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    Soul fan from school days in 60's and collector off and on from then on. Grew up in Market Harborough and so was attendee at Torch, Saints and Sinners, Lantern, Normanton, early Wigan and then later on the London scene noughties onward. Northern, R&B plus classic 60's club sounds are where its at for me.

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    Mike (or Mick) Humphries
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    St Albans
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    Put a dime on D-9

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  1. Thanks for the feedback. I've taken the plunge and sent them off. By chance it was to 21stcenturyobjects too. When they come back i'll let you know the result. Mike
  2. Fascinating! A bit like "micro-groove-surgery", I would have thought the record would need to worth a fair sum to warrant the type of workmanship offered by VPR. Mike
  3. I've only ever tried it myself on market stall bits where I wasn't bothered about the outcome. Have to say none of the DIY methods have ever worked for me. I'll have a look at what Mr M says. Ta
  4. Hello all I've a couple of vinyl 45's that have warps. Nothing sharp - just slow ups and downs. I've seen all the DIY suggestions but I wondered if anyone has used/has feedback one (of the several) people who offer a flattening and cleaning service? I'd say it was 4-5mm across each disc. Lynn Johnson -Wicked Woman and June Bateman - Possum Belly Overalls, not mega valuable but worth a go? Any thoughts welcomed. MikeHump
  5. Thanks, I thought generic would be right. But i'll keep an eye out for some original sleeves to make it easy on the eye. Mike
  6. Hello all I'm also in need of this years single. Same deal if there a a few about. Mike
  7. Thanks In the description of one sold previously on Discogs, it said the record would supplied in a Studio 1 sleeve and i wondered if that was the case back in the day. BTW I should have written Coxsone (with an S). Mike
  8. Hello all I know there a lot of Reggae knowledge out there. Does anyone know what type of sleeve this UK Coxone single would have come in? Cheers Mike Coxone CS7030.pdf
  9. I see predictably that Kungs abortion is sold out at Juno. I couldn't have even brought myself to buy one to sell on at an inflated price somewhere down the line!! LOLOL Chortle, none available in London on the day. I eventually got one online. Purely for completist purposes you'll understand!! Hump
  10. Very cool picture Steve. I saw JT live a couple of times back in the day. Family were a Leicester band so saw them a few time too. I recall the guitarist played with a twin neck guitar. However I could never quite get Captain Beefheart - way too prog for me. Cheers
  11. Smudger Very similar in Mkt Harborough, most were all soulies at heart but it didn't stop a Sunday afternoon or two with John Mayal, Eric Clapton or in the Court of the Crimson King. I recall though when it came down to style choices, I swapped my very beaten up copy of Disraeli Gears for a pristine copy of Hot Buttered Soul. I reckon I got the best deal. Mind you quite a few mates couldn't get on with either, preferring tunes that were more conventional and a lot more danceable. hump
  12. Indeed Pete The depth of knowledge about almost any topic on this site is remarkable. Cheers hump
  13. Blimey That was quick, thanks. I'd never have guessed it was Love Affair. Wonder why an Emidisc was made - we'll probably never know. Cheers Mike
  14. Anyone out there know a bit about prog rock? I was sorting through a box of bits and bobs a while back and came across an Emidisc with the title "Gee's Whiz". it was only a few pence and thinking it was a misspelling I put it in my pile. When I played it, rather than being a Carla Thomas copy it turned out to be flute driven rock thing, sort of Jethro Tull style. It sounds too good to be a hopeful amateur. Anyone got a clue or can suggest a site for such stuff? Mike prog emidisc.pdf Gee's Whiz.mp3

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