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    Soul collector for 40 plus years and DJ (now and then) across the board sounds: Northern,Modern,Jazz/Funk.  Also sell tunes from my archive (now and then).

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    Woking, UK
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    Mel Britt - she'll coming running back

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  1. Quality Rare Soul from across the decades. Our first night of 2019 (our 3rd year) and will be a good one. Guest DJ's JOHN BROWNE and TRACEY SHAW of Soul Kitchen (Tunbridge Wells) will be spinning plenty of top soul vinyl PLUS State of Soul resident DJ's Johnny Pearson, Lindsay Jobling and Jez Bishop. Vinyl only! Some northern, some modern, some crossover and everything in between and beyond (hope that covers it) CHEAP BAR !!!! (cash only). Starts 7pm to 12am £5 admission which includes free access to the dance floor! Oatlands Park Working Men's Club KT13 9PZ (flyer attached). Be great to see SOUL fans there! Cheers! Jez, Lindsay & Johnny
  2. Hi, I have listed some tasty Modern & Northern 45's plus a few rare albums and 12" singles on Ebay (link below) -' buy now/make offer' at fair prices (I reckon) including: FREDDIE EMPIRE - Let me give my love to you (Modern winner from 1976) SUPERLATIVES - WON'T YOU PLEASE (Be my baby) DYNAMICS - great Detroit sound CONSTELLATIONS - I DIDN'T KNOW HOW TO (classic!) Plus.... THE ROYAL ESQUIRES, GIFTED FOUR,SANDI HAVENS,JACQUELINE JONES (....Sunny Day), GIFT OF DREAMS (LP), J.P. RODGERS JR (LP), IKE WHITE (LP), ROBERT OWENS 'In our lifetime' (BUDWEISER 12") and a few more 60's,70's,80's sevens, twelves and albums..... Cheers, Jez (UK)
  4. Hi, here's a mixture of classic 60's originals, 70's up & mid - tempo and some classic re-issue sounds. Scans below If interested please send me a PM. Thanks. UK postage £2 'signed for' or £7 Reg./insured. Paypal FF prefered. Cheers, Jez. PS - SOUND FILES AVAILABLE FOR ALL OF THEM - A FEW MP3's OF ACTUAL RECORDS ARE BELOW SCANS (please scroll down and down again) cheers. *** OFFERS CONSIDERED ON ANY RECORD*** SANDRA PHILLIPS - WORLD WITHOUT SUNSHINE - BROADWAY VG+ £125 MP3 BELOW *SOLD* (01.06.18) REX GARVIN - YOU DON'T NEED NO HELP - WSJ VG £140 (sounds great - slight edge lift NAP. ORIG) MP3 BELOW JESSE FISHER - YOU'RE NOT LOVING A BEGINNER -WAY OUT VG+ £100 **SOLD** ALBERT JONES - FIFTEEN CENT LOVE -KAPP EX £100 **SOLD** FRED HUGHES - I KEEP TRYIN' - EXODUS PROMO VG+ £200 MP3 BELOW EDDIE HOLMAN - EDDIE'S MY NAME -PARKWAY VG+ £35 (Drill hole as pic) ERNIE ANDREWS - IT AIN'T NO USE / NEVER LIKE THIS BEFORE - DOT VEX £25 DENISE LASALLE -TOO LATE TO CHECK YOUR TRAP / THE RIGHT TRACK - PARKA EX £40 FOUR SONICS PLUS ONE - TELL ME YOU'RE MINE - SEPIA VG+ £45 BOBBY BROWN - I GOTTA HAVE YOU - JACKLYN VG+ £30 LEE ROGERS - CRAKED UP OVER YOU / HOW ARE YOU FIXED FOR LOVE - WHEELSVILLE - VG £40 A few 70's.... EAST COAST CONNECTION - SUMMER