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  1. until

    Iv'e always liked the Tomboys version of this as well as Williams and Watson Johnny "Guitar" Watson - I'd Rather Fight Than Switch Also this version too. Larry Williams - I'd Rather Fight Than Switch
  2. until

    5 Top Chooooons from me. JJ Callier - Pusherman Lee Dorsey - Who's Gonna Help Brother Get Further Christopher Blue - Happy Just To Be Alive The Athens Rogues - She Could Love Me Denita James - Wild Side
  3. until

    I would also like to add my thanks for all the hard work of everyone who has contributed to this project. It has given me (and I dare say others) something to look forward too during this horrible time. Thanks again. BootlegLenny
  4. until

    My choices please. Sheila Ferguson - And In Return Chuck Bernard - Every Hurt Make You Stronger Billy Hambrick - I found true love Ruby Winters - Better Thanks Lenny
  5. until

    My 3 for saturday. Billy Kennedy - Sweet Things Joey Dee and the Starliters - It's Got You Wallie Hawkins - Switch Around Thanks.
  6. until

    Some requests from me please. The Show Stoppers ‎– How Easy Your Heart Forgets Me Rocky Roberts & The Airdales - Just Because Of You Four Tops ‎– Wonderful Baby Bobby Moore - Chained To Your Heart The Forum ‎– The River Is Wide (Mira version) Doni Burdick - I Have Faith In You Thanks.
  7. until

    Lazzer, Some nice tunes there my friend. Jesse Fisher - You're not loving a beginner is such a fantastic tune and sounds great in a big room, it looks great too with a full dance floor BootlegLenny
  8. until

    Now we are talking! What a choon that is. Love it. Hairs on the back of my neck stand to attention when I hear this.
  9. until

    I would be very happy to take the mantle of BootlegLenny as I am new here and obviously not thr real Mccoy
  10. until

    Hey Len. The song and the way Patti sings it still blows me away after all these years, it is just perfect in every way. I will have to put a 2 at the end of my name to save any confusion Lenny2
  11. until

    10 from me! Patti LaBelle & The Bluebelles - Tender Words Skip Mahoney - Janice don't be so blind to love. The 5th Dimension - Too Poor To Die. Cliff Nobles - Judge Baby I'm Back. The Spinners - Shes gonna love me at sundown. The Four Tops - For Your Love. Chuck Jackson - Ain't No Sun Since You've Been Gone. Rex Garvin & The Mighty Cravers - Sock It To Em J.B. Wade Flemons - Jeanette. Little Flint - Pain.
  12. There is a video on YouTube somewhere (I do not seem to be able to find it) where people are asked a question as they arrive. The question is about a record and what label it is on and if they get the question correct they get free entry to the gig. As far as I can remember of about 30 or so people he asked they all ended up paying to get in. Take from that what you will but I see it as the normal northern soul going person does not really care one way or another as long as the music is good.
  13. I really do not like this one. Evelyn Thomas - Weak Spot
  14. Sebastian Williams - The One You Can't Have Al Haskins And The Mastertones - You Got Me The Gambrells - You Better Move

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