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    Music Historian - California Bay Area. Visit The recording histories of Little Stanley Lippitt and Lady Bianca. Also includes 1000's of Bay Area 45's listings from the 1950's onwards. In addition just someone who from a young age was treated to the sounds of great Soul and Motown records and still listening to and discovering music that was made in heaven.

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    Ringleaders - All Of My Life

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  1. Sandpipers acetates Picked these up many years ago and I believe these came from Ed Hillert. Original 7” demo acetate of Lonely Too Long sung by Ed Hillert? United Sounds 10” acetate of the Sandpipers - Lonely Too Long, alternate take, same take as on the Kent Pied Piper a new concept in Detroit Soul cd. Always loved the song. Mark
  2. Wanted copy of 7" Mystic ‎– That's The Kind Of Love / Jackie’s Song Art Productions SS-110. 1984. Looking for a copy, please PM me.
  3. Richard respect and so well deserved. Also really enjoyed reading your book as 1979-81 at the Casino and notably Saturday nights were really special moments in my life that I have wonderful memories of. Mark Oliver (Gloucester)
  4. Still have a tape from Tony from the 80's with one of his superb remixes - Johnny Caswell - You don't love me anymore. You would never know this wasn't an alternative mix done in the studio at the time. RIP Tony, a great guy and will always be remembered. Mark
  5. Jim Most certainly do and Shotts was such a great venue, with an across the board music policy. It was quite a journey, especially if we picked Edwin up from South Wales and then came up, although normally picked up a nighter or soul night the night before on the way up. One of the craziest weekends, was travelling up with Guy Hennigan as he was guest dee-jay. On the way back a Porsche came round a blind bend on our side of the road nearly wiping the lot of us out. I managed to just miss him and then there was that brief moment in time when we realised that we nearly died, but in reality seemed to be more concerned that Guy's dee-jay box would have been no more! We then dropped Guy off in Derby, then Pablo in Milton Keynes, John Wilson in London and then finally back to Gloucester on the Monday morning. Great times and respect to you and the Scotland contingent. Also thank you for your kind comments around the website (continued work in progress). Mark
  6. Mark and Edwin Some of the best times of my life were spent travelling up and down the country with you both. It's great to listen to these again taking you back to so many of the sounds of Stafford, Blackburn, Shotts, 100 Club etc. in the 80's. Thanks for the great memories. Mark
  7. Mark Oliver's Northern Soul Megamix - Part 1& 2 Challenge your knowledge of Northern Soul & related songs with snippets of 310 songs in an hour. I recorded Part 1 & 2 together on an old tape player in the late 1980's for us to listen to in the car while travelling around the UK to the various soul nights, all-nighters etc. There are some great memory joggers of songs from classic oldies to the rarest of the rare - Northern Soul, Motown, R n B, Latin, Modern etc. and what I can only class now as a few bizarre additions. This is almost like a journey through the ages of Northern Soul - Twisted Wheel, Torch, Blackpool Mecca, Notts Palais, Wigan Casino, Birmingham Locarno, Stafford, 100 Club, Shotts, Whitchurch, Leighton Buzzard, Blackburn, Burntwood and Chesterfield to name but a few and so many of the great venues in the 70's and 80's with songs that still continue to get played today. Also included are a few intro's etc. from DJ's of the time. Good Luck! Mark
  8. So sad, but will always remember the smiling face that greeted you at the door of Leighton Buzzard and then the opportunity of spending time with both Jon and Sue at the various venues around the UK. Sue R.I.P. and condolences to Jon and the family. Mark
  9. So sad to hear the news, a genuine great guy and will be sadly missed. Mark
  10. Check out my website and click discographies for plenty of listings for the San Francisco Bay Area. Hope this helps. Mark
  11. John, hope you had a great day. Mark
  12. This 45 is now sold, so thanks and appreciated for all offers. Mark
  13. I picked this up in the States many years ago and have searched over the years and have never seen it listed or for sale anywhere - so open to offers. Prodigals - Darling I Love You & Cake Time II - Raven 102 (out of Clarksburg VA) Condition is VG+, both sides have surface marks but play through fine, listen to both tracks. A good offer will secure this rarity, so will review any offers as they come in and end accordingly (pm me). I will cover postage. Thanks Mark Prodigals - Darling I Love You.mp3 Prodigals - Cake Time II.mp3

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