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  1. Not been out since the last Wheel but will definitely be back tomorrow
  2. The pubs might have officially closed at 11pm but most pubs carried on serving behind closed doors. also the Casino started opening earlier towards the end... We never went in the John Bull it was more of a bikers pub, and I didn't spend much time in the Raven... The Clarence now called Sams Bar (Its a shit hole now) just up from the station, Crofters on the junction of Hallgate and Market St, The Grand Hotel. Dorning St and the Wallgate.. A club above Wallgate station along with the pictures is where we would go, although sometimes we went in early and cleaned up to get in free
  3. The "Bees Knees" did change to the "Last Orders" but has now reverted back to it's original name "Dog and Partridge" It's worth going upstairs in the "Grand Arcade" to the "Casino Cafe" they have some good original Casino memorabilia on display and check out the murals on the walls to the upstairs exit If you turn right into the street before you enter the Arcade you are on "Millgate" you will see some of the "Ship Hotel" facade on your right.... If you continue on your right is a bar called "Casino de Cuba" if it is open they have plenty of Dave Barrows Casino prints on display... B
  4. Fundraiser for the Christie Cancer Charitable Fund: 12 Hours of Soul @ Culcheth Sports Club, Culcheth, Warrington Wristbands £8 Pick up and Pay on the day To reserve wristbands email davecaffery@ymail.com or PM Dave on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/dave.caffery.9?fref=ts DJs on the day: Dave Rimmer, Fay L Jones, Elvin Ironmonger, Dave Stokes, Liz & Pete Wadeson Neal, Tony Shawcross, Lester Wardle, Diane Hawley, Mickey Summers, Bernard Heap, Steve Hay and Dave Caffery
  5. Have you ever been or did you miss the Mod Room ???
  6. There are reasons it was changed so that you need a gmail/google account and I'm sure it wasn't all down to Pete.. Anyone wishing to view it can.. It takes 2 mins to set up an account.. If folks can't contact Pete PM me their address and I will arrange for the link to be forwarded
  7. Loved it on Sunday.. It was great to see so many faces from all over the Country including Cambridge, Northampton and Yorkshire The only problem I had was deciding which room to stay in
  8. To view the video you need to have a gmail or google account to send to Pete Smith who will then send you a link to view it.. Anyone on FB can send the link to Pete in a pm.. I'm sure plenty of folks have petes email address and could get the link via email
  9. The Dancers appeared on TOTPs twice and there was a slight change in the Dancers, they included Gethro, Jako, Steve Powell, Kim, Anne Rodgers Kim was Gethros GF who he later married, she sadly died many years ago Vernon told me that all the heats and the finals of a Wigan dance comp were filmed to show serving squaddies.. Now I would love to see a vid of that
  10. As Pete Smith doesn't appear to be active on SS and there is interest in the TOTPs recording I have copie what pete posted on FB for anyone wanting to see the video Hello. Right I have sussed out this video business so if any of you want to watch the Wigans Chosen Few "Footsee" TOTP 75 video this is what you have to do. This is a bit convoluted but it's the only thing we could come up with. I have full permission to post it now. First you have to have a gmail account (google mail), if you haven't got one go to the address at the bottom. If you don't have gmail you cannot watch it.
  11. I've got nothing but fond memories and I am both surprised and saddened by this news... We will be there and I would like to thank you and Paul for giving us some cracking nights and all the best for the future
  12. It's an amazing venue that other DJs and Promoters have tried to secure for a Nighter many times over the years.. The Mape Dance floor is amazing and we will definitely be going.. It's goanna be a cracker
  13. They sure did on the 6-12-2014... The reviews weren't good not sure if they have another lined up this year
  14. I was present at the unveiling and it was good to see that some of the original DJs took the trouble to turn up for the unveiling.. Russ Winstanley...Richard Searling.. Dave Evison.. Bri Rigby and Alan Caine where all present and stayed to talk and have their pictures taken with the folks who turned up Respect to them all and to Drew for spearheading the campaign

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