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  1. simon t

    Community Reputation - Reactions ?

    Thanks Mike, just the job. Now remind me how to block any down voters!
  2. In your profile, you can see what Reactions you have received; is there a way of seeing which post the reactions related to?
  3. Searching ebay.uk last night for some parts for a lap - Samsung RF511, but missed the 5 out. Number of warrington supporters with a Samsung phone who are into Northern = ?
  4. simon t

    Keb Darge Tapes Mid 80s

    You have to go via the site now as they seem to have stopped supporting the add on, i think
  5. simon t

    Keb Darge Tapes Mid 80s

    http://www.mixcloud-downloader.com copy & paste in the URL from mixcloud
  6. simon t

    Your Current Must Watch Tv ?

    And you thought your HiFi is getting on a bit! Arena American Epic - the Sessions Was on BBC4, maybe repeated. It's on BBC iPlayer for another 10 days. 'The machine that introduced the sounds of America to its people has been lovingly reassembled and now, in the heart of Hollywood, in a perfect recreation of the atmosphere and conditions of America's first ever recording studios, today's music superstars roll the epic on. Elton John, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, Alabama Shakes, Jack White, Nas, Ana Gabriel, Beck, Los Lobos and Steve Martin are among the artists who test their skills against the demands of the recording machine that literally made American music. There are no edits, no overdubs and no retakes, and the disc only allows for three minutes of recording time. Despite these limitations, today's recordings for American Epic have one advantage - the freshly recorded sound is crystal clear and of an astonishing depth, transporting us vividly into the past - and the future.' + Betty Lavette @ 1:13
  7. You are right. Can't find one for sale, so cant help with value. Hot Tracks Moments – Series 2 Issue 3: “I Just Want This Feeling To Last” by Marlena Shaw (1983) Hot Tracks Records 1983 Produced by Karvin Johnson Marlena Shaw left a huge hit behind during the disco era with her fabulous cover of Diana Ross’ “Touch Me In The Morning” – throughout the early 80s dance floors continued to get a taste of this marvelous talent. Her 1982 album “Let Me In Your Life” contained the single “I Just Want This Feeling To Last” which was also featured on a Hot Tracks Issue with an edit by Greg Silva
  8. I can't remember ever seeing it on 12" unless it was 'reissued' / remixed. A 12" is as cumbersome as a LP, but easier to cue than a track 4? Now DT did play a 12" of Jesse Henderson - I did it again that lasted longer than a bottle of Durophet. I think his was House of Hits, not Lasso
  9. simon t

    Otis lee

    Do you want me to delete it Carl? Did you get it off Nigel? Did he get his from Pat Brady? Have you got that 'Moods' Bell Sound acetate
  10. simon t

    Otis lee

    I don't know exactly what colour you would describe it as. Some googled scans are paler, some nearly orange. This is the only 'promo' I've seen.
  11. simon t

    News: RIP Don Gardner

  12. simon t

    Ramona collins - you been cheatin

    In this article, it says she remembers doing two takes one with & one without backing singers. The two sound files I have, both have got backing singers. However, one has a slightly longer intro (before vocal), otherwise sounding the same to me.
  13. simon t

    Simon Soussan Djing @ Wigan Casino

    A sound file of a such a spot does exist, but I can't find my copy of it now. If it was at Wigan or not I couldn't confirm. I seem to remember it was about a dozen tracks, may be 9 of them being instruments - Mirwood stuff?
  14. simon t

    Cropping Record Label Scans??

    I use the Magic Wand tool in Photoshop to 'cut out' just the label, but does anyone know how you make it look "3D" or rather the floating in mid-air effect?


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