IN THE PARKS - NEW DIRCTIONS VG £30 C. HENRY WOODS TROUPE - THE STRANGER - ENXY VG £30 MP3 BELOW PACE-SETTERS - PUSH ON JESSIE JACKSON / FREEDOM AND JUSTICE - KENT £35 MIKE JAMES KIRKLAND - GIVE IT TO ME - BRYAN Mint £40 Some re-issues, pressings etc. MELVIN MOORE - ALL OF A SUDDEN / INNER SIDE - SKY HERO VG+ £100 ONO 2nd issue (pressed slightly off centre) MP3 BELOW TO CHECK IT. TIM MURRAY - THINKING OF YOU - DETROIT TRAKS - VG+ £20 2nd issue ELOISE LAWS - LOVE FACTORY - MUSIC MERCHANT VG+ re-press £30 LITTLE JOE ROMAN - WHEN YOU'RE LONESOME - TUFF VG+re=press £25 JAMES BARNETT - KEEP ON TALKING - FAME EX £20 re-press THE DEL-LARKS - JOB OPENING - QUEEN CITY VG+ £40 light blue re-press THE TOMANGOE'S - I REALLY LOVE YOU - WASHPAN VG+ £50 vinyl re-press GEORGE BLACKWELL - CAN'T LOSE MY HEAD - SMOKE VG £50 re-press IDLE FEW - PEOPLE THAT'S WHY - BLUE BOOK VG+ £10 light blue re-press A couple of UK collectables.... MELBA MOORE - THE MAGIC TOUCH/TOMMY HUNT - THE PRETTY PART OF YOU -HORACE'S VG+ £30 **SOLD** BOBBY WELLS - BE'S THAT WAY SOMETIMES - GRAPEVINE EX £25 and finally a great albums... (UK postage £5) THE O-JAYS - SOUL SOUNDS - MINIT (Mono) EX. £50 ('I'LL NEVER FORGET YOU, HOLD ON, WORKING ON YOUR CASE..) SOUND FILES BELOW (in reply box) **********************ALL OFFERS CONSIDERED ON ANY RECORD LISTED - THANKS ***************************************************************************** REX GARVIN.mp3 SWEET DADDY FLOYD.mp3 BOBBY WELLS.mp3 MELVIN MOORE (2nd).mp3 FRED HUGHES - I KEEP TRYIN.mp3 SANDRA PHILLIPS.mp3 More MP3's below (please keep scrolling down past 'Ebay section')
  5. Hi, here are 2 classic west coast floor filling bar emptying dancers. What a recording session it was to produce not one,but two class sounds! I purchased these about 40 years ago from SB Records and so in top cond.ition and they are both still in EXCELLENT condition. Both vinyl. UK postage £7 special delivery (or £2.40 'signed for'). Please PM if interested. Cheers, Jez THE TEMPOS - (COUNTDOWN) HERE I COME - CANTERBURY C-504 £200 Ex. *SOLD* THE YOUNGHEARTS - A LITTLE TOGETHERNESS - CANTURBURY C-506 £200 Ex. *SOLD*
  6. Some classic USA originals at a fair price!. Scans & Sound files below. Please PM me if interested. Postage UK £2 or £7 Reg. mail. Cheers, Jez (UK) THE AMBERS - POSTION OF LOVE/ANOTHER LOVE - SMASH PROMO VG+ Both sides play excellent! 'Another Love VG (few marks DNAP!! Have a listen to MP3 of both sides. £200 *SOLD* DARROW FLETCHER - WHAT HAVE I GOT NOW - JACKLYN VG+ £80 *SOLD* ERNIE MARBRAY - AIN'T NOBODY'S BUSINESS - WEE EX £70 (one sold for £150 a few months ago on here!) *SOLD* LINDA JONES & WHATNAUTS - I'M SO GLAD I FOUND YOU - STANG DEMO VG £45 Looks good on white promo. Same both sides. So soulful! (MP3's of sold items removed) LINDA JONES & WHATNAUTS.mp3
  7. There's a black & white pic of Tony at the piano on the rear album cover of the 1984 Inferno (UK) LP ' Detroit a Go Go'. Maybe Neil Rushton has a better quality copy of it (as not to clear on the album cover)
