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  1. Here's a radical thought: let's develop the scene by playing cheapish but unrecognised gems and leave the expensive old ones to others. Perhaps the pool is shrinking, perhaps not In my memory of the dim and distant 1980s this was pretty much the story then too
  2. Yes would love a promo Rob
  3. The Ray Pollard ep has great tracks and a super sleeve design. Worth a trip to France for some crate digging
  4. amazing clip of Billy Preston 36min into this crazy programme. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000pjdl/what-we-were-watching-song-and-dance-spectaculars check out The 3 Degrees with the Nolans and Cliff Richards too...odd! sorry if anyone else has posted about it
  5. Popsike has it that since 2005 only 10 copies of the orange label version have been sold on ebay compared to hundreds of the blue. Looks like a very limited (local?) pressing unless no one wants to buy it for more than $20.
  6. The on-line function worked really well apart from when we lost sound for about 15mins. I snapped up a few of the "interesting" and unreleased acetates along the way (Jessica James, Beverly Warren and one of the Fred Briggs) but the prices went high on anything that would impress a dancefloor. I've also bought some of this collection off ebay and they all arrived in fabulous condition. Shame that the sound files are now removed from the catalogue - I'll share some snippets here if anyone's interested
  7. Hi Ady I have the C-Brand 7inch with "wired for games" on the B-side as a bonus. The Plenty of Love label is a bit bubbly but otherwise perfect. Can send in a Spring sleeve so it will look just perfect! Tom
  8. This is on a blog site and gives some idea of what Bea moved on to after Motown (+ a picture) https://www.theancientstar-song.com/2015/07/bea-verdi/ I'm interested too - there's something a little subversive about her Motown work (Four Tops - Pool of Red, We'll Find a way - Chuck Jackson) so I think there's more to the lady than meets the eye
  9. patti and the emblems is v. rare on an issue and a superb sound (loved it since kent's hot chills lp) Paul Sinbad not an easy find and a brilliantly executed big city latin
  10. the Manship soul auction ending this wednesday has a near perfect selection of 45s I'm often non-plussed but not this time
  11. Did anyone else notice that a mint- issue of The Chants Sweetest Feeling on RCA went for £362 last night? Has it suddenly become in-demand? Good record with a decent B side but that price blew me away
  12. Hi Would like to snaffle the Otis Clay if still available Tom
  13. thanks for the recommendations. I've snapped up a copy of the Roy Lee Johnson and will spend some time checking out the Chess releases
  14. Hi I have a mini-collection of great soul 45s recorded at FAME studios and want to keep it growing. 45s issued on the FAME label (James Barnett, Art Freeman etc) are obvious so II'd love to get suggestions where the recording ended up on another label (Eula Cooper/Note, Bill Brandon/Tower). Doesn't have to be Northern but please don't suggest "Torn between two lovers"

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