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  1. I bought a record off discogs was described as mint- for cover and 45. it arrived and cover was torn and had seam split and 45 had scuffs on both sides. Seller offered partial refund which I accepted, he didn't pay the partial refund so opened paypal dispute. He wouldn't then reply to discogs or paypal and he deleted all his remaining items from discogs.
  2. No government has banned cryptos yet, press keeps saying they will but it's articles written by people who have no clue about blockchain. Yes bitcoin is worth less than it's all time high but bitcoin isn't the be all and end all of crypto take xrp for example it's in test mode with western union and money gram at the minute and if these 2 money transfer companies decide to use it then transaction times are 3 seconds at this moment but when cobalt is roled out transaction times will be down to 1 sec. price for a transaction for using xrp is 0.0001 since xrp is less than a dollar at the minute you could send 1000 transactions for less than a dollar Keep your coins offline in a hard wallet like trezor or nano s and you can't get hacked.
  3. Just read this https://www.ccn.com/new-paypal-policy-makes-bitcoin-a-cheaper-and-more-private-alternative/ Is this the beginning of the end for paypal ? With crypto currencies becoming more widely recognised with much cheaper transaction fees then I for one will start accepting cryptos as payment for online sales.
  4. Rangers used to play Betty Everett getting mighty crowded at euro games
  5. laurel aitken sweet precious love must be at least ex condition please
  6. 1hr 23 min 44 sec into the vid
  7. Well chuffed for sepias family that they got such a nice price. I sold 26 of the 100 club 45s to sepia 4 years ago and he continued to get the full set for the last 3 years. I'd never been to the 100 club in my life so all were bought from various sources except the melba moore which turned up in the 2nd hand record shop in Aberdeen so i traded something for it.
  8. Been doing scooter rallies and soul nights with Ridds for 25 years. You're now at peace bro Always remembered. Tubbs
  9. moby sampling barbara lynn i'm a good woman
  10. you'll find loads here type in an artist in the search box http://www.whosampled.com/
  11. Few for sale pm or email me gary.pratt at virgin.net. Postage £1.20 recorded and special delivery extra.. Payment by paypal gift if possible cash or cheque SAM BUTLER I CAN'T GET OVER (LOVING YOU)/same both sides SRI WHITE DEMO m- SOLD AMANDA LOVE YOU KEEP CALLING ME BY HER NAME /I DON'T MIND STARVILLE EX WOL was £25 now £20 ROY REDMOND THAT OLD TIME FEELING UK WARNER BROS DEMO EX was £30 now £20 BEN E KING HAPPINESS IS WHERE YOU FIND IT UK ONLY ATLANTIC EX was £30 now £20(great 70's) Thanx for looking

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