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  1. First time at the Bilton,we really enjoyed it.Lovely dance floor and cracking tunes all night,we will be back. Kev
  2. Are these still available to download, only managed to download no 28. seen the site is down, but wondering if they have been taken off. Absolute brilliant read , many thanks.
  3. This soul night only happens due to the enthusiasm and commitment shown by Paul Shoulder and the people who support it . Well said Paul.
  4. you missed a few off the playlists Paul,including one of my new favs Clay Brown,or did I dream it. Kev
  5. Hi, been talking about Tommy Smiley on Twitter,wondered if this was Tommy on vocals as well. Cheers Kev
  6. Yes and before that when Harry was running it with help from Ewan and friends.{2006 or so } great nights, Have not a clue why they were given out to workers lol Kev
  7. Great record,heard it out at the George, Piercebridge[near Darlo] a few years ago now. Strangely this record was given away to Northern Echo[local paper] workers in Darlington. so a few about up here. Put it back into my box. Kev
  8. One more from Fontella, along with I cant rest,always in the box.
  9. Very Sad News. R.I.P one of the good guys. Kev
  10. or the DHSS,........................"Man photographed doing backdrop" claiming invalidity benefit.
  11. Remember Brian Rae asking me what this was about 8 years ago, he used to play it off a copy with the label so badly worn he had no idea who it was. lovely flip mamas love, well worth a play. kev

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