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  1. Charles Simmons

    CHARLES SIMMONS - SAVE THE WORLD / YOU'VE GOT IT ALL HITSOUND, EX, £325 Championed by the likes of Dave Thorley, and others across the continent since it's discovery some years ago, this funk soul powerhouse still has plenty of legs and does the bus...
  2. Bob williams

    After this please...... BOB WILLIAMS - I'M ALRIGHT on Nad-Lyn. Message me with price and condition if you have one for sale please. Thanks
  3. Rare soul sales

    Thanks for all who've bought over the last 6 days. Here's a consolidated list of those unsold, with a few reductions. JUST US - WE'VE GOT A GOOD THING GOING / HOW I LOVE YOU VINCENT, EX, £1450.......Now £1400 Super RARE!! From the fantastic Vincent s...
  4. Batch 6 OF 6 rare soul sales

    DAY 6......BATCH 6 OF 6 And here's the sixth and final batch of sales from me. 60s soul are the order of the day here. Nothing overly rare but definitely in demand. SONNY HARRIS - THE VIBRATION SAN-EL, EX, £250......ON HOLD!! Absolute banger of a tun...
  5. Batch 5 OF 6 rare soul sales

    DAY 5......BATCH 5 OF 6 Penultimate batch and a real mix of genres on offer today; funky, ghetto and just top notch soul. DOLLY GILMORE - SWEET SWEET BABY / DON'T YOU KNOW YOU'RE THE YES DOVE, VG++, £575 Immense double sided sister soul. one for the ...
  6. Batch 4 OF 6 rare soul sales

    DAY 4......BATCH 4 OF 6 Modern and 70's are the rider of the day, but all with a unique sound to the other. A couple of hot items in here, with the other two having rarity assured. JERRY WASHINGTON - DON'T WASTE MY TIME GLADES, EX, £465.....ON HOLD F...
  7. Batch 3 OF 6 rare soul sales

    DAY 3.....BATCH 3 OF 6 Funky and gospel tinged soul offerings today, all of which have had recent exposure (I won't use the term discoveries because that will be an endless arguement)! CHARLES SIMMONS - SAVE THE WORLD / YOU'VE GOT IT ALL HITSOUND, EX, ...
  8. Batch 2 OF 6 rare soul sales

    DAY 2.....BATCH 2 OF 6 Just the four today but it's four absolutely top drawer northern 45s, with a couple that you don't see everyday for sure. KINGS OF SOUL - IS YOUR LOVE FOR ME DOWN TO EARTH, EX, £1650.....SOLD!! Absolute monster, gets the dsncef...
  9. Batch 1 OF 6 rare soul sales

    Over the next six days I will be listing a small grip of 45's for sale each day. A mix of genres and some tasty items. They'll be listed on a few forums so first come first served, so be sure to check on here each day! DAY 1.....BATCH 1 OF 6 Today'...
  10. Recent releases

    Spares of recent new releases, bought for mates to save on postage mainly but they changed their mind. These have never touched a needle. Post is from UK and extra. PM if interested. GRACE LOVE - HIGHER CANNONBALL, MINT, £15 ...
  11. Roy Roberts in demander

    Postage extra on this one, PM to reserve. Scan from actual record for sale, clip just for reference. ROY ROBERTS - YOU MOVE ME PT. 1 HOUSE OF THE FOX EX, £240 Huge dance floor filler and killer tube from this great artist who's not ...
  12. Stafford rarity - Ghetto Boys

    PM to reserve, postage extra, clips just for reference. Scan of actual record label embedded into post. Sublime moody 60's soul on the fantastic Tarx label. Pretty tough to turn up, especially in this condition...... GHETTO BOYS - HAND...
  13. Coming Of man rarity

    COMING OF MAN - SUNNY DAY RIGHT KIND VG++, £375 Very rare uptempo 70's soul dancer with a great overlooked funk flip. Doesn't turn up often and this is in great condition, plays nice and clean. Bit of wol as per picture (a bit more on B-side if you w...
  14. Tommy Rogers

    TOMMY ROGERS - PASS THE WORD AJP Ex, £145 Storming 60's indemander on one side, backed with a sublime northern/Crossover side on the flip. You tube clips are for reference in case you don't know it, postage extra.
  15. WANTED: Moses Smith - Keep on Striving

    Probably after the original knowing Liam, but always nice when someone's looking out for ya on the wants forum

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