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  1. grumpyfella

    Poll: Version Battle - I Have Faith in You

    Both great. Edwin pips it.
  2. grumpyfella

    Johnnie on the spot, Dennis Edwards.

    Yes Rod Shard and Alex Jones found one on one of their trips in USA. Just asked Alge who had that copy off them. He thinks Nigel Parker got that. Cheers Phil
  3. grumpyfella

    Original Acetates/one offs

    Good Stuff. Was a one off as far as I know Dave glad it is still floating about and might do the business on the floor soon :-)
  4. grumpyfella

    Original Acetates/one offs

    Been trying to remember who I got it off..either Adey Pierce, Kev (Canada Kev) Barrett or Ian Cunliffe or a n o......was in late 8ts or early 9ts. Cheers Phil
  5. grumpyfella

    Original Acetates/one offs

    Hi Dave If you have the orig acetate its on Damon. I used to own this back in the day when I used to dj more on the northern scene. Think I sold it to Neil Holden. I think Ian Cunliffe had a dub done of it. Great tune. Remember playing at Congleton nighter and Rob Marriott coming over and asking me to "play it again youth". Auction it....must admit tempted to buy it back! Cheers Phil
  6. grumpyfella

    The Lollipops, Look What You've Done Boy

    Thanks. Agree one of my faves of all time. :-)
  7. grumpyfella

    The Lollipops, Look What You've Done Boy

    It is a 10 inch Transco.
  8. grumpyfella

    The Lollipops, Look What You've Done Boy

    Hi Lenny. Sorry not for sale. Hope you keeping well. Cheers Phil
  9. grumpyfella

    General Lee And Space Army Band Lp Info

    Agreed Glyn.
  10. grumpyfella

    R.I.P Joe Torquay

    RIP Joe Your family and friends are in our thoughts Phil & Jo x
  11. grumpyfella

    General Lee And Space Army Band Lp Info

    Hi Glyn Hope you well. I have that one too, nice track...and Pleasure....I have still never found out if lp exists mind.
  12. grumpyfella

    Joe Dutton Aka Pikeys Dog Rip

    RIP Joe. Terrible news. Your family and friends are in our thoughts. Phil & Jo x
  13. grumpyfella

    Dream Merchants

    Still got it and yes is the flip Phil W
  14. grumpyfella

    Want: General Lee - Pleasure 7"

    Jordi from memory "we did it" its just part 1 but not played if for a while . Cheers Phil Hope you manage to get a copy fred.
  15. grumpyfella

    Jackie Day ‎– Before It's Too Late

    or the aussie ep if you want a nice pic cover still one of my fave oldies