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  1. Tina (2021) is now out which i would recommend watching.
  2. I'd recommend looking for a new policy every year; the discount is to attract new customers who'll then plod along paying year after year . They should tell you 30 days in advance of their intention to renew your policy, using the same card, D.D. etc again, 'for your convenience' ha bloody ha. You should always look at the comparison sites at least 21 days prior to when you want the new policy to start - you are seen not as a miser, but someone who's on top of their financial affairs and not gonna cancel during the cooling off period because you are skint!
  3. Can anybody offer up some C/Us that still to be exposed? if i was to make one, it would be 'A glimpse of' by Fanny Button & the Ghosts
  4. what was biggest attendance at northern event and when was it?
  5. if it's sore, try some of that aesthetics gel you put on babies gums - owt with something in the ingredients that ends in 'caine' usually benzocaine. Never put anything that's not water based like Vasalene
  6. if your dog, cat etc damages a claw, particularly if the nail come off or broken, put some FLUORIDE toothpaste on keep it clean and infection free. A lot cheaper than the vet!
  7. they also went to the bother of changing the time and number from 1179 to 1180 The scans also are fundamentally different, not just an copy of the 'A' and changing of the title to something they just dreamed up.
  8. If an issue did exist, and i think it does, would anyone like to hazard a guess as to what it's value would be?
  9. It might be 40+ years ago, but i remember you telling me he had an issue.
  10. Was it you who thought Pete Hallis(?) from Spalding had one or was a different record? i think that scan is for real.
  11. if you want to fill a gap, grab the baking soda and fill that gap, if you want you can build up layer by layer. Then apply the super glue on top of the baking soda, you will notice that the small grains of the baking soda will soak super fast the glue and also cure making a rock solid bond. Like a mini version of Araldite® . Anyone got a knackered, cracked record to try it on?
  12. Rhythm Helps Your Two Hips Move

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