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    Dearly Beloved - Jack Montgomery & anything by Billy Stewart
  1. bob

    Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    Thanks Dave.
  2. bob

    Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    Does anyone know what this is, caught it having it’s breakfast in the garden this morning. Not a brilliant photo I know taken at distance with a compact camera.
  3. bob

    Technics Direct Drive Decks

    I use a Technics 1210 on my system at home and I can't fault it. Richer Sounds are selling the 1200 but it's £2,999.
  4. bob

    id track please

    Could it be if ever I needed you by little Doolie
  5. bob


    A black issue finished on eBay today, £58 hope that helps
  6. Congratulations Elaine and everyone involved in the project, well deserved.
  7. bob

    4 Rare And In-Demand

    PM sent.
  8. bob

    Track Id?

    Hi Andy, it's Chico Lamar on Fuller - What Do You Think I Am
  9. bob

    The Bootleg "everybody" Sells As An Original

    Wombat - I,m Gettin On Life, would be my guess
  10. bob

    Happy Birthday Dave And Bri Pinch

    All the best to you both, see you Friday for a birthday beer or 2. Bob & Bren
  11. bob

    Re-Collecting Records

    Hi Chris, good to see that you are back on the scene, like Dave said might be a good idea for you to post a few titles up in the wants section. All the best Bob
  12. No Jim it's the same recording, I would just prefer a British issue
  13. Thank's for the heads up guys but I was too late so still looking
  14. A couple of Deon Jackson wants in at least ex. condition with clean lables, reasonable prices please . Ooh Baby/On A Sunny Day Atlantic 584 159. Now sorted thank's Love Makes The World Go Round/ I Cant Go On Contempo CS9031 Sorted on this one thank's Can pay by paypal or cheque


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