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John Manship Auction Results 28-5-2014

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Jannie Williams I've Been True C/w Get Up Off Your Knees

aka JEANETTE WILLIAMS - much better known to the Northern Soul scene as the lady who gave us endless joy with her later Back Beat recordings.

On this Johnny Copeland project she provides us with a Down-Right-Filthy-slab of “Popcorn / R&B” which New York’s “Mr. Fine Wine” has been championing for quite some time, within his renown for “flawless taste” DJ sets.

Seductress Ms Williams serves up a deliciously sultry mid-pace groove. Enticing in the extreme, as label owner Charlie Booth decorates the vocal with an equally impressive horn arrangement, with a particularly suggestive sax break that seals the session as irresistible.

This is Dirty-Soul at it’s most-convincing, it’s a multiple needle-dropper as proven today, I’ve already spun it 4 times..and I’m not done yet.

PS. Deep Soul fans with love her version of Johnny Copeland’s hit on the other side.. boy this lady just oozes with Soul…. don’t she.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 407.00

Richard Wylie & His Band Money (that's What I Want) C/w I'll Still Be Around

Quite why Berry Gordy would think that another version of his biggest hit would sell, is perhaps a question the great man may have asked at the time - because this 1961 release became one of the very rarest “Motown Pinks” on the back of near zero sales.

But do not miss this Rare Soul Icon rev-up an insane rendition of Motown’s first hit record. Barret Strong’s version seems tame by comparison. Listen to the wild piano intro, you will think the vocal will never start, then “The Popcorn” snaps into action, wow this is explosive stuff.

Earl; Van Dyke picks up all the plaudits for his keyboard work, but just listen to Popcorn smash those ivory’s. He never got recognition for his magical piano skills nor in fact for his powerful vocal.

Besides this being an outrageous recording and validated as stupidly rare; we doubt you could ever locate a finer example the vinyl condition is “blinding” labels have the appropriate PROMO adornments (see scans)

RARE and not a record you’ll ever forget after hearing it…interesting this is so far under-the-radar at this moment in time Wikipedia does not list it in it’s many, many cover versions… even though it is clearly the most-powerful by a very long way.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 131.00

Jnr. Walker & The All Stars These Eyes C/w I've Got To Find A Way To Win Maria Back

We rely so much on our computer input of the last 15 years, it is not humanly possible to remember all it holds. But more importantly it gives a clear overview of what titles are genuinely elusive. Especially when it comes to TMG’s and all it’s many variations. Solid centers, 4 prong die-cut center’s, Promo’s, with the “Sold in U.K. text ” or without. RCA presses or EMI .. there is so much to document it is impossible for the (my) brain top recall accurately.

But what it has become very useful for is to inform is which PROMO’s seem to be rarer than others. Why in 15 years you’d sell 4 or 5 of one and never ever see a copy of a number sitting right next to it.

I was surprised to see we have only had one Promo copy of #727 in 15 years. In fact THE WWW WORLD has only offered up a mere 4 promo’s in a similar length of time. This copy is flawless in every respect, and we are assuming that the 1000’s of TMG collectors the vast majority will not have filed this yet.

Without technology at our fingertips, this # like so many higher numbers of the series would have gone on set-sale and left the building with 24 hours.

For whatever reason it is certainly one annoyingly scarce 700 series demo..and this copy in MINT -

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 144.00

Marsha Gee Baby, I Need You C/w I'll Never Be Free (because I Love You So)

To be absolutely certain you haven’t purchased the notoriously accurate “counterfeit” from the front pages of 70s sales mail-outs. You have to look for the Capitol “daisy” moniker in the deadwax. Just like Jerry Cook & Alexander Patton on Capitol this too was convincingly faked.


This is the rarely seen - machine stamped - 45 67023 - P1 with the “triangle surrounded “IAM” stamp.

No confusion whatsoever with this press - it’s the rarest release you can own of this timeless Northern Soul classic played at all the early 70s Brit-Clubs..

But do take time to check out the totally passed over flipside - utterly yummy girl group mid-tempo featuring the compelling highly-keyed girl-group answering chorus, delish!

