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  1. I think the final bid was no mistake as the bidding ended at 18:08, so it prolonged, i.e. at least two bidders (I spare the foul language here) were carrying it out. And yeah, absolutely crazy price..
  2. Top! It always amazes me how these kind of tapes still emerge today.. nice and refreshing version!
  3. Unissued release: Alpaca Phase III by diggin deep was certainly one of the best for me this year.. Also the Kenny Carter mentioned above was a highlight. But the biggest gain for me this year was the decision to finally getting started with buying Soul records at a bigger scale in January after more or less forcing myself to stay away for more than 20 years as my other field of interest is expensive enough.. not the wisest decision my bank accountant (and wife) would say but I have to admit it feels great!!
  4. Still in need for this one.. So, if anyone's out for a last minute X-Mas gift and lacking the quid - here's an option
  5. Happy Christmas to everyone on here and special thanks to the Soul-Source team!!
  6. There’s one up at JM‘s but sitting at one grand already..
  7. Hey Looking for a copy in ex or better with clean labels. Please PM me if you have one for sale. Many thanks! Alex
  8. Yes, but in this specific case, we are not that far off the common price in that condition.. there were way more disturbing cases in the past imho.
  9. Well, I tend to agree it's more a set sale record. But why blaming the people who bid on it rather than the one putting it up for auction in the first place..? Not in this condition, though..
  10. Hi folks After an issue copy in ex or better with clean labels.. please PM. Thanks for looking! Alex

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