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    Music Historian - California Bay Area.Visit my website www.bayarea45s.com for 1000's of discographies, label images etc. on 45s from the San Francisco and the surrounding area. In addition just someone who from a young age was treated to the sounds of great Soul and Motown records and still listening to and discovering music that was made in heaven.

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    Mark Oliver
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    Temptones - That's When You Know You're In Love

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  1. Went to this night and miss my old buddy Dave
  2. Flyer from Keith's birthday party allnighter at the Princess Suite, Stoke July 29th 1988.
  3. How sad, I was going through a pile of records on Saturday and pulled out one of Dobby's Success 45's which I hadn't listened to for ages, no idea that he recently passed away. My thoughts go out to Dobby's friends and family. RIP.
  4. Keith happy 70th birthday and so many happy memories from first the Casino and then through the many years since. Hope you have a great day. Mark
  5. Andy, also worth contacting Adey Pierce at Silverfox Records based in Gloucester. Always found Adey to offer fair prices when buying either single items or collections.
  6. Ade, Happy birthday and hope you have a great day. Regards, Mark
  7. Chalky happy to help especially throughout the 1980's and free to use the flyers, photos etc. I have already uploaded. Let me know, regards, Mark
  8. Everyway possible, driven, got lifts with others, coach, hitch and trains in the late 70's, early 80's with the famous 2 for 1 train tickets for free (no receipt needed) that used to be attached to the outside of Persil boxes etc. (see photo). You were supposed to purchase the product but I believe many people took advantage of this being on the outside of the packaging. Shortly after this these were put inside.
  9. Gilly, hope you have a great day. Mark
  10. Attached a few original Rock City Flyers and check my Facebook page for loads more flyers from the late 70's to early 90's. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100048916813014&sk=media_set&set=a.108746857432541&type=3
  11. Sad news and only bought a 45 from Chico last month. Condolences to the family and friends. Mark
  12. Same experience from the US and waiting on some 45's from a trusted seller and he is experiencing the same problem. Wants to send these but blocked by the post office. Also bought a 45 from Spain on 1st March and yes that only arrived this week.
  13. Prices seem to be £150-£200 for a Mint copy. Adey at Silverfoxrecords currently has a mint one for sale at £200. Pat Brady got £300 for it in one of his auctions. There was a few turned up a few years ago but now copies seem to have dried up. Interesting online comments say this was played by Soul Sam and Pat Brady. I remember Richard playing it first at Wigan as Doni Burdick and Clouds.

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