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  1. This is on a blog site and gives some idea of what Bea moved on to after Motown (+ a picture) http://www.theancientstar-song.com/2015/07/bea-verdi/ I'm interested too - there's something a little subversive about her Motown work (Four Tops - Pool of Red, We'll Find a way - Chuck Jackson) so I think there's more to the lady than meets the eye
  2. patti and the emblems is v. rare on an issue and a superb sound (loved it since kent's hot chills lp) Paul Sinbad not an easy find and a brilliantly executed big city latin
  3. the Manship soul auction ending this wednesday has a near perfect selection of 45s I'm often non-plussed but not this time
  4. Did anyone else notice that a mint- issue of The Chants Sweetest Feeling on RCA went for £362 last night? Has it suddenly become in-demand? Good record with a decent B side but that price blew me away
  5. Hi Would like to snaffle the Otis Clay if still available Tom
  6. thanks for the recommendations. I've snapped up a copy of the Roy Lee Johnson and will spend some time checking out the Chess releases
  7. Hi I have a mini-collection of great soul 45s recorded at FAME studios and want to keep it growing. 45s issued on the FAME label (James Barnett, Art Freeman etc) are obvious so II'd love to get suggestions where the recording ended up on another label (Eula Cooper/Note, Bill Brandon/Tower). Doesn't have to be Northern but please don't suggest "Torn between two lovers"
  8. so do you play a Manship mint loud and proud or leave it stashed away in the attic?
  9. Saw a You-Tube message from a relative that he passed away 2 months ago. Was it mentioned on Soul Source?
  10. £75 for the single and Millie's house sold for $2: crazy old world
  11. I love the extended version of Where Does That Leave Me? she does on the LP. Great Van McCoy arrangement of course and one to sit back and enjoy on the headphones. Single of WDTLM is very rare though sometimes it slips through on ebay when the US sellers list the A side only
  12. I caused a bizarre fight with only one winner between the bottom of a wardrobe door and an original +previously mint Linda Jones just can't live my life 45.
  13. I'm on Sick Leave by Randolph Brown / IX Chains. Mint for £10 and I reckon set to go big thanks to its inclusion on the excellent Kent Mainstream CD (even my daughter liked this one)
  14. Just played this excellent collection through today and one thing I think worth mentioning is the standard of the vocals. On just about all the tracks it's very, very good. The arrangements too are delicious with lots to listen out for and there's a real sense of unity about the compilation. Recommended by me.

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