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  1. And what a good show it was. Playing sounds that were available and affordable that should be heard out.
  2. Hi Roger, I am interested in Such Misery by Timmy Willis. Is it pay by pay pal as friend Thanks Mike
  3. Agree with your comments,great allnighter,music & friendly people. See you at the next one

    1. Jim McSherry

      Jim McSherry

      Hi, yes, was good to meet you too, don’t know if I will make the next two Niters on the 26th as it’s May Birthday & on 18th Aug is my sons birthday, so no way will I be Soulin’ on those two days , but maybe the next Niter after September when I get back from my hols, see you again n doubt, good to put a face to a name. Jimmy.

  4. Allchilledout

    100 Club

    Echo your sentiments completely. As I said first visited last September and am totally hooked by the niter.
  5. Allchilledout

    100 Club

    Had never been there myself until last September. Enjoyed it so much that I've been twice since & have already bought my rail tickets for April & May.
  6. Have one spare ticket if anyone is interested

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