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  1. Could it be - Satisfaction Guaranteed Motown Guys 1961 - 69
  2. My box set arrive this morning. Numbered 000528 limited edition. Set is complete and all play with no problems. Let's hope Universal have got it right this time. Stu
  3. Have a look at ' Northern Soul In Tenerife' website
  4. That's a shame Mick. Was looking forward to hearing Roy, Hope he gets well soon. Rob will be a good substitute. See you later Stu
  5. StuH

    £5 Bargains

    PM'd youStuart
  6. Hi Mick Looking forward to tonight. I'm sure it will be awesome............ See you at 8.00 Stu & Linda
  7. Hi Mick Taxi ordered for 8.30. See you all later Stu
  8. Hi Mick Just booked our taxi cos the weather a bit iffy for walking. See you all later Stu
  9. Hi Ian You know there's not a snowflakes chance in hell that Ian T will be there that early!!! I will be though. Looking forward to a Phoenix night it's been ages since the last one. See you later Stu
  10. At the moment can't stop playing: Teddy Pendergrass- I just called to say. StuH

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