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  1. Oh that’s awful, I really feel for you. You have my sincere sympathies. Best wishes Steven
  2. Oh OK thanks. No that interesting (but related) but I was only talking with a work colleague yesterday who says he turned up at some the B&S building (maybe the head office) and asked if they had any back issues and he was shown a stack load so he said thanks and took then home. PS Where is that building or are you waiting for some other to recognise. All the best Steve
  3. Hi, Is this Praed St, Paddington? Cheers Steve
  4. I quite like the spoken intro, unfortunately it's out of stock, doh!
  5. Anybody mentioned Phillipe Wynne?
  6. Same. Although camaras in those days were not very good at capturing "speeding" images.
  7. Maniac on Netflix, it’s weird and wonderful.
  8. Some people register their disdain by using the down vote. Some people feel the need to respond by posting a (sometimes self-opinionated) reply. That’s it. Neither actually “achieve” anything.
  9. Yeah I know WS, I was just making the distinction of something you go to see as opposed to something you go to hear. Enjoy your weekend (hope you get some good photo ops)
  10. Even some battered up original which the seller states is “fine for DJ’ing”?
  11. Plus, you cannot look at music.
  12. Yeah I know what you mean, I only started to appreciate Jazz later in life and it can be an acquired taste.

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