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  1. Hi looking for a M- copy of Edwin Starr/You Got To Be Foolin/Connoisseurs Label.PM only.Thanks.
  2. Not always right but it does say deceased on Wiki.Sad news.
  3. Every body jumping on band wagon,Supernatural last week opening sequence gene mcdaniels walk with a winner.
  4. Hi looking for a M- copy of Cajun Hart/ Got To Find A Way/WB7258/ADVANCE REPRESS with sleeve.Please pm.Thanks.
  5. Think its a boot the re-issue was small 45 white lettering.
  6. Well he must have made a mistake on the rest of his listings.
  7. Hi if you are saying they are both differnent could we please have matrix numbers of both and which is which.Thanks.
  8. I now have fancy that all the wand copys play the same but been dubed on y tube to play the kent version.
  9. Hi Ady my 149 demo does not have him shout yeah after his second hand it over but have checked matris marks monarch pressin and they confirm feb 1964.Here are the marix marks, mr 51411 45-W-149-A 50129-16. Hope this helps.
  10. Well just had a listin to about 15 copys on y tube 149 and 169 all take me for a ride apart from 2 copys 1, 169 and 1, 149 which was give me a kiss.

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