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  1. One of the earliest I can think of is Doris Troy I’ll do anything Cameo Parkway 1966, reissued on Toast 1968 and then again on Mojo 1971.
  2. For reference only not from the copy for sale.
  3. The Impressions - Love Me, this is the alternate take demo, and is mint unplayed. £20 + £3.50 post, 1st class signed for. Payment by bank transfer or PayPal f & f. Thank you for looking.
  4. They said that they can’t fit it into their calendar, but as Jazz said there are probably financial reasons behind their decision.
  5. I have a small quantity of the Impressions Love Me promo, mint unplayed and in company sleeves. This is a different take to the Curtom issue or the LP track. £20 plus £2 recorded delivery. Overseas please ask for postage cost.
  6. Hi Paul Take a look in general sales on this site, Cyberman is selling some Twisted Wheel membership cards and the dates and addresses on them would suggest that there was a link between the 2 clubs and that the Blackpool club was active in 1965.
  7. Paul Collis has one in sales section
  8. Does anyone know what this is, caught it having it’s breakfast in the garden this morning. Not a brilliant photo I know taken at distance with a compact camera.
  9. Could it be if ever I needed you by little Doolie

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