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  1. Hi folks Looking for a decent copy (vg+ or better) on Deep City.. Please PM in case you have one. Thanks for looking, Alex
  2. Jamaican singer Dobby Dobson, well known for his Rock Steady hit 'I am a loving pauper' has passed away on 21 Jul following complications of COVID-19.. http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/news/dobby-dobson-dies_199079?profile=1373 RIP
  3. Thanks for pointing out. Not sure if those are legitimate reissues..? I'd rather go with the self-produced LP (as far as I could find out by now)..
  4. Now, that was fast! Many thanks!!!
  5. Hi folks Risking that I might ask the most stupid question but will try it anyway - Can someone please help me identifying the tune starting at 0:36:
  6. Actually, it's in Butch's list. Not sure if it was added afterwards..
  7. Hi everyone This one sits on my wants list for quite a while now, would appreciate if someone could help me out with an ex or better copy.. please PM me if you have one for sale! Many thanks, Alex
  8. Hi folks Trying the impossible, I know. But in case anyone does have a spare copy of Kenny Gamble - The jokes on you (Arctic, preferably white demo) in EX or NM condition, please PM me.. Thanks for looking, Alex
  9. In need of the first horns release (cat. number 22421) in ex or better. Thanks for looking!
  10. Dear all Looking for a DEMO Brunswick copy of this one in ex or better.. Please PM me in case you can help out. Many thanks for looking.
  11. Very sad news, indeed. I second what some have already written here, there are not many to have a debut like she had, especially taking into account her very young age at the time. 'Paralyzed' stands up there..
  12. Dear all Looking for an original copy in vg+ or better. Issue or demo.. Please PM if you have one. Thanks, Alex
  13. Hi folks Anyone got a spare copy of Vibrations - Cause you're mine (Epic, white demo) in EX or NM condition? Please PM me if so. Thanks for looking, Alex
  14. Thanks! Got in touch! Best, Alex
  15. Hi there I'm after two obvious ones in vg+ or better: Volcanos - Gotta be a false alarm (Harthon first issue) Ambassadors - I ain't got the love (Arctic) Thanks for considering.. Alex

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