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  1. I presume that it is a sort of conclusion for BB, with an option for a revival / sequel ? I found it boring & too long at 2 hours. Just seen Robert Forster has died aged 78 yesterday. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-50025723
  2. Short of buying a small yapping type dog, you can do some things to can do for next to nowt to make a little deterring noise; don't kill off, but culture some brambles in places like behind sheds etc, they snag even when dead. get some empty tin (drink) cans and string and ensemble in a 'just got married' fashion and stick them under your car, they make noise and won't do damage if you forget to take them out before driving off save some drinks cans, squash them and put them on 'walkways', even cats will make noise when waking over those
  3. I'm putting these 12"s & a LP up for offers: 12"s: all original issue & "VG++The odd barely discernible surface mark or minor blemish, nothing that will affect play in any way." site grading 2. Allan Harris – Get ready - Exact Change 3. Garfield Fleming – Don’t send me away - Becket 4. Sandy Havens – Happy – Great Atlantic 5. Ben Jackson – Never get enough – APO 7. Jerry Hoyle – Quite running – ENL 8. George Duke - I want you for myself – Epic white demo 9. Frank Washington – Ice – Studio II Review LP: Odessey - Odessey - Mowest "VG Scuffs and light scratches throughout, most can't be felt. Expect some surface wear throughout the record with light surface noise and possibly a few pops in places." Sleeve has ring & edges wear. Vinyl has some visible scuffs and scratches. Side 2 track 'black top mountain' sticks sometimes. However the two 'stand out tracks' 'Battened Ships' & 'Our love is shaped by what we love' play fine
  4. Thank Mike, I'll set my browser to delete the cache on shutting down (cache is limited to 1gb at mo)
  5. Hello There are often threads links to a YouTube vid of a track; is it my imagination or does the tread's loading time increase as more links are added? This also seems to have a knock on effect on speed when parts of the site. win 7 firefox, clearing cache seems to have helped thanks
  6. This has been rife for years now, particularly for the Accord. They cut through the exhaust with a device that looks like a metal ring clamp of sharks teeth that cut through like a old fashioned tin opener - no noise. They ran off with the converter within seconds of the dog barking leaving the two wind up car jacks in situ. Police turned up two days later and weren't at all interested telling me i could keep the jacks, even after i pointed out it was a crime scene and the jacks were evidence and were no doubt stolen property which they were technically encourage me to now 'handle'! Police came back a week later asking for the jacks, but wouldn't be perusing the theft. My mate a mechanic said you can buy a 'protector' for you CC, but you can cobble something up yourself using steel rope and rope clamps. Anything to cause a noise and delay should help. Also, if your car is on flattish land, don't park with the handbreak on so that it probably move a little as the car is jacked up and scare them off.
  7. Interesting selection, I have a few of those. Looks like I've been a bit of a unwitting boogie collector.
  8. The YouTube video has comments that are years old, is this video now the first time it contains a picture a woman reputed to be Holly St James / Lorraine? She's a very pretty woman, nearly as as beautiful as a scan of an ABC issue copy would be
  9. Is there a definition for the 'boogie scene'? People a third of my age, mainly based in mainland Europe, plus or minus stimulants? Post-disco disco tracks i.e sort of 80's 'modern soul' dancers? Is there one in the UK?
  10. I’ve tried to grade conservatively (site gradings): many are VG++, graded VG+ to avoided disappointment & any back-and-forth stoking the Royal Mail’s coffers. Payment by Paypal F&F or add 4% to cover fees, or Bank Transfer. UK post 1st £5.00, 2nd £4.50. Can photo sleeve for track listings. Soul Supply:- Allnighter The sound of NS in the new millennium. Vinyl A VG++ / B VG++ Sleeve Has Tiny Sign Of Wear (from price sticker removal) - No Seam Split – No other damage £15 111 His way with the girls. Vinyl A VG+ / B VG+ Sleeve Has Light Signs Of Wear– 2 price stickers top left £8.00 103 Soulful kinda music. Vinyl A VG+ / B VG+ Sleeve Has Light Signs Of Wear – 1cm seam scuff £10 109 Under the street lamp. Vinyl A VG+ / B VG+ Sleeve Has Some Signs Of Wear £10 108 After the session. Vinyl A VG+ / B VG+ Sleeve Has Little Signs Of Wear £8 106 Finger snappers. Vinyl A VG+ / B VG+ Sleeve Very Little Signs Of Wear, but front has 2cm (scissor cut) £15 102 For collectors only. Vinyl A VG / B VG, due to some light sleeve scuffs plays VG+ Sleeve Has Some Signs Of Wear – looks a little shabby £15 104 The untouchables. Vinyl A VG / B VG, due to some very light sleeve scuffs plays VG+ Sleeve Has Some Signs Of Wear £12 105 The modern times. Vinyl A VG+ / B VG+ Sleeve Has Light Signs Of Wear – 5cm Seam split from disc pushed in? £15 The Northern soul story 1. 1. Vinyl A VG+ / B VG+ 2. Vinyl A VG+ / B VG+ Original gate-fold cover has some small ringwear wear probably caused by it being a double LP, otherwise good condition £ Kent:- All are VG+ or better. Sleeves are good clean condition unless stated. 1. 006 CLASS OF 66 £14. 2. 007 FLOOR SHAKERS £13. 3. 013 MOVING ON UP £8. 4. 015 SHOES £11. 5. 017 FOOT STOMPERS £12. 6. 021 GEMS £12. 7. 023 HOT CHILLS & COLD THRILLS £11. 8. 031 LEEPERS SLEEPERS & CREEPER £16. 9. 048 A WHOLE LOT OF SOUL £20 10. 053 COOKIN’ WITH KENT £12. 11. 055 KISSING HER & CRYING FOR YOU £18. 12. 057 THE MAGIC TOUCH £13. 13. 060 SOUL SUPPER BOWL £14. 14. 061 BIG CITY SOUL SOUND £17. 15. 064 JERK IT AT THE PARTY IN CHINATOWN £18. 16. 092 SATISFYING OUR SOULS £12. 17. 096 TRIPPIN ON YOUR SOUL £12. HRN 103 CAPITOL SOUL The Sound Of D.C. 1965/6 Shrine Recordings £15
  11. Obviously there are differing options that will effect what % of a sale you ‘lose’ to the auction site, but on a basic simple sale can anyone hazard a guess what the % would be (ball park figure)? Are ebay, discogs, amazon etc. similar? TIA

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