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  1. As they say Paul pays yu money take a chance try amazon 15 left last time I looked.
  2. Well here we go again amazon round 2, just looked on site and amazon are now showing in stock with a price hike to £62. I would be carefull though it might be old stock.
  3. Nearest refuse tip to Universal please anybody !!
  4. Quick update been in touch with Universal again and was told that my orders have been put on hold till all the stock is checked at the warehouse and would receive a email when it was been dispatched.
  5. There wasnt any problems at all and sold over 800 sets.
  6. Tried that mark but they told me there wasnt problem.
  7. Ok then lads and lasses where have all the duff sets come from ? amazon,universal etc or just random shops, amazon for mine.
  8. Yep good point mate,ive just sent universal a link to this site and posts.
  9. Well just a quick update to my previous post,had a phone call from universal this afternoon informimg me they had sold over 800 sets without any problems.And i can fly.
  10. Well just recieved box set 01933 from amazon yep you guessed it 2 barbara mcnairs no marvin gaye.Sent it back to amazon,spoke to a guy at universal says did not no about any problem but would pass it on.Four reviews on amazon three with records missing its a disgraceful of universai.
  11. Mick Reed

    Soul Toon 2 Alldayer

    Another fantastic day at The Fed! Fortunately not spoilt for the majority by the incident (sounds like it was gonna happen some where some time). Brilliant atmosphere, Excellent tunes - Great sets by DJ's and Buzzin dance floor. Well done Paul thanks again for all your hard work.
  12. Yip think yu right it was a sunday because I remember starting a new job on the Monday and we broke down in the car coming home.Thanks.
  13. Cant remember exactly where in sheffild in about 76 77
  14. Could this be his mates bidding it up givin the impression and creating interest that it is an original ?.If not f-=kin crazy.
  15. Mick Reed

    Soul Toon 2 Alldayer

    Great vids Paul shows it how it was.
  16. Chris push hard at ebay explain to them what has happened and they will pay for you to send them back l had the same problem so hounded ebay and they paid for the postage it cost ebay £33.Mick
  17. Had a demo boot many many years ago mono stereo and it did play stereo one side.
  18. Mick Reed

    Soul Toon 2 Alldayer

    It just gets better !
  19. there yu go mate. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Jay-D-Martin-By-Yourself-NORTHERN-SOUL-/221194743020?pt=UK_Records&hash=item33803becec

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