  8. Some classic 60's sounds on UK issue. Scans below. Sound files available. Some bargains here!Please PM me if interested. Postage UK £2 . Cheers, Jez (UK) CHUBBY CHECKER - YOU JUST DON'T KNOW - LONDON VG+ £25 LINDA JONES - I JUST CAN'T LIVE MY LIFE - WB VG+ £80 JANUARY SALE BARGAIN! ** SOLD** MELBA MOORE - THE MAGIC TOUCH - HORACE'S EX. £25 B/W TOMMY HUNT - THE PRETTY PART OF YOU (also EX cond.) BOBBY WOMACK - WHAT IS THIS? - JAY BOY VG £18 BETTY BOO - SAY IT ISN'T SO - GRAPEVINE DEMO VG+ £55 (good price due to sticker on lable. Hard one to find on Demo!) ** SOLD** GENE CHANDLER - THERE WAS A TIME - BRUNSWICK VG+ £18 B/W ARTISTICS - I'M GONNA MISS YOU BOBBY WELLS - BE'S THAT WAY SOMETIMES - GRAPEVINE VG+ £20 PHILLIP MITCHELL - FREE FOR ALL - JAY BOY VG+ £18 **SOLD** (26.1.18) THE JELLY BEANS - I'M HIP TO YOU/YOU DON'T MEAN ME NO GOOD - RIGHT ON! VG £20 Nice double sider MARY LOVE - HEY, STONEY FACE - KENT 6T's 5th ANNIV. VG+ £50 Collectors item..getting scarce B/W IKETTES & ETTA JAMES **SOLD** YVONNE BAKER - YOU DIDN'T SAY A WORD - LONDON VG+ £25 SOUNDS FANTASTIC (of course !) *SOLD**
  9. A few classic oldies here. Scans and MP3 music files of actual records below. If interested please PM me. 1st class 'signed for postage' £2 (within UK). If interested please send PM. Thanks, Jez. ***PLEASE SCROLL DOWN TO REPLIES FOR ALL SCANS & MP3'S OF RECORDS FOR SALE**** Thanks OTIS CLAY - SHOW PLACE - UK PRESIDENT PROMO (1967) quite gard to find (I just updated the Discogs entry),but sounds like recorded from disc on a Dansette! Classic oldie stomper plus deep soul A side. Collectors item - sample MP3 below VG- £25 ** SOLD ** (29.11.17) THE METROS - SWEETEST ONE - RCA MONO ALBUM : 'Since I found my baby' , I'll never forget you' Smooth version of the O-Jays !(Mono copy best to have as plays good and loud!) VG+ £60 Sample of these tracks below. Some wear to spine, but vinyl is great! UK POSTAGE £4 ** SOLD ** (29.11.17) JACKIE WILSON - I'VE LOST YOU - BRUNSWICK VG+ £25 (drill hole) HOLLY MAXWELL - ONE THIN DIME - CONSTELLATION EX £25 (drill hole) Following from previous listing - many reduced! Scans and MP3s in links: EDWARD HAMILTON - I'M GONNA LOVE YOU / CALL ME - JAMECO (yellow)VG £75 Great Detroit double sider! CRYSTAL MOTION - YOU'RE MY MAIN SQUEEZE (PT1) - SOUND GEMS PROMO great 1975 Philly! (Stereo / Mono) VG £50 ** SOLD** (30.11.17) EDDIE HOLMAN - EDDIE'S MY NAME - PARKWAY VG- few marks NAP / drill hole £40 PATTI LaBELLE & THE BLUEBELLS - LOVING RULES - ATLANTIC PROMO VG+ (few marks but NAP) £30 IRMA THOMAS - WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO - IMPERIAL VG - (drill hole) £50 BILLY YOUNG - THE SLOOPY - JOTIS PROMO VG- £20 JOHNNY HONEYCUTT - I'M COMING OVER - TRIODE - *RE-ISSUE* EX £50 ELOISE LAWS - LOVE FACTORY - MUSIC MERCHANT * RE-PRESS (Boot I assume)* VG- £40 Here are some collectable re-issue 'pressings' from the 70's I previously listed - many reduced!. Save yourself