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  1. Mike I use Apple mac Computers for my work, have done for years, I also have iPhone and iPads which all work together seamlessly ... but I am never one who has to be chasing the latest and greatest fad so pay little interest in "launch days".
  2. After not seeing my children for 5 months, I managed to get down to see my latest grandsons. Burnie is my daughters first child and is 10 months old Louie is my sons first child and is 8 months old
  3. I am stunned Steve, for the past 25 years there have not been many nighters where the two Daves haven't been when I got there. I am glad to have been able to call him a friend, he was a smashing bloke and was always willing to help someone out, he will be missed. Rest peacefully old friend Martyn & Carol x
  4. In the 90's they both went for the same sort of money £20 - £30 (if my memory serves me correctly)
  5. Happy Birthday Alison Love, hugs and kisses Martyn & Carol xxx
  6. Pre internet ... they were cheaper I bought loads of records blind, generally cheap as chips, much more fun, especially now when I see records I paid pennies for fetching stupid money. In my teens my dad asked why I was wasting my money on all those b****y records, I wish I'd had more money to waste on them.
  7. I paid £10 for a Valentinos back in the 90's, played it out a few weeks later and somebody came up to the decks and offered me £30 for it ... I was tempted but £500 unbelievable. I paid £40 for a Jimmy Fraser at Tony's it started getting hammered by every DJ and his dog so swapped it a short time later for Strange Neighborhood.
  8. Sad news, another great dancer left us before his time. R.I.P. Duncan
  9. Happy birthday Mace ... Love and kisses Martyn & Carol x
  10. Sad to hear of his passing, condolences to his family and friends R.I.P Mark
  11. If my brain worked I would be dangerous Steve ...
  12. It was Dave and Sarah’s wedding night at Winsford Steve, knowing Sarah it would have been Prosecco
  13. The Bottom & Co went on past the 6.00 end time, John has a system in place to stop snipe bids, where if a last minute bid is made the auction software automatically adds a few minutes, if another bid is made time is added again. Zanetti takes a screen grab at 6.00 ish so that he can capture all the items (they can disappear off the page pretty quickly) then manually notes the actually finishing prices for the extra time records. Zanetti always quotes the prices in pound sterling

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