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  1. i've got a spare ticket for saturday, if anybody needs one send me a pm, p.
  2. my tune of today, this one from 2001, but sounds older and more like the happy trax releases mad mike did in the early 90s (theyre well worth looking up!)
  3. don't think we had any moodymann yet did we? lots of his stuff is a bit ethereal (but brilliant) there are a few straight hits, first one has a syl johnson sample
  4. wow! rochelle fleming. i hammered that on a roger sanchez cassette mix but never knew what it was. and larry heard missing you must be one of the great records as far as house goes. this one came out mid 2000's, it's pretty nice despite the slightly dubious poetry (i think that was a bit of a thing at the time), seems to channel the feeling heard had with the gherkin stuff. and i always thought this one would be popular with a modern room type crowd, yep, its that arnold jarvis again! on another note, I've never seen that darryl pandy/farley jackmaster video, its incredible! which reminds me of something else, has anyone here ever watched the new dance show? was a successor to the scene, which was sort of a detroit only soul train. for early stuff in context its pretty fascinating, sure it was probably watched by teenagers after school, but being as I didnt grow up in detroit, it looks pretty cool. there's tons of it on the internet, with lots of early-ish house/hip house and euro stuff mixed with with detroit electro/early techno, new jack swing and whatever else was happening at the time. it's a really nice time capsule, very low budget and quite awkward in a way. club culture never seems to look that great on the telly, but this might be as good as it gets..
  5. this was the sean escoffery track for me, the first 2 and a half minutes are just beats, but when the piano kicks in its a beauty. the dj spinna mix of days like these still gets played a lot but you never really hear this one and speaking of uk stuff, maw did a lovely d'influence remix in the late 90s. got played fairly regularly played on the pirates at the time as did this one, was a bit odd as it was always played between all the rough and bumpy uk stuff, but it was really popular
  6. this is a total favourite too, again before my time, but in the mid 90's a lot of this stuff was 50p of £1 from record and tape exchange
  7. brilliant! this is what got me started at the age of 14, then over the years gradualy worked backwards through 80s soul, disco, 2 step/rare groove, crossover to northern and r&b. was a huge fan at the time of blaze, masters at work, 95 north, swing city, smack productions, cajmere etc. but mostly the new jersey stuff until around 98, after that most of it got a bit too smooth and coffee table for my liking! the kerry chandler inspiration track was hammered for quite a long time (was it garage city with bobby + steve?) and brighter days I think is one of the greats. this was before my time but I always though it was a great fully formed song rather than a track- this is the kind of stuff I had at the time though:
  8. having a pike around for vikki andero, anyone has one let me know, cheers, paul.
  9. its a tough one I know, but if you don't ask.. instant cash waiting, just drop me a pm or reply to the thread, cheers, paul

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