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  1. I have 4x Tickets for Nile Rogers and Chic at the Alexandra Head, Cardiff Bay on Sunday Sept 19th as part of the Soundcrash Funk and Soul Weekender with support from SoulllSoul, Craig Charles and David Rodigen. face value £39.50 but will sell for £30 each. davidripolles@icloud.com
  2. ....and that was after he ran up (yes literally) on to the stage to ask me what it was when i played it at one of lynn Taylors do's in the Midlands...
  3. Good luck Dean, we’re all thinking of you! You’re in good hands at North Manchester and you’re a tough old git so expect you to get through this !!
  4. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Came across this last night and don't remember it getting a mention on here last year. Apologies if it did, but thought it might View full article
  5. Came across this last night and don't remember it getting a mention on here last year. Apologies if it did, but thought it might be of some interest to those of a more 'modern' disposition... http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/obituaries/bs-md-ob-curtis-anderson-20150803-story.html
  6. Saturday June 25th sees the return of 'Ultimate Choice' to the Whiskey Jar, Tariff st, Manchester. Doors open at 9p.m and close at 3a.m £5.00 entrance fee. For those of you who didn't make the last event, we will be bringing you the finest quality, Soul Disco and Funk in the fantastic, and atmospheric basement club of the Whiskey Jar in the heart of Manchester's Northern Quarter. Take a listen to our mixes online to give you an idea of the sounds you may hear on the night.... The venue has an intimate feel and capacity of 150 so its advisable to pre-book your tickets for £5 at skiddle (see link below)or take your chance on the door for the same price; http://www.skiddle.com/whats-on/Manchester/The-Whiskey-Jar/Ultimate-Choice---Volume-2---June-25th/12732915/
  7. Here's a little taster of the kind of things you may hear at our new night at The Whiskey Jar, Manchester on April 23rd. First night features George Mahood, Gumbo and David Ripolles....see events page for details...
  8. April 23rd sees the Launch of a brand new club night for city centre Manchester! Brought to you by the Inner Circle Soul Club, 'Ultimate Choice' opens its doors at the fantastic basement club of the 'Whiskey Jar' in the heart of the Northern Quarter. Channeling the spirit of the best European Soul clubs, we nod our respects to our brothers and sisters at the likes of Toulouse Soul club, Oslo Soul Experience, Movin' on Barcelona and Soulshakers Bamberg to bring you an atmospheric night of dance floor, Soul, Funk and Disco. This is not a Northern Soul night but an inclusive night in broad terms for all those who like to dance. With our team of dj's including, Soul Sam, Gumbo, George Mahood, David Ripolles, Paul S, Adam Leaver and Paul Omas , alongside specially selected guests, you know that you will always be hearing the best, the rarest, the most exclusive, the coolest classics, the hands in the air bangers ...in fact the Ultimate Choice. Check out our first mix for a taste of what you can expect on the night.. C
  9. I've heard this said before Sebastian , but my 45 plays exactly the same take as the album (I've just played them both next to each other at the same time) and apart from the 45 being 14 seconds longer, there is no difference. I've seen different presses of the 45 and wonder if one of those has a different take. Mine is the vinyl copy with smaller typeface and white background on the 'Truth' logo...
  10. Just received this from Ishola, if anyone fancies checking it out! Hello, Hello, Hello!! I have some very important news to tell you and I am very, very excited about it. I just finished my first, solo EP recording, entitled, "Justice Or Else". It is available at cdbaby.com and I would appreciate it greatly if you would go there, purchase a copy and tell all your friends about it. Also, I will be releasing my new album very soon ! Your help will help me achieve my goal of becoming the "oldest, new, male, veteran Soul/R&B/Inspirational singer, songwriter and music producer to make a comeback and win a GRAMMY since 1976". (As you see, I can still BELIEVE.) Thank you, in advance. ISHOLA
  11. 2 of the Best and rarest of the 80's Budweiser Showdown 12" in NM condition. Sir Prize- Never can find The Words- £250 The Axe Band-I'm Gonna Make you mine £50 inc p+p PM to reserve
  12. -Ex condition £175 inc p+p Beautiful copy of this current indemander P.M to reserve
  13. It's funny how other people's memories of the same events differ...for me The Post Office Club is firmly filed in the box marked 'Manchester good times', alongside Parkers, Star and Garter, Expansion, out of the past records and Goldmine. I remember really enjoying The Post Office club, and being quite excited about the idea of a full night of Crossover in Manchester alongside like minded people who were pretty much into what I was into at that time. It was also one of my first dj'ing experiences and I had my brother coming along for support; he didnt quite get the down tempo nature of the tunes being played and i vividly remember him coming up and saying 'that's more like it' when I played Earnest Baker- alone again . Think that was the only time anyone danced during my set.... As has already been said , the early finish in a city centre Venue pretty much scuppered its chances, but it will always have a place in my heart , and is surprisingly vivid in my memory when other much more recent events have completely faded. It was a shock when Dave gave it all up, ( and great to hear you again Dave), and like the other vultures, pulled a couple from his box, James Phelps and Billy Kent , springing to mind..... By the way, for the record Dean's heated debate regarding the Parker's music policy was with Harriet, Alan's then girlfriend ... and If i remember correctly she gave a pretty good account of herself :-)
  14. Ha,ha, gonna dig mine out too... i bought it for the gorgeous two step side..
  15. It always makes me laugh that the title is so obviously ' Sad Autumn night' and imagine some confused conversation down a crackly line to the pressing plant.....'it's called WHAT?...' ' sorry say that again, sad ..what..night?'....etc etc

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