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  1. They love the berries on Rowan / Mountain Ash trees, which were used a great deal in landscaping schemes for shopping centres and supermarket car parks. My neighbour has a Rowan tree in his garden, my record is 33 Waxwing on my roof, unfortunately I have not seen any this year, we needed a colder winter to push the birds south.
  2. When you look straight up at the night sky you are looking through the atmosphere at its narrowest thickness, when you look at the horizon at an angle through the atmosphere you are looking through it's thickest part and more likely to distort images, air temperature and movement can have an added effect on image quality as well, described as good or bad seeing by astronomers. Next week on ask Martyn ... how to knit fog
  3. This little beauty was on my lawn at lunchtime, I managed to open a bedroom window without spooking him
  4. He has hardly just rolled up and knocked that out in a couple of minutes with a carplan spray can has he ... he is more commercial than a Northern Soul do ... now if he could do that on a moving train carriage I would be impressed ... kids these days don't know they are born, you tell them what it was like in our day and they don't believe you ... happy valentines day Steve
  5. A couple of Swans from the other week ... the lone one is doing it's famous Bittern impersonation
  6. We are convinced it's down to the lack of cold weather, I have seen Oystercatchers mating, and the Pigeons have been at it on our garden fence
  7. The light was great yesterday, but the birds were thin on the ground ... still managed to get a shot of these posers, male Reed Bunting and female Blackbird enjoying the Sun.
  8. One went through JM auction for around £950, I have seen for sale at £850 .... (in the 90's £30).
  9. Happy Birthday Steve ... hope you have a great day and that Lou spoils you rotten Love, hugs and kisses from me and Carol xxxx... the love is from Carol, the hugs and kisses are from me
  10. Cheers Steve, it had been a pretty poor morning, awful light and not much of interest to photograph, the other lads had had enough and were making their way home, I decided to give it 30 minutes in the first hide on the off chance a Kingfisher would oblige when I spotted these Reed Buntings having a go at the fraggie heads fairly close and visible on the edge of the reed bed, made it all worthwhile.
  11. A few more of the Reed Buntings, male and female
  12. If you pm me an email address you can have the larger high res version
  13. This is now my desktop wallpaper ... shot on a gloomy morning at Belvide, three Reed Buntings were feasting on the fraggy seed heads, this female posed nicely for me. I shall post a couple more when I have processed them, showing how well camouflaged they are amongst the reeds

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