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    Yorkshire lad with Soul in his blood.

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    Judy Clay-Upset My Heart

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  1. until

    Lazzer, Some nice tunes there my friend. Jesse Fisher - You're not loving a beginner is such a fantastic tune and sounds great in a big room, it looks great too with a full dance floor BootlegLenny
  2. Hi Rob, Welcome. I'm new here myself and have to say that there is a lot to go through with some great threads and articles etc. I hope you enjoy your stay. BootlegLenny.
  3. Hi Algsoul, Thanks very much I have to say that the site is a lot bigger than I imagined and with so many topics to choose from. I am very much enjoying it at the moment. Lenny.
  4. until

    Now we are talking! What a choon that is. Love it. Hairs on the back of my neck stand to attention when I hear this.
  5. until

    I would be very happy to take the mantle of BootlegLenny as I am new here and obviously not thr real Mccoy
  6. until

    Hey Len. The song and the way Patti sings it still blows me away after all these years, it is just perfect in every way. I will have to put a 2 at the end of my name to save any confusion Lenny2
  7. until

    10 from me! Patti LaBelle & The Bluebelles - Tender Words Skip Mahoney - Janice don't be so blind to love. The 5th Dimension - Too Poor To Die. Cliff Nobles - Judge Baby I'm Back. The Spinners - Shes gonna love me at sundown. The Four Tops - For Your Love. Chuck Jackson - Ain't No Sun Since You've Been Gone. Rex Garvin & The Mighty Cravers - Sock It To Em J.B. Wade Flemons - Jeanette. Little Flint - Pain.
  8. I really do not like this one. Evelyn Thomas - Weak Spot
  9. Sebastian Williams - The One You Can't Have Al Haskins And The Mastertones - You Got Me The Gambrells - You Better Move
  10. Hello everyone. Where to start! Been a Northern Soul enthusiast for well on 40 years and loved every second of every record I have ever danced to. Not so much dancing these days with my dodgy knees which has to be the worst thing about getting old when your heart is bursting to get on the floor and bust some moves but your head is telling you to stay seated Stay happy and Stay safe. Lenny.

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