, we all did him proud by either playing, dancing and by just being there. For those who did not make it were thinking of Peter one way or another. Like John and so many others I still miss someone who I was proud to call a friend. We all did Peter proud by remembering him when it counted... John. You stood up to be counted and was there for Peter Robinson
  14. Tezz


    Went to Pemberton Centre last nite. First time for me. The ladies on the door were so nice and friendly. Felt welcome from the start off. For us what should have been just over an hour to get there, some pillock decided to close the main route which we would have taken. Took us nearly two hours to get there. Loved the music. Chatted with good friend Dave Rimmer for some time. The locals were friendly. Made the effort to chat with you even if just for a hello. Will definitely get back there again. PS See you at Marrs Bar next week Dave... Katrina says hello x (From Trina)
  15. Tezz

    2010-05-02: Pete Robinson Memorial Allnighter

    Hi all, just a remider to get your tickets for Peter's gig. A lot of hard work as gone into planning and getting the joks to play in memory of a guy who was a friend, mate or just an aquaintance of this lovely guy who always made time for us all. So lets make time in his memory. Miss him and his jesting about, and the support he gave me as some of you know. Ps. See ya next week : Julia123 xx


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