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  1. martyn pitt

    got to find a way

    I have the Cajun Hart and Geoffrey Meteliko versions, the later is an acquired taste, I have put it on tapes for people in the past.
  2. martyn pitt

    Thinking back to the Nineties

    The early 90's was great, I got to hear a whole new wealth of records I had not heard before, some I liked some I didn't, but it was fantastic to hear new stuff. Keele, Bretby, Winsford, Tony's Blackburn, Wilton, The Ritz Manchester, Allbrighton, Middleton, same faces, really enjoyed it, made loads of new friends and met the wife.
  3. martyn pitt

    Gordon Banks - RIP

    No Pete, Gordon's Son Bob however is, he used to DJ at Keele back in the 90's
  4. martyn pitt

    Gordon Banks - RIP

    Sad news, one of the greatest keepers I have seen play, RIP Gordon, condolences to his family
  5. martyn pitt


    Same here Steve ... everything is healing nicely so we will be out to play Saturday night.
  6. martyn pitt

    Show us your great photos (2019)

    I tried to correct the colour balance and crop it a bit, it looks like a female or young Chaffinch to me, could possibly be female or young Greenfinch, unusual to see them land on you. I have had several birds perch on my lens or tripod leg, but as soon as I attempt to move to get a shot with my phone they are gone
  7. martyn pitt

    Happy Birthday Widnes63

    Happy birthday Steve
  8. martyn pitt

    MIKE TERRY photo.

    Keep posting the images and stories Tim, it is always good to see the faces behind the sounds.
  9. martyn pitt

    Antellects - Love Slave - How Popular?

    I like it ... lots But it would be pretty boring if we all had the same taste .
  10. martyn pitt

    Happy Birthday Winsford Soul

    Take no notice of them Steve ... here's a cup for you
  11. martyn pitt

    Happy Birthday Winsford Soul

    Happy 60th Steve ... hope you have a great day, but remember to take it easy now you're getting old .
  12. martyn pitt

    Show us your great photos (2019)

    Happy New Year to you all ... here is one from the first day of the new year, a Heron posing in front of the hide, odd this as usually they will take flight at the slightest movement.
  13. martyn pitt

    Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    The scaffold platform out in the reservoir is usually the domain of the big Gulls and the Cormorants, there had been some squabbling between the Heron and the Cormorant A bit of bravado The Heron is saying anyway I caught one this big ... the Cormorant replies thats nothing I caught one this big
  14. martyn pitt

    Nolan porter- if only I could be sure

    I played it at Tony's mid 90's Steve 95 or 96, about 5 people danced to it ... a few months later and it was packing the dance floors. It wasn't as if it was an unknown at the time I played it, but there were a fair few on the scene at the time who didn't know it. But it did get hammered and I ended up giving my copy to somebody who wanted a copy to give his wife for a present.
  15. martyn pitt

    Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    A Grey Heron deep in the reed bed this morning


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