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  1. Happy Birthday Mark Love from Martyn & Carol xxx
  2. Not mine ... pinched off Twitter ... made me laugh
  3. Been ages since I saw one in my garden Steve ... the Greenfinch have taken over the feeders.
  4. What Smiffy said Happy 21st Sam ... may your God go with you and may Jeanette spoil you rotten today. Love, hugs and kisses Martyn & Carol xxx
  5. As a sign of respect, and thanks that she wasn't cooking my dinner I played "Show Me The Way" on Saturday night at Sam's 70th party, reminded me of those great nights at Tony's Blackburn
  6. Dave and I used to take the mick out of each other relentlessly, usually over football. We went to see him in hospital last week, I cannot believe he is no longer with us, he was in such good spirits. Rest in peace my old friend, thoughts and sympathy to Shirley and his family. Love Martyn and Carol xxx
  7. A female Common Darter was one of the many Dragonflies taking advantage of the sun on Monday
  8. £2127.00 ... there is a post on here with a few of the results from last week LINK
  9. Baby Don't You Weep is the better side for me, the other one on the label I'm Gonna Love You is also a favourite of mine. No idea on value of the boot, and I dread to think what the real ones fetch these days, a bit more than the few quid I would have paid no doubt.
  10. This juvenile Blue Tit feeding on the suet balls is just starting to get it's blue head feathers come through
  11. See you later folks, looking forward to this as always
  12. I actually got out with my camera yesterday, the first time in months, it seemed strange getting back into the old routine, it did me good. I managed a very accommodating Kingfisher posing on the branch specifically set up for them, only issue was it was back lit, probably best going up to this hide late afternoon so the sun is behind me. Also got a Snipe out in the open, which is unusual, they do like to hide away normally.
  13. We have it in our house ... every time I look in one I recognise the face ... we call them mirrors I read a story years ago about how scientists said the ability to recognise your own image in a mirror was a sign of intelligence, apparently Dolphins are able to recognise their own image, they are considered extremely intelligent animals. Steve next time you see a mirror, stand there and say 'that's me Steve Smith that is' ... people may start to think you are intelligent
  14. Martyn Pitt


    Looking forward to this, having also missed the last one. As Steve said it's always worth a visit
  15. It sure was Ed, I would have bought this around 1976, Stay Here With Me was the side being played

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