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  1. Press-ganged into DIY but will put picture up after; it is styrene though. Thanks so far!
  2. My copy is a plain red\black Cameo but has Promotional Not For Sale @ about 2 O'clock. Only seen a white demo so I am highly suspicious - am I right to be? TIA
  3. missed topic reply but this a favourite of me and the wife.
  4. I have 2 singles by Marshall, Donovan, Broomfield which I wish to sell: Let Me Down Easy/Since I Found My Baby Augusta AR 100 Let's Dance /That's Love Augusta AR 101 The problem I have in determining a price for the Let Me Down single is the address has been scratched out on both sides although the vinyl is near mint both sides. What do you think would be a fair price for Augusta AR 100? The other disc is unmarked and again is near mint. Thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks for that Kev. Bought in in the 70s so looks like I got the boot - only a few quid so no damage.
  6. Looking at my copy in the dead-wax I have scratched in EX-1023 on the A side & EX-1024 on the B. To the left of each is a stamp that is so small that I cant read it even under a magnifying glass. What do I have (other than myopia) an original 1966 release or a 70s boot? many thanks

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