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  1. Many thanks Alan, tried everything bar the double 'a' at the end!
  2. Hi, Trying to ID a track I've known for some time but can't place it now on a search after hearing again at the weekend. It's a Rare Groove / Two Step which I believe to be called 'Free' by Mellea or a similar sounding group name. I thought a 45, possible LP only. Don't believe it's been re-issued or on a compilation anywhere. Thanks.
  3. siffter


  4. Thanks all, didn't order straight away on Juno so missed out. I had looked on Discogs to no avail, the link you put up had sold when I saw your message 20 minutes later! Have been offered one at $49 (£35), after it was on Juno for £21 last week! I'l hang on, so still looking...
  5. Hi, I'm interested in sources for Japanese 45s? One I've just missed is Marvin Gaye 'I wanna be where you are', released last week on Universal Japan. However, I can't find it anywhere online, so still wanted - often seems to be a problem with the Japanese 45s. Thanks in anticipation.
  6. siffter

    Nubia Band - The Time Is Right (Nubia)

    Hi, Also looking for a clean copy of this 45 if I can join the queue :-). Please PM me. Thanks, Garry


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