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  1. thomas96

    Motown/Jobete Acetates

    Anyone who has any for sale please message me or reply to this thread. Interested in any and all. Thanks. Thomas
  2. thomas96


  3. thomas96

    Motown Acetates For Sale

    I'll try my best. Not sure I know how to post them here but when I get home from work in a couple hours I'll see what I can do. Thanks.
  4. thomas96

    "Bob Ross Music Service"

    It was a Stevie song. I got to listen and it was from '74 not '63 as I was hoping. Don't remember the title. I did find out that Bob Ross had a studio in LA then and had a little dubbing room there where he'd cut some tracks but I don't think as early as '63 and haven't found out of any association with Motown other than the one Stevie cut in '74.
  5. thomas96

    Motown Acetates For Sale

    Well I really don't want to sell any of these but I need the money... Got a bunch of really great Motown/Jobete acetates here. All unique one-offs and genuine US acetates. One In A Million - unknown group 10inch Your Best Bet is Jobete New York label No Good Without You - Marvin Gaye 7inch Jobete Music Co Come On And See Me (band track) / Misery Makes It's Home In My Heart (band track) - Funk Brothers band tracks only (double sided) 7inch Jobete Music Co Kissing In The Shadows - Johnny Bristol 7inch Jobete Music Co Darling - The Spinners 7inch Jobete Music Co Baby I Miss You - Tommy Good 7inch Jobete Music Co The Flick Part 1 (missing label) / The Flick Part 2 - Earl Van Dyke and the Funk Brothers 7inch Motown acetate Never Too Late - Marv Johnson (I'm pretty sure this is Marv Johnson, but not 100% so I'll have to double check) 7 inch Jobete music Co I Prayed For A Boy Like You - Brenda Holloway 10inch Jobete Music Co I Care About Detroit - Miracles 10inch Motown Acetate I can send some scans of labels if you want me to, just ask me (though I do think they are all up in a thread in the Look At Your Box section called "Motown Acetates" if you want to check there). Soundclips are tougher but I can at least tell you condition of any you're interested in if you ask, since I have to double check this weekend (all play through I know that much). Send me a message with offers if you're interested in any or all of them or if you have any questions. Hoping to not have to part with all of them if I get the amount of money I need but I'll see what offers I get. I am in the US, just FYI, but will gladly ship overseas. Thanks, Thomas
  6. thomas96

    "Bob Ross Music Service"

    Anybody have any info on this by chance? Came across an acetate recently that is supposedly a jobete cut made in 1963, cut on a "Bob Ross Music Service" disc. Haven't heard it and have nothing to really confirm for sure that it was cut in '63 as said, so just trying to get some info here if anybody knows anything about this. I've never heard of this "Bob Ross Music Service" before, and nothing of it being associated with Motown. Supposedly it was recorded straight to the disc, which I'd never heard of Motown doing, but maybe it's authentic. Appreciate any help I can get. Thanks, Thomas
  7. thomas96

    Jimmy Ruffin

    Please tell me this isn't true. How certain is Marvin Smith and how does he know?
  8. I have hundreds of original soul photos most of which are Motown related and then also a lot of jazz artist photos if anyone's interested in buying any or buying a lot... Most 8x10, a few smaller in various sizes. All are very great for framing and putting around the house, storing in a binder or whatever. Many candid and rare. Please PM me if interested and I'll give you a list of some of who I have. If you could include any specific people you want I'll see if I have them. BTW I am in the US, but shipping as a gift should not be too much, especially if you buy them in a lot... Thanks, Thomas
  9. thomas96

    John Manship Auction Results 28-5-2014

    Bid on the Gladys, but that was just too much for me. Would've gladly paid £250.
  10. thomas96

    Jobete/motown Acetates

    Was Bell Sound in NY? Edit: Wow I'm either an idiot or just very tired it says right on the label..
  11. thomas96

    Jobete/motown Acetates

    Here's some scans..
  12. thomas96

    Originals - Suspicion

    But this isn't the one that is the preferred Northern track? In my opinion, this version is certainly the best version.
  13. thomas96

    Jobete/motown Acetates

    Are you sure it's a female? I can't tell for sure, but I think it could possibly be male. I think at the very beginning the lyric is "girl, you're one in a million" that's what makes me think it's male. I'm really not sure though, it could be "yes, you're one in a million." I have the actual acetate, i'll try to post a scan at some point. It's a New York address disc, just with the title One In A Million, and "Your Best Bet Is Jobete" and address on the top.
  14. thomas96

    Jobete/motown Acetates

    Nobody else has any acetates to post?


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