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  1. "I only get this feeling" for me. Stuart
  2. StuH


  3. StuH


    PM sent Stuart
  4. StuH

    Help Me Find A Cd Name

    Could it be - Satisfaction Guaranteed Motown Guys 1961 - 69
  5. StuH

    Motown Box Set Vol 2

    My box set arrive this morning. Numbered 000528 limited edition. Set is complete and all play with no problems. Let's hope Universal have got it right this time. Stu
  6. StuH

    Soul Sensations

    Have a look at ' Northern Soul In Tenerife' website
  7. StuH

    Probably Get My A%&e Kicked For This

    MP3 available from Amazon
  8. StuH

    Grantham Soul At The Squash Club 2 July

    That's a shame Mick. Was looking forward to hearing Roy, Hope he gets well soon. Rob will be a good substitute. See you later Stu
  9. StuH

    £5 Bargains

    PM'd youStuart
  10. Hi Mick Looking forward to tonight. I'm sure it will be awesome............ See you at 8.00 Stu & Linda
  11. StuH

    Grantham Soul At The Atrium

    Hi Mick Taxi ordered for 8.30. See you all later Stu
  12. StuH

    Grantham Soul At The Atrium

    Hi Mick Just booked our taxi cos the weather a bit iffy for walking. See you all later Stu
  13. StuH

    Phoenix Soul @ Grantham Squash Club

    Hi Ian You know there's not a snowflakes chance in hell that Ian T will be there that early!!! I will be though. Looking forward to a Phoenix night it's been ages since the last one. See you later Stu
  14. At the moment can't stop playing: Teddy Pendergrass- I just called to say. StuH
  15. StuH


    Hi Ian The good news is Ian and Sandra and me are coming tonight. The bad news for you is Linda is coming too. You have been warned!!!! See you later Stu
  16. Barry I don't think I've ever seen him buy anyone a drink Sorry we won't be there this time hope you have a good one. See you soon Stuart and Linda
  17. StuH

    "all Souled Out" @ Kontaks Grantham, Lincs

    Thanks to Ian,Paul and Andy. Really good night, slow to get going, but kept on the boil, in more ways than one, when it did. Looking forward to the next one. Stu
  18. StuH

    Anyone Know These Three?

    Number 3 could be The Icemen-It's time you knew Stu
  19. StuH

    Phoenix Soul @ Grantham Squash Club

    Well that will be 2 more than I've ever seen you buy anyone else!LOL See you later Stu
  20. Hi All Looking forward to tonight. Nice to see the Birthday Girl get last spot tonight, instead of early doors. See you later Stuart and Linda
  21. StuH

    Soul4sale £5 Each Free Postage & Paypal

    Have PM'd you Stu
  22. Paul Wasn't Paul Sadot from Grantham? I don't know if he DJayed. Stu


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