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  1. Bonjour Folks...Kelvin's contact info Thanks in advance Phil
  2. Afternoon All Hopefully this is the correct place to post this. My mate Kelvin Brown is doing some research for a Radio Programme that will be broadcast on NTS I think. He is looking for people that are Tape Archivists (or know of people who are). Whilst he is predominantly looking at the music scene of Manchester (and north west) am sure any tape archives may be interesting. So not just limited to soul, nighter tapes, any old pirate radio tapes, sound system tapes, gigs, steam engines etc. Either DM me or post below so I can pass on the details to Kelvin. Think he wants to perhaps interview and make some recordings. Thanks in advance. Phil
  3. Bonjour Lads Never seen the red one. Only yellow and the test press that I have which came via Dave Withers from Maxx Kidd a good few years ago. I can look at the run out groove info if needed when I get home. Cheers Phil
  4. Yes all good here. Just seen the comments about a pressing fault - I haven't played it all the way through yet so hope it's not a dud! Not sure if you could ring the Bristol Shop 0117 929 0383 and see if they will do order over phone...unless all stock has been pulled
  5. Bonjour Chalky Trust you well. I picked it up on vinyl in Rough Trade in Bristol last week and they had multiple copies in...might be worth giving them a shout/try. Not down there this week as would have nipped in for you. Cheers Phil
  6. am currently hooked on that old Italian Dream House of the wife's faves...
  7. Think I first heard this on 808 States radio show possibly on a pirate station....
  8. One from a couple years ago...old influences in it and I am a sucker for them string/pads!
  9. Bit of Ian Friday from a good while for a sunny lunchtime

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