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  1. I went to nearly all of them from the early days when Barry and Pete ran them, right up up to yours and Sams last one Steve, certainly left some shoe leather on that dance floor.
  2. Terrible news, a really nice guy with a great sense of humour, still cannot believe it, so sad. Rest in peace old friend Martyn & Carol x
  3. So far this year I have seen Redwing, Fieldfare, Blackcaps, Gold Crest, Greenfinch, and Green Woodpecker in the garden, as well as the usual garden birds. A Fieldfare standing proud (this one was at Belvide whilst I was out exercising, I walked just over 5 miles carrying 7.5kg of camera and tripod on my shoulder that day ... I need a caddie ).
  4. Happy Birthday Mike .... .... have a great day
  5. He is having a laugh ... I would expect postage to be included at that price
  6. Very true Steve ... hard to believe, but I have even seen you on a dance floor ... once
  7. Happy Birthday young man, hope you have a good un ... Love Martyn & Carol x
  8. Happy Birthday Mike ... have a great day ... well as great as you can in lockdown Martyn & Carol x
  9. She can be quite quiet Steve if thats what you meant It is a natural progression, we had horse and carts, then steam power, then the internal combustion engine, next will be electric or hydrogen powered vehicles, then who knows what, there will always be progression as man strives to improve.
  10. I have a Hybrid the biggest problem when it's running on electric is that it is silent, people cannot hear it coming, a friend suggested that I fit a cowbell on the outside to alert pedestrians to my presence. I will probably switch to full electric in the future.
  11. Sad to hear of his passing, condolences to his friends and family RIP Keith Martyn & Carol x
  12. I bought one back in the 70's Wigan days, wouldn't have paid more than 50p for it, sure it was getting played back then ... Golden World records were like cheap ballast in the sales boxes in those days, 50p each or 3 for a quid Another copy that isn't getting sold
  13. Juvenile Peregrine chasing ducks, it still has a lot to learn on how to use that 200mph flight properly ... and also waterfowl can disappear underwater

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