If you’re gonna own this NS classic, this is the “ultimately distinguished” way to do it..

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 250.00

Impressions Nothing Can Stop Me

No UK or USA single for this silky harmony version of the Gene Chandler Northern Soul classic “Nothing Can Stop Me”

The Spanish choice of flipside on this 1968 “We’re A Winner” release was fortunately a fabulous decision. That gave the serious Northern Soul collector another happy-quirk of the vinyl world to hunt down.

Click the soundfile and release this great song that was imprisoned on the 1968 ABC 635 album elsewhere in the world.

Easy to carry, booming loud and clear recording and an essential alternative to the “Duke’s” classic and with the pace lifted by Johnny Pate from a NS stoller to a full on Northern Soul dance experience.

Curtis Mayfield is in top-class-form and Mr. Pate’s rich blend of horns & strings in the production is blinding. I personally have no hesitation in labeling this as THE BEST version, by some distance.

But then again I’m saturated in “Impressions-Bias”

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 64.00

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Four Tracks Like My Love For You C/w Voo Doo Man (you're Gonna Love Me)

Sexy strings, exquisite horns cradle some of the finest vocal-group work I’ve ever experienced. This is my personal favourite genre of Northern Soul and you are about to listen to it at Premiership level.

A flawless recording generating harmonized vocals so very perfect it’s hard to imagine it getting any better than this…

This is Northern Soul exactness… that needs no further embellishments from us, does it…

PS it’s in perfect condition too..

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 663.00

Jackie Wilson The Who Who Song C/w Since You Showed Me How To Be Happy

Totally pristine December 1967 British DEMO!

No matter how many records have passed through this business over the last 45 years - Still nothing thrills me more than the British DEMO in flawless condition. I know whilst commenting away on forums “condition” seems to be the least mentioned consideration for the observer.

But for the majority of our 31,000 worldwide customers who collect vinyl seriously…..CONDITION IS EVERYTHING!

You will not encounter a finer kept 47 year old beauty than this offering.

Jackie Wilson? Coral? Who Who Song? no requirement to validate the artist, the songs or the PROMO label… to us and to you guys…

CONDITION is what counts..

Jackie’s unrivaled reputation speaks for itself..

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 110.00

Jimmie Ellis Happy To Be (the Man You Liker To See) C/w V

The Preacher with his finest Northern Soul Crossover offering.

This much-travel Blues a man is noted for his R&B flavoured Northern Soul contributions on Hip-Delic, Ride, Jewel etc. etc. even cutting one disc for Kent Harris’s legendary Romark label. Mr. Ellis was certainly welcomed into many Californian independents.

So take time to absorb his most-valued 45 and his exceptional talent in adapting his Blues roots and serving up perfect horn-propelled Crossover Northern Soul soften by a considerate piano rhythm.

The way the man slows it down with submissive expressions, then changes the pace up a gear with a multi-range of vocal pitches underlining this artists superior vocal-delivery.

I am thinking but finding it hard to compare this session with any other tune - “The Preacher” really does turn in a stand-out testament of accepting his fate of being in love.

Purists will enjoy the flip side and fabulous Deep n’ Bluesy ballad..

Two wonderful sides - one very elusive disc.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 377.00

Gladys Knight & The Pips Just Like You Never Loved Me

WOW the Magic Of Motown!

An authentic Studio Acetate with all the in-house mastering numbers and critique saying “file for album inclusion” well we don’t known of any album it appeared on, we presume it became yet another fabulous Motown dance-cut to falls into Hitsville’s cyberspace.

Direct-cut clarity starts with Bongo’s rattling, as if in the wind; Gladys with her Royal-vocal purrs into action, the Pips Gospelesque backing, is ramped up by the additional Sister-Choir. As it gathers power and pace you unmistakably feel the presence of Norman Whitfield, as a Stevie Wonder harmonica unobtrusively squeals in the background….

A bass guitar drives the dance arrangement in the breaks, then an Earl Van Dyke piano solo. WOW! was everyone of note crammed in the studio that day in early September 1970.

