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  1. Hi Paul money sent 10 Hartland Ave, Southport, Merseyside, pr9 9ft
  2. Hi did you get the money for the bobbettes Glyn
  3. hi bud money sent and an e-mail thanks glyn
  4. hi roger money sent, which add is it going to please, also any more test pressing Glyn
  5. hi bud sori for delay only just logged on to site, money sent7add710 hartland ave southport merseyside pr9 9ft thanks Glyn hu bud 1st message type error add 10 hartland ave southport merseyside pr9 9ft
  6. hi bud money sent, add 10 hartland ave, southport, merseyside, pr9 9ft thanks Glyn
  7. bessie banks & chuck jackson please
  8. ok bud thanks for getting back
  9. hi, third party and prisilla page please

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