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    Music Historian - California Bay Area.Visit my website www.bayarea45s.com for 1000's of discographies, label images etc. on 45s from the San Francisco and the surrounding area. In addition just someone who from a young age was treated to the sounds of great Soul and Motown records and still listening to and discovering music that was made in heaven.

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    Mark Oliver
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    Temptones - That's When You Know You're In Love

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  1. Hi, after a copy of Newsounds / Newsound on Mod-Art / Scorpion. VG+ or better Real mixture on prices on line so pm me with best price. Thanks in advance, Mark
  2. Thank you all. Agree didn't think these are authentic and feel for the bidders who won the Precisions and Tomangoes obviously believing these could be legit. Simon T. appreciated the video
  3. Seen both of these for sale on eBay from the same seller finishing today, value opinions on are they legit? https://www.ebay.com/itm/LISTEN-UNKNOWN-ARTIST-TOMANGOES-GREAT-NORTHERN-SOUL-8-ACETATE-RECORD/353327934747?hash=item5243fc6d1b:g:ExwAAOSwFn1f4PZf https://www.ebay.com/itm/LISTEN-THE-PRECISIONS-I-WANNA-TELL-MY-BABY-MY-LOVER-NORTHERN-SOUL-ACETATE/293916023655?hash=item446ec29b67:g:uukAAOSwXwBf4P1f
  4. Likewise wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
  5. Wanted - Soul Purpose Group - Dry Your Eyes original 45 or copy of re-issue for now. Thanks, Mark
  6. How sad and Keith will be sadly missed as for many has been part of our lives for many years, for me 40+. My condolences to the family A very sad day.

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