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  1. I got the 2020 Pervis Lee limited test press repress from Record Shack (now out of stock). Record Shack did the legitimate licenced 2014 release. The 2020 7" TP has a large hole. The songs are the same, the original LP version on one side, an edited shorter version on the other side. The cost was 20 euros
  2. I just bought from Austria a brand new 2020 test press reissue of this plus a new copy of this for €28.75 Be very quick if interested, two copies of each record still available
  3. I got it from Crazybeat, still available
  4. Yeah, the intro mainly with the back vocals are very close
  5. I was listening Keep On Climbing to my ipod at work earlier this week, I was blown away, I said that I need to get it, when I went home, I did a search and I realised that I already have it, it is in the Capitol Northern Soul box set, what a lovely surprise The intro of this sounds familiar
  6. I had totally forgotten that I had this one untill I read your post
  7. Another favourite, the video clip is mine
  8. Excellent choice My favourite side
  9. This is a bright example. Only available as a boot. I can't find it to take a picture
  10. My popcorn choice The white promo version had been posted last year from David Mine is the standard red

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