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  1. Nearly all the double ones are sold out - this is the last one: http://www.jazzmanrecords.co.uk/new-large-double-brown-crocodile-skin-45-record-box We'll get some more done over the summer but they won't be ready for a few months yet
  2. They're the rivets holding the handle on. In that position it's impossible for them to do any damage to records. It's the ones holding the latches that are the ones to look out for because they are face on to the playing surface of the record, and on my boxes they are covered with felt. Not sure what boxes you've been looking at, but here's a pic of some of my collection. If you look closely, you will see that each and every one of them has the catch in exactly the same position as the ones I've had made ie downward motion. All these were made in the 50s and 60s, ie tried and tested
  3. JNixon - we did some bags a few years ago but the suppliers have discontinued them. Stones Throw have done one - if you have $325 + post to spare. And you thought my boxes were expensive KevinKent I can assure you the locks are not upside down and they won't accidentally flip open. Also, the rivets are not exposed because the interior is fully lined with felt. There is no bare wood - or rivets for that matter - exposed at all. I hope that clarifies matters
  4. Quality doesn't come cheap Nick Browns are quality there's no denying it, and they cost 2 or 3 times as much as mine but they're with an all wood finish, unlike the ones we have which are have a more authentic 1960s/70s feel due to the covering. And the covering is not cheapo sticky back plastic - it cost £30 a metre and is usually used to cover furniture and kitchens etc. There's nothing else like em on the market!
  5. They took 3 weeks to get here, but they've arrived at last and we will not be getting more, expected to sell out TODAY so do not delay www.jazzmanrecords.co.uk
  6. We'll have some, already shipped from the US, hopefully will arrive next week! www.jazzmanrecords.co.uk
  7. Joey Irving & Just Us was a Canadian act that released a couple of 45s on various small labels but never really attained any notoriety. ‘There’s a Man’ is a cover of the original version by Leroy lane & the Upstairs Maids, an uptempo dancer that hints to the funky side of Northern Soul. The original issue of this 7” rarity was pressed in Belgium on the Baltic label, supposedly because Baltic was a label that pressed "everything nobody else wanted to press" (those are the label owner's very words!) such as Flemish chanson and elevator music. One of Baltic's contacts was a businessman from Canada who'd fly over every 6 months with a suitcase of master tapes looking for deals. One day he brought along a reel by Joey Irving & Just Us, who was unable to get a contract in the US or Canada. Baltic took a chance, pressed them up, and issued it in Belgium with a picture sleeve on their Baltic label and also their subsidiary Golden Music. As you can imagine, funky soul stompers didn’t really go down very well with the chanson and elevator crowd, and the record bombed. Very few copies are known to this day, with original copies reaching several hundred £££.
  8. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Joey Irving & Just Us 'There's a Man' out on SOUL7 on May 27 View full article
  9. I asked the same question of the seller a few years back, he replied and told me in no uncertain terms that I was a mug for not realising it was a recent pressing. It was quite sarcastic/arrogant in tone. He probably has the original stampers - whether made by himself or not - and he just presses them up as he pleases.
  10. Did this sell? Also I'm a bit confused, the record says produced by Lawrence Schwing, so who is 'Phil Jaglowski '?
  11. From Bobby Moore & the Rhythm Aces $1000-rated 'Dedication of Love' LP, here's one of the best tracks! Previously unreleased on 45, licensed from the late Bobby's Moore's son. Available on our website NOW, otherwise in the shops in a week or two: http://www.jazzmanrecords.co.uk/bobby-moore-the-rhythm-aces-what-is-that-you-got-loves-got-a-hold-on-me highlight grab from above link added by site He gained fame and fortune with his million-selling Checker 45 'Searching for My Love', yet his later album 'Dedication of Love' is known today in just a handful of copies. Yet the music contained therein, in terms of heartfelt soul, is pure gold. For the first time on 45, here are two tracks taken from the album, a Holy Grail that will soon be released soon in its entirety on Jazzman.
  12. News/Article/Feature Highlight: From Bobby Moore & the Rhythm Aces $1000-rated 'Dedication of Love' LP, here's one of the best tracks! Previously unreleased on 45, licensed from the late Bobby's Moore's son. View full article
  13. I was expecting a few orders in dribs n drabs but response is astounding, we will be out soon at this rate! Nice one gents

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