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  1. Same. Although camaras in those days were not very good at capturing "speeding" images.
  2. middleman

    Your Current Must Watch Tv ?

    Maniac on Netflix, it’s weird and wonderful.
  3. middleman

    Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    Is the clock making a return
  4. middleman

    Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    Clocks still on the wall though.
  5. middleman

    TV Quiz Shows That Wind You Up

    I have never ever understood or got the point of Deal or No Deal. Isn't it just somebody asking somebody else to open a box. Is that it? And on the few times I've seen it if it's a high amount they thank/hug the box opener like it was anything to do with them Jeez.
  6. middleman

    TV Quiz Shows That Wind You Up

    Winds me up when they have to choose which "drop zone" even though it's bleeding obvious and then that Ben bloke has to say every single time "light it up", "fire it up", well duh! The other thing is when they don't get it and they decline the extra 3 go's and we have to see if they would have won or not, like that's what would have actually happened. Don't get me started on those contestants who take a really low offer on The Chase when they've won eff all because they are stupid. I need to get a life right...
  7. middleman

    Moderating, warnings and down votes in Freebasing

    Some people register their disdain by using the down vote. Some people feel the need to respond by posting a (sometimes self-opinionated) reply. That’s it. Neither actually “achieve” anything.
  8. middleman

    Whatever Happened To............................?

    Get some of that on your tank top you’d have to wash it out with OMO. It’s just a joke (sort of)
  9. middleman


    Yeah I know WS, I was just making the distinction of something you go to see as opposed to something you go to hear. Enjoy your weekend (hope you get some good photo ops)
  10. middleman


    Even some battered up original which the seller states is “fine for DJ’ing”?
  11. middleman


    Plus, you cannot look at music.
  12. middleman

    World Cup in 4K

    Anybody know if that really annoying band that follows England is gonna be at the World Cup? That “come on England “ played on a trumpet really gets on my nerves. Or am I just a grumpy old git.
  13. middleman

    Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    Moody Epsom Downs day after Derby
  14. middleman

    Your Top Jazz Tracks?

    Give it time........:


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