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  1. I see your point but prices are very volatile. The next one could end up at 350 quid or whatever..
  2. ..yet. Their time will come. I have a friend who's only interested in Soul LPs. He'd never look on JM's site or any other of the usual suspects websites for them. Instead, he gets his stuff from a dealer in the US from whom he buys albums for decades now. I know that I am talking about a segment of one here but I do believe that 45 and album collectors are fishing in disjunct markets, at least to a certain extent.
  3. Thank God are there countless top tunes in the low price segment!
  4. I personally think it's a bit of both. Let's see once the world is halfway back to 'normal', i.e. a substantial amount of people are vaccinated and will be able to travel again. Then some collectors are forced by their misses to take the occasional trip abroad.. On the other hand, once a tune has reached a certain level, it's mostly viewed as the new benchmark regardless of it being an outlier or not.
  5. The Bee Vee was auctioned at JM twice within the last couple of months and if I'm not mistaken, both ended up around pr even less than half the price than the one tonight reached (same condition more or less). Rare tune, agreed. But why that jump..? Anyway, the strange world of rare record collecting remains interesting that way..
  6. Thanks for posting! Bee Vee .. sorry but this is ridiculous.. or is it just me?
  7. 99 years - you gotta get there first! Sad news and a loss to all who have a soft spot for Southern Soul. The music he's put out really influenced my life.. May his soul rest in peace.
  8. Maybe it was done already and maybe I am stating the obvious here but I wanna say Thank You to the moderators and everyone contributing to this forum! You do a tremendous job and deserve a big round of applause imho! This board is just awesome! P.S.: It's not about buttering someone up or fishing 'up votes', it's just that I have been part of a few music forums in the last almost 20 years and this forum is beyond comparison. Well done!
  9. Thanks in advance for any help on these long time wants. Please PM me in case you have one or for any advice if there's one out there for sale.. Record should be vg+ or better with clean labels: Roosevelt Matthews - You got me diggin' you Glen Miller - Where is the love (Jamaican press on STAG) Willie Tee - Teasing you again Mark IV - If you can't tell me something good (45 version) Johnny Mae Mathews - I have no choice Buddy Smith - When you lose the one you love Chuck Cockerham - Have I got a right
  10. Hi folks Looking for an original issue or promo copy in ex condition or better with clean labels. Thanks for looking! Alex
  11. In the end, all markets follow the law of demand and supply. In my opinion it all boils down to the question if we are able to attract enough youngsters with more or less the same kind of enthusiasm and will to maintain a scene (incl. promoting events where the records are being played out). At the moment, many rare tunes are stashed away in the homes of passionate collectors. Once we all fade away what will our offspring do with them?
  12. until
    Dear all During the first lockdown last year, a friend and I were starting to have private Zoom sessions where we played our top five of whatever musical topic. In October 2020, we decided to take those public under the moniker of The Laid Back Fracas. Now, we have established biweekly sessions where either two record collectors challenge each other on a specific topic (e.g. Studio One Rock Steady, Chicago Soul, Ethiopian traditional music) or a specific music style is introduced to the audience (The Laid Back Jugglas). I will hijack the upcoming one for a tribute to Johnny Johnson who
  13. Hi folks Looking for an ex (or better) copy of Willie Tee - Man that I am / Sweet Thing with clean labels. (I don't even dare asking for Teasing you..) Thanks

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