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  1. I've only spotted to one so far Episode 1 is not bad.
  2. simon t

    Butch C/u - Jean Carter

    jean carter instrumentalish.mp3
  3. simon t

    first three records to start a set

    But it has DJ copy on it and its white so must be real?
  4. simon t

    first three records to start a set

    Any chance of posting the "I've got my pride" DJ Copy scan side up?
  5. simon t

    Gently northern soul

    Here's audio track from the swimming pool scene that might just jog someones memory. Audio_1.mp3
  6. simon t

    Shangris soundalikes 'Les Chansonettes' on Shrine.

    This autoplayed on utube Sounds like them, the DC Sound and all that - post Shrine apparently.
  7. simon t

    Spalding. Small Venue

    Jez Porter and his brother (can't recall his name at the mo) ran/run Lincs Lambrettas. The other Jez will most probably Jez Wensor
  8. simon t

    Shangris soundalikes 'Les Chansonettes' on Shrine.

    According to Kent write up - "they were a trio of high-school girls from Baltimore who were probably sisters and one was called Dolores" Pic R to L ?Delores ? Delores, Heysette & Beverly ( H&B definitely sisters)
  9. simon t

    Spalding. Small Venue

    That's right Andy, it was on the Sunday nights, Mel would have been at Cleethorpes etc on the Saturdays. I think she went with a lass called Spike.
  10. simon t

    Spalding. Small Venue

    I remember going in there in the very early 8o's. It was sort of behind the Pied Calf and about 4 foot square. My sister used to go there in the mid 70's, sometimes and they played Northern Soul and Motown, maybe before the bus left for St. Ives? I seem to remember the Wirrina and Fleet having niters on the same night. Early on I think there were both the Pheonix Club, Carousel Club, Wirrina stadium (roller skating), someone on here I'm sure can clarify. The Cresset to??
  11. simon t

    BBC IPlayer - Reggae Fever: David Rodigan

    It's not so much your email address, but your IP address that gets you blocked. You can trying using a VPN (virtual private network) that makes it look like you're in the UK.
  12. simon t

    US 60's Garage bands

    Not the 'Lenora' ones Well girl you dance and you dress with style I just watch you playing darling in your mini skirt Lets do the latest dance Now for sure, just take a chance Now any minute I might lose control And in to your arms I'm gonna go, go Hey girl, my, have you changed! Now when you were my girl you didn't look the same You changed because you love me? Because you love me? Because you love me? Ha, it's all right Hey baby, it's out of sight You wear bell-bottom pants in just the latest style Every time I see you it really send me wild In your plat-former boots and hip-huggers too Girl you look so fair standing in your mini skirt I said, hey girl, my, have you changed! When you were my girl you didn't look the same Did you change because you love me? Because you love me? Because you love me? Hey girl, I need you Hey girl, I want you Hey girl, I want you bad Hey girl, I dig you act Hey girl ……. well alright Hey baby you know it Honey, don't you know it You're out of sight Hey baby, you've changed Oh, sock it to me now ‘cause you're looking good Sock it to me, honey, I knew you would You know you're up-tight and out of sight Hey, it's alright Oh baby ………
  13. simon t

    Tommy Frontera (Detroit) - who was he ?

    Thirty years ago I was given a lift from Chicago to Detroit by a Detroit born record collector. Looking at some records I had bought, he informed me the TF was a big hit locally because high school lads had bought the record to give to their sweethearts; maybe why you can’t good copies of it – played to death or chucked in the trash!
  14. simon t

    Vinyl Carvers

    To make a ‘record’ you need a length of substance, stable at room temp, to have a groove that will be made (V) to make a needle / stylus wobble from side to side horizontality in such a fashion to generate the music. For practical, space reasons, it is laid out in a cylindrical format such as a wax cylinder or snail-shell platter format e.g. 45 / LP, shellac , vinyl JTS’s acetates and such, are a metal platter covered with cellulose acetate. Carvers are a platter of polyvinyl chloride type plastic. A groove is cut into them by a ‘lathe’ which the needle/stylus can follow and then can pick up the sound from.


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