It’s a beauty! Apart from it’s all too brief outing as a CD track in 1995 on “THe Sound Of Young America - Year By Year” 1970. I can’t find any vinyl album that boasts this track. A fabulous “Lost” Motown treasure awaiting the right DJ or to be coveted in the record room of the many, many Motown completers.

I’m impressed…HUGE POTENTIAL for the DJ

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 361.00

Gary Lewis My Heart's Symphony

Today’s this Wigan Casino anthem will polarize opinion"‰–"‰but at the time this happy 1966 dance tune absolutely blitzed the dancefloor at every major Northern Soul House in Britain.

No-one really cared too much about the odd “white” vocalist offering in the mid-70s as long as it triggered the right dancefloor response..and this much-loved feelgood stomper certainly did.

It’s part of Northern Soul’s inherent history a period in time when everyone involved had a damn-good time. Although into the 80s in became fashionable to sneer at Northern Soul Pop-pollution. Some bigots even taking it as far as to label Paul Anka’s - “I Can’t Help Loving You” - Charlie Calello, Aritie Schroek, Jet Loriing & Gary Sherman creation or Charlie Rich’s - Love Is after Me - Hayes & Porter written and Willie Mitchell produced as “Pop”

Gary Lewis & His Playboys certainly benefited like the above mentioned, producers Snuff Garrett & Leon Russell were no strangers to crafting great Northern Soul offerings.

We all know it’s “Pop” but it’s darn good “Pop” and it was not a fleeting-flirt it had with the Northern Soul Scene in the mid-70’s, it was a full-blown love-affair….and in this format, the VERY RARE Red & White 1966 DEMO in immaculate condition ..

..I’m still in love, after all these years.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 101.00

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Natural Four Hanging To A Lie C/w Twelve Months Of The Year

California’s Bay Area’s premier vocal group with their most-wanted, and I consider, leading Northern Soul offering; because it has never been re-issued, bootlegged or found in any sort of quantity, ever!

So a mint - copy is virtually impossible, even an Ex+ copy is elusive, more often than not the only examples we ever encounter are street-weary to say the least. This copy is an exception to the rule. A-side carries a couple of light marks but plays superb,visually EX. The flip is a grade better @ Ex+

So click away to be taken to NS Heaven by an accomplish gathering who can do no wrong. Especially on this rare session where they really do crank up the pace and presence. On the money Northern Soul all the way.

Sweet-Soul fans will go all floppy at the “Twelve Months..” side, that encapsulates everything a Sweet-Experience should be.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 233.00

Brice Coefield Ain't That Right C/w Just One More Night

Highly attractive and damn hard to find STOCK copy.

An old friends reunion crafts a double helping of Los Angeles Northern Soul. Former comrades of “The Untouchables” Chester & Gary Pipkin guide other team member Brice Coefield.

Since it’s British baptism on that famous “Soussan” C90 it has been an highly-prized Northern Soul collectors piece that has escape the dubious honor of being bootlegged. Mainly due to it’s annoying elusivity during the 70s, consequently suffering from a lack of NS turntable time.

Today this classic is a most-refreshing diversion the “Same Old - Same Old” that dilutes the evening’s experience.

But it so much more than a much-needed breath-of-fresh-air, the FLIPSIDE which is seldom if ever heard - is a nailed on killer too. A&M Records owner Herb Alpert journey’s into THE BIG CITY sound! with a moving mid-paced juggernaut featuring his old-mates purring away in the background.

Note this side has a couple of “light clicks” so you may be able to snag this dynamic-dual offering a favourable price..


Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 400.00

Sidney Hall I'm A Lover C/w The Weekend


IMPECCABLE SHRINE TIME ! at it’s most-pwerful

VINYL has ONE light sleeve brush blemish on the “The Weekend” side. Other side I can’t find even the lightest of flaws..

LABELS both are shockingly clean you can even clearly read the “INC.” text on the iconic Red Flame logo. We did auction a copy several months but not in as impressive state as this spanker.

Click the soundfile and witness why this label has the unrivaled reputation it enjoys… but remembering also, SHRINE has a bad-reputation for flaking or missing labels, fake copied replacement labels, invariably different levels of marked vinyl, in fact all manner of ugly battle scars…from Washington’s streets.

