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    Was Yorkshire, then London, now Surrey.
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    Lots, eclectic, broad minded

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  1. And your team will quickly be crowned well deserved Champions
  2. Another one? Prefacing any sentence with "you know what".
  3. Just done a google search, very rare apparently, not many sightings even reported. Lucky to see and photograph that. Nice one.
  4. I better post a "great" photo just so I don't feel guilty about going off topic.
  5. Good to know, thanks Steve, think I'll get some myself.
  6. I quite like the spoken intro, unfortunately it's out of stock, doh!
  7. Anybody mentioned Phillipe Wynne?
  8. That’s very kind of you, thank you. Some of yours are amazing by the way, including the recent ones of the blackbird where I particularly like the composition. Cheers Another Steve.
  9. Few from last week, not up to some of the standard on here but hope you like.
  10. Same. Although camaras in those days were not very good at capturing "speeding" images.
  11. Maniac on Netflix, it’s weird and wonderful.

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