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  1. simon t

    Would it be morally wrong?

    Where the fu*k are PETA on this one? Animals Are Not Ours to Eat Animals Are Not Ours to Wear Animals Are Not Ours to Experiment On Animals Are Not Ours to Use for Entertainment Animals Are Not Ours to Abuse in Any Way
  2. simon t

    Bobby Smith

  3. simon t

    Your Current Must Watch Tv ?

    Anyone else been watching Famalam on BBC3? I love Prince Alyusi the Nigerian philanthropist. It's on iPlayer, but beware lots of use of the 'F' word.
  4. simon t

    Bobby Smith

    06:29 . How quickly 34 years flies bye.......
  5. simon t

    Mixcloud downloader ?

    You can Mixcloud Downloader for Firefox & Chrome which works well, just install and right click on track in Mixcloud. http://www.mixcloud-downloader.com/ Alternatively, install the 30 day trial version of Internet Download Manger, works on Mixcloud, Youtube, iPlayer etc etc. Excellent stuff, worth paying for $25 = about £17 https://www.internetdownloadmanager.com/
  6. simon t

    Phillips cd recorder

    Usually there are sockets for phono leads in & out in the amp and CD recorder. If there are no dedicated sockets for a CD player in, the CD out will most probably go into the 'AUX' sockets of the amp and the out sockets on the amp to the in on the CD recorder.
  7. simon t

    ebay Q re 'buy it now' v 'make best offer'

    Thanks for the replies. I am looking to buy the old radio . I have been advised that it is “very dated” technology wise, but want it for nostalgic reasons. It's probably worth £30 to £45 in reality, but who knows what I might pay if it was up for auction and 'auction fever' took hold. I suppose he's set my fever temperature break at £90 degrees. Time to check the bank balance and toss a coin? I noticed he's had 3 items up in the last year and all have gone at best offer - can i find out what the final prices and buy it now were? . Just wondered why sellers go down this route rather than auction with or without a reserve
  8. What is the reasons why a seller puts something up for ‘buy it now’ @ £90, but also offers the option of ‘make best offer’ Is this really an auction with a reserve of £90? How should I best approach buying the item?
  9. simon t

    Vinyl Buying in 2018 Poll

    I've put your postcode into my sat nav, what time will your house be empty?
  10. simon t

    Temptones Cover Up Complete Version

    can you wait until tonight? email to send it to?
  11. simon t

    lyrics help

  12. simon t


    Try searching for a broadband speed checking site, you need to have a download speed of at least 5Mb/second for streaming (don't worry about upload speed). Even if you have a good download speed you need to have a decent speed from your router to your computer. To get the best results don't use wifi but connect them with an Ethernet cable, much faster. If you have to use wifi because your router is in another room, try putting it up somewhere high and not situated close to anything dense which would 'absorb' the signal. You can get adapters for using Ethernet cable via you electric sockets. You can often download a podcast etc faster than stream it and then listen to it; you can get browser ad-ons to download Mixcloud. Try the 30 day trial of Internet Download Manager, highly recommended. great for YouTube Remember, even if you are a high user (regardless of being 'unlimited') and at peek times your service provider may "throttle" your download speed.
  13. simon t

    Possibly THE Rarest Soul 45?

    Anyone want a Saundra Mallett -cheap! https://www.liveauctioneers.com/item/56666362_saundra-mallett-the-vandellas-camel-walk-tamla-motown Wish I'd spend my money on lots 0060 (Frank Wilson test presses x 57) and 0061 (Andantes x 131)
  14. simon t

    Possibly THE Rarest Soul 45?

    I guessed that was CJ's auction, so is the Andantes the same one he got off IL around 30 years ago? Any thoughts about it having a drill hole? I hope it hasn't got 'PB' scratched in to run out! (just joking)
  15. simon t

    Possibly THE Rarest Soul 45?

    Oddly enough that copy also had a drill hole too and it was almost in exactly the same place, comparing the scans for the two auctions.


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