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    Soul fan from school days in 60's and collector off and on from then on. Grew up in Market Harborough and so was attendee at Torch, Saints and Sinners, Lantern, Normanton, early Wigan and then later on the London scene noughties onward. Northern, R&B plus classic 60's club sounds are where its at for me.

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    Mike (or Mick) Humphries
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    St Albans
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    Put a dime on D-9

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  1. THE EMOTIONS - SOMEBODY NEW - DEEP SOUL EX+ £15 Hello A while back you had this Deep Soul label item for sale. Any chance you still have it or others on that label? I would usually PM but for some reason it won't send. Mike
  2. Chuck Jackson - Any Day Now (Great clip from 1965).mp4
  3. I've had my vote but if someone was feeing generous they could adopt this Chuck Jackson treat with Burt Bacharach on organ. I wanted Hand it over as an offering but couldn't find a live clip. Absolutely awesome delivery and powerful emotional lyrics. Hump
  4. Evening all Many of the singers on my list have gone in already. I therefore go for Levi Stubbs with one of the finest soul records ever made. There are lots of clips on the net, but this one shows the quality of Levi's voice managing to shine through over a band that is a bit to harsh. Love it, only been banging on about it for 50 years or so. Hump THE_FOUR_TOPS_-_ASK_THE_LONELY_(LIVE_PARIS_FRANCE_1967).mp4
  5. Hello Steph Are you still looking for "Come Here". Mike
  6. Your prices seem pretty fair mate, but I guess there are several that could be obtained for a bit less over time. Good luck with it. Hump
  7. I've always wondered if there is greater value in the records as individuals or as a complete set!! I better up the household insurance. Hump
  8. Yes, got them back. Have been meaning to give some feedback. Overall the result was good, the US vinyl records were much improved. Just a little wobble but NAP. Prior to flattening they were only playable with a weight on the arm. The most impressive was a copy of Lisa Stansfield 8-3-1. I bought it new and it was like a banana when it arrived, completely unplayable. I added it to the batch out of interest as it was single sided and quite a thin pressing. Came back transformed. Again a very tiny wobble but it plays a treat now. Mike
  9. Thanks for the feedback. I've taken the plunge and sent them off. By chance it was to 21stcenturyobjects too. When they come back i'll let you know the result. Mike
  10. Fascinating! A bit like "micro-groove-surgery", I would have thought the record would need to worth a fair sum to warrant the type of workmanship offered by VPR. Mike
  11. I've only ever tried it myself on market stall bits where I wasn't bothered about the outcome. Have to say none of the DIY methods have ever worked for me. I'll have a look at what Mr M says. Ta
  12. Hello all I've a couple of vinyl 45's that have warps. Nothing sharp - just slow ups and downs. I've seen all the DIY suggestions but I wondered if anyone has used/has feedback one (of the several) people who offer a flattening and cleaning service? I'd say it was 4-5mm across each disc. Lynn Johnson -Wicked Woman and June Bateman - Possum Belly Overalls, not mega valuable but worth a go? Any thoughts welcomed. MikeHump
  13. Thanks, I thought generic would be right. But i'll keep an eye out for some original sleeves to make it easy on the eye. Mike
  14. Hello all I'm also in need of this years single. Same deal if there a a few about. Mike

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