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  1. I stumbled on this channel by accident but recommend having a look, Freeview 81
  2. "A diverse band of Nazi hunters living in 1977 New York City discover hundreds of high-ranking Nazi officials are conspiring to create a Fourth Reich in the U.S. The eclectic team will set out on a bloody quest to bring them to justice." I wouldn't bother with this after the first few minutes. As it was only released yesterday, I think, I'll not go into detail and let you make up your own minds, but not for me.
  3. I'd gladly pay 4 times that as long as they promised not to subject my ears to 'Sweet Caroline'
  4. This is daft and good fun. A couple of hapless fools I'm sure we can all relate to
  5. I really liked this and would recommend trying to get it in it's totality so you can have good binge watch. The end is a bit ambiguous, probably on purpose. More to come?
  6. Sometimes when you are watching something you find the character a complete 'expletive' and you can't relate to them, but then you realise the acting was really great to have generated that feeling. I liked the ending, thinking "couldn't have happened to a nicer guy" 7/10 from me.
  7. No, I'm sure there wasn't. But I remember my late sister's boyfriend use to to spend several months in borstal & prison for breaking into chemists to elevate the suffering of asthmatics & obese in the North West. Evidently, all in vain?
  8. When using the cruciform 12" mailer, do people use any extra padding, stiffeners etc? i have it in my head, it'd would be better to pack things quite tight to avoid movement / slack space rather than pad with bubble-wrap etc.
  9. VS began her singing career while serving actively in the US army. She entertained her follow troops in the service clubs, and was constantly in demand by her superiors to sing at wartime functions that needed entertainment. While stationed in France she was asked to join a vocal group of young men called the Corvettes (?) It was not until this invitation was extended did she entertain the idea of becoming a professional singer. The dedication to this idea was further reinforced when her group was a winner in the All Army Entertainment Contest *, and shortly-there-after she made her first television appearance on French television. Since then the entertainment world has been her first love Her first serious recording effort came in the early sixties when as lead singer for a group called the Ribbons. She experience her first nationally charted record ‘ain’t gonna kiss you’ and ‘my baby said’ The latter is now part of an oldie album *
  10. I found this little sound clip of the alt version, reminds me a bit of Betty Wilson - I'm yours, for some reason Betty Lloyd - I'm Catching On (Alt Take).mp3
  11. Thanks for that, I'll investigate further.
  12. I previously listed them on here, but since stuck them on Discogs @ £12, so a tenner each + postage, to members. All vinyl & covers in great nick. You can get the track listing here i had forgotten what a wonderful catalogue Kent produced! 1. 006 CLASS OF 66 2. 007 FLOOR SHAKERS 3. 013 MOVING ON UP 4. 015 SHOES 6. 021 GEMS 7. 023 HOT CHILLS & COLD THRILLS 11. 055 KISSING HER & CRYING FOR YOU 15. 064 JERK IT AT THE PARTY IN CHINATOWN 16. 092 SATISFYING OUR SOULS
  13. Only a snippet, but you'll get the gist. JOHNNY MOORE-LOVE EXPLOSION.mp3

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