When one comes to market in this flawless state - do not pass by - solid vinyl investments are always the super-immaculate ones… SHRINE especially.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 869.00

Gifted Four Are You Choosing C/w Fallen Star

NOT to be confused with the 1990 re-issue 12” on HAM-SEM 104..this is the machine stamped UNITED press.

1976 1st. local Inglewood, California press, considered rarer FIRST LABEL vinyl press, same year moved onto it’s distributors label CSC for styrene press and another push, that also failed under the weight of “Disco”

An magnificent ear-wakening example of Woo-Woo 70’s vocal group Soulful-dance. Released in Los Angeles right in the “Eye” of the “Disco-Explosion”.

Thankfully these guys stuck to their soul/jazz origins, ignoring all the East Coast influences sweeping the country at the time. Check out their divinely rich harmony vocals woven tighter by an intricate horn arrangement and an exquisite wah-wah plucking away gently in the background. Impressive lead-vocal changes from bass to falsetto, broken up by a jazzy keyboard break.

This is classy stuff..very classy

and if that’s not got you diving for the bid button, wait til your Stirrup & Cochlea vibrate to the equally imposing flipside. Full of the same ingredients, highly-honed vocals play verbal-volleyball over a net of jazzy horns, keyboard tweaking… again great instrumental interlude..

I think this side is every note as good as the known lead side - “Fallen Stars” turntable isolation could well come to an end in the right DJ’s box.

Two totally tantalizing tunes..set for a long-overdue rare-soul-club renaissance.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 82.00

Coasters Crazy Baby

I know we may seem to be on our “condition” soapbox this week, bare with us, we’re sure there will be days in the future when everything we list will be less than Mint…meanwhile

This anthem popped up out of that strictly Blues collector’s hoard, who “filed” every other disc he found - I think this Blackpool Mecca “Secret Sound” was UNPLAYED until we lifted the soundfile - it is as if we had been on the 1965 Atlantic mailing list, and it had just dropped onto the mat.

This listing is especially for Northern Soul classic enthusiasts who are on that most difficult of journey’s, trying to acquire “The Classics”..every one in as near to mint as possible.

This 1965 PROMO is as fine as you could ever dream of snaring… do not pass by.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 480.00



Temptations My Baby C/w Don't Look Back

a flawless copy - one for the OCD TMG addict

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 1.00


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I've always read those comments about auction prices with some bemusement and hoped I'd never pass judgement on people who pay over the odds (have done it myself many times) but the price on Jannie Williams has to be a mistake?

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I was watching a Jannie Williams on Craig Moerer for several weeks recently didn't sell within the time a few times for $115 / £68. Sold mid way through auction for stated price. Good luck to JM but some buyers FFS

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Sold a Jannie Williams for 50 a few weeks ago, and I'm sure I never lost out, I suspect someone wanted this one really badly and I can't work out why? it's a mediocre tune.

Must be at least 2 people wanting it bad in an auction. I have to admit to wanting it but I wasn't paying the £68 CM was asking, fear my chance has gone now for a few months at least!

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A quid for Tempts TMG - result for someone :thumbsup:

Natural Four a good price

That Gladys Knight acetate is fantastic imho


Bid on the Gladys, but that was just too much for me. Would've gladly paid £250.

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£1 for the Temptations - is that the first bargain ever from Mr Manship??

it looks like an error. the site says 2weeks 6 days to go.

Still only  £1 though !

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There was a buy it now for the Jackie Wilson demo not that long ago on EBay for £18


Crazy buyers, where do they come from?


Awe now you have ruined my pint, I would bought that!


There is one now on Ebay for £90, bet it is the same one!

Edited by jim g

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 Jannie Williams
Tim had this 45 in stock always recently for 60 quid
I always felt that the johny copeland 45 was better
tonight listened to both 45s
they are both good
both nice 45s to have, but with respect not killers either if you get me?
Johnny Copeland is a better vocal over the same backing  imo 
it may be  more common, but its a better record, and it is 20 quid
this week
i cant image where 400 quid came from for JW 
love plays funny games
Edited by gaz thomas

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