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  1. few from me... Chris Hills Sure as shootin' Willie & West Get away from me girl Heartstoppers Brainwashed by love Bobby Vee Let nobody love you (while I'm gone) and plenty more...have a feeling there is a list on here from years ago...enjoy
  2. Bonjour Lads Never seen the red one. Only yellow and the test press that I have which came via Dave Withers from Maxx Kidd a good few years ago. I can look at the run out groove info if needed when I get home. Cheers Phil
  3. Yes all good here. Just seen the comments about a pressing fault - I haven't played it all the way through yet so hope it's not a dud! Not sure if you could ring the Bristol Shop 0117 929 0383 and see if they will do order over phone...unless all stock has been pulled
  4. Bonjour Chalky Trust you well. I picked it up on vinyl in Rough Trade in Bristol last week and they had multiple copies in...might be worth giving them a shout/try. Not down there this week as would have nipped in for you. Cheers Phil
  5. Bit of Ian Friday from a good while back....one for a sunny lunchtime
  6. Blimey! Must admit I sometimes think them discog prices are over inflated and they never sell. The orig mix also came out on the equally great Kings of Late Night feat Billy Love on West End Blue ep so you should be able to grab that easy enough until you find the other 12.
  7. Ta Chris. Got that one in Piccadilly Records a few years ago as new release. Think I even made Kelvin Brown buy a copy....said to him "you need this" lol Have fun Phil
  8. I still haven't found one of these...massive want...
  9. The sun is shining into the office this lunch time...bliss...bit of this...
  10. Still love this from a few years ago....enjoy....Billy Lo.... https://youtu.be/M3q030Yfssc
  11. Bonjour Chris Trust you keeping well these days. I don't really keep up with the new stuff as much as I should...been revisiting some of the old things on the shelves and I still a fan of the old Smack stuff amongst other things...remember buying this in Expansion of Dean in a pile when the new release van landed...happy days
  12. Yes Rod Shard and Alex Jones found one on one of their trips in USA. Just asked Alge who had that copy off them. He thinks Nigel Parker got that. Cheers Phil
  13. Good Stuff. Was a one off as far as I know Dave glad it is still floating about and might do the business on the floor soon :-)

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