a few hundred or a grand or two. Somewhat cheaper than trying to find orig. copies of course. FRANKIE 'LOVEMAN' CROCKER - TON OF DYNAMITE - TURBO 2nd issue 1976 VG- £25 THE TOMANGOE'S - I REALLY LOVE YOU -WASHPAN 70'S REPRESS VG £60 .. have a listen to MP3 below THE SALVADORS - STICK BY ME BABY - WISE WORLD 70'S PRESSING VG+ £50 STYRENE * SOLD * (28.11.17) GEORGE BLACKWELL - CAN'T LOSE MY HEAD - SMOKE 70'S PRESSING VG+ £50 STYRENE initials? in biro THE COASTERS - CRAZY BABY - ATCO 70'S BOOT G £30 VINYL Hardly hi-fi but have a listen to MP3 to check GWEN OWENS - JUST SAY YOU'RE WANTED - VELGO 70'S PRESSING VG+ £30 STYRENE BUSTER AND EDDIE - CAN'T BE STILL -CLASS 2nd issue VG- £70 VINYL small mark NAP so catchy! (Bought from Soul Bowl in 70's) SILHOUETTES - NOT ME BABY - GOODWAY 70'S RE-PRESS' FOR ENGLAND'! VG- £30 VINYL slight surface noise as per MP3 below ROSE BATTISTE - I MISS MY BABY / HIT & RUN - REVILOT 70'S PRESS. VG- £20 VINYL great double sider of course METROS - 2 tracks sample.mp3 OTIS CLAY - both sides sample.mp3 JACKIE WILSON - I've lost you.mp3 HOLLY MAXWELL.mp3 ELOISE LAWS.mp3 JOHNNY HONEYCUTT.mp3
  10. A few classic oldies here. Scans and MP3 music files of actual records below. UK postage £2.50 'signed for' or £6 REG/INS. If interested please PM me. Cheers!, Jez EDWARD HAMILTON - I'M GONNA LOVE YOU / CALL ME - JAMECO VG+ £75 *SOLD* J.J. BARNES - OUR LOVE IS IN THE POCKET - REVILOT (pink) EX £100 *SOLD* DEON JACKSON - THAT'S WHAT YOU DO TO ME / I CAN'T DO WITHOUT YOU - CARLA PROMO EX £75 **SOLD** CHARLES DIAMOND & THE INSPIRATIONS - NO ONE ELSE CAN TAKE YOUR PLACE - BREAKTHROUGH VG- £90 Not the best quality but ok for DJ-ing. (The inst. side only G cond.)*SOLD* CRYSTAL MOTION - YOU'RE MY MAIN SQUEEZE (PT1) - SOUND GEMS PROMO (Stereo / Mono) VG+ £50 70's classic. ** SOLD** (30.11.17) EDDIE HOLMAN - EDDIE'S MY NAME - PARKWAY VG- few marks NAP / drill hole £40 PATTI LaBELLE & THE BLUEBELLS - LOVING RULES - ATLANTIC PROMO VG+ (few marks but NAP) £30 IRMA THOMAS - WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO - IMPERIAL VG - DRILL HOLE £50 Few marks/scratch but NAP - have a listen - great played out! FRANKIE 'LOVEMAN' CROCKER - TON OF DYNAMITE - TURBO 2nd issue 1976 VG- £30 CLYDE McPHATTER - WELCOME HOME - DECCA ALBUM (USA) feat. 'PLEASE GIVE ME ONE MORE CHANCE'. Vinyl MINT £50 *SOLD* Sound files below of actual records for sale ! EDDIE HOLMAN - EDDIE'S MY NAME.mp3 PATTI LABELLE - LOVING RULES.mp3 IRMA THOMAS - WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO.mp3 FRANKIE CROCKER - TON OF DYNAMITE.mp3
  11. Had a giggle about Tony Clarke being white ! Maybe the writer has only seen the poor quaility TV footage of him singing and not photos of this fine soul man? As for wayne Gibson and the Seven Dwarfs.... these type of records are just embarrassing and hardly “... a sensational sound”as Lenny Gamble might say ;) So many better records out there!

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