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  1. I’ve seen this, but it wasn’t for me i.e. I wouldn’t watch again. Somewhat tedious and not engaging. Actors were very good, but the script wasn’t that great.
  2. 'Just for fun', if you need any help with the provenance of A's etc, or indeed record collecting in general, I can highly recommend this video guide. Go to 40m 30s for information on A's. Considering the condition of the seller's A's, i.e. all M's, I suspect they came from Lard's collection. as they're 'hard to find in that condition'!
  3. until

    You could always just download the sound file and listen as & when, though 8 hours is around 1 Gb! Not in this case, as you can't 'REVERSING' with the basic plan, but sometimes if you ffw too far ahead the connection isn't sufficient to 'buffer' the file and things come to an abrupt halt, so ffw in small amounts. Same when 'REVERSING'
  4. until

    Seems it might depend on the type of plan https://www.mixcloud.com/plans/
  5. Slightly to both, but if you've not watched the original for a good while, you'd probably not notice the difference. My take is that they have changed things to move it from being just a continuation of 1 & 2, to a film about a mafia godfather that you can view without seeing the first two.
  6. I didn't see any significant differences, no real 'wow' factor. Maybe consider it a 'director's cut'? Now doubt aficionados will appreciate the update.
  7. For me, GF III wasn't a bad film, just that GF II was such a good film, one of the best, so III will always be in it's shadow. It'll be interesting to see if its 'improved'; perhaps in a few years they'll CGI in Winona Ryder over Sofia?
  8. Not a fan of this type of genre, so already biased i suppose. I gave it a go, but after 11 minutes i started to drift away. As you say wait till it's free maybe? Not one for a revisit to see what i 'missed'
  9. Thanks Mike. I sorted it yesterday to some extent . Why didn't the skeleton go to the party?
  10. Thank you SS for your help, most appreciated.
  11. Mike, posted sound file links in Blue Max RIP Mecca Memories are they working?
  12. https://clyp.it/wahooii0 https://clyp.it/rsbzu1di Tape says; Highland Room 1972, correct?

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