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    69 years old,ex baggage handler ,been doing northern for 50+ years still love it

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    John Moore
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    Castle Donington
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    Thats Whisky Talking

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  1. Gloria Jones at this years Skegness weekender ,the ladies she pulled out the audience were better than her
  2. What is all this serious stuff about for gods sake.i am 68 years old and have been doing this for 50 years,Weekenders are brilliant fun. 4 days away from home and having a drink,meeting loads of friends and listening to and dancing to all the records you hear at your local venue but in a huge room with hundreds of people all loving the same lifestyle.Last year me & the wife did Prestatyn.Blackpool Tower,Bridlington,Whitby,Weymouth&Skegness and they were all brilliant,great fun,getting a few drinks and meeting all our friends from all over the U.K.Long live the weekender, we love them and will be doing them all and more in 2020
  3. I was told more or less same thing,that it was down to numbers, soul survivors weekend about 3to 3,500 but the weekends like 70,s 80,s revival type weekend gets about 6,000 people so I guess about making money.Really disappointed its finished.
  4. planesoul

    Ashby Connoisseurs Soul Club

    Have attended Ashby c,s.c. before and the music is top quality,Is there a dance area in the Lamb inn???
  5. My absolute favourite at the moment is J.J.Barnes Show me the way,cant stop playing it
  6. G G Got a free Tamla Motown C.D at Coalville anniversary all-dayer and 2nd track has just become my new "cant stop playing it"track.Tack is J.J.Barnes Show me the way. What an absolute brilliant record
  7. I usually do Friday,Saturday & Sunday afternoon most weeks and this week all three are within 15 miles of home.I am nearly 70 years old now so I have retired from allnighters but still do the odd all dayer.Ido weekenders all over the U.K.,Prestatyn,Blackpool,Torquay,Bridlington&Whitby booked so far this year
  8. In my local area(East Midlands) I can easily find an event for Friday,Saturday,&Sunday afternoon almost every weekend.Since Xmas I have been to probably12 to 14 events and there is a huge difference in crowd size every week dep-ending on what is being played For example I have been to In comparison to two or three brilliant rare & underplayed events with attendances as low as 12 of us at an all dayer just after xmas, In comparison the regular monthly established venues that play top 200 that fill dance floors are always busy.this last weekend was typical ,Friday established venue ,well known D,Js at least 60 to 70,Saturday rare7 underplayed about 30 and yesterday afternoon established sunday afternoon venue at least 50 to 60,There are always multiple events but it seems the long running regular venues are holding their crowd numbers really well,trying to compete against them is almost impossible.
    Got to agree.Superb atmosphere and really great sets from all the D.J.s.Non stop dancers on a really good floor .Well done Helen you have given Derby somewhere a little bit special.
  9. 6 hours of absolutely top class soul.Great dance floor,good beer,and superb sound system and super friendly crowd.Give it a visit and you will see why i cant wait for the 2nd Sunday of each month to come round.Top venue
  10. planesoul

    Sunday soul Derby

    Does anybody know if there is any sort of dancefloor in the Metrobar???

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