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  1. Hello all I saw a copy of Judy Clay "Do you think that's right for sale" on the sales forum. With a very different label (an quite a bit prettier) to the one I have. Is this a different pressing plant or a release in another region? Anyone know? Thanks Mike
  2. Hello all Anyone have a copy they are prepared to let go? Please PM me - cheers Mike
  3. That clinches it for me. Sigma, Delta, Epsilon plus the indistinguishable factory stamp and the record number, identical. Thanks a lot, but that leaves one question unanswered - WHY DID KEB WANT TWO COPIES?? Mike
  4. A bit of googling says the Collegians are a doo wop group from 50's. SO I guess your right. Anyone got an issue to check the deadwax? Thanks Mike
  5. Interesting. Its as if the pressing has used an old label reversed. This is from the blank other side.
  6. Its reversed, but I think its says Zoom and "The Collegians" Will get back with a bit more info after looking in a mirror. Mike
  7. Bought this on eBay about 10 years ago for a couple of dollars. It has CR-1008A and HAM in the runout but the "A" is more like a delta. Have always wondered if its from the factory or not. Help anyone? Mike
  8. Yes Ady It was the dance hall attached to Poppies football club. I met Suzy there. You may have seen the attached photo before. "The Fantastics" live at the Tin Hat 15th June 1971. Which line up is not clear. Cheers Mick

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