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  1. Helena

    Felix Harris Walking In The Night On Counterpart

    I'm open to offers.
  2. Helena

    Broadway / Dance You Out Of My Life

    Paid about $100 for mine, but that was years ago. Seen two or three other copies on ebay after that, like Seb said, they didn't go for much. Rare one for sure, and a great dancer.
  3. Helena

    Al Greene & Lack Of Afro Feat. Steve Marriot

    But it's not northern soul by far...
  4. Helena

    Al Greene & Lack Of Afro Feat. Steve Marriot

    Great stuff. There's a few copies on Gemm and Musicstack.
  5. It's Pure Funk (literally)...
  6. Thanks all for your comments. And thanks again Johnny Hitman for an excellent job behind the decks and for recording the night! Yes Steve, we ARE very grateful. It's a lucky combination I think of a great popular venue in the city, a very cultural city with lots of music-interested people and of course four enthusiastic and ambitious residents/promoters...
  7. Thanks Ollie, glad you liked it! Hope to see you in Malm¶ sometime.
  8. We've been running Function as a monthly across-the-board soul & funk club for over three years now in Malmoe, Sweden. Our crowd (about 500 punters in their 20's- 40's) is fantastic and open-minded. On March 20th, our guest dj Johnny Hitman from Soulkombinat in Berlin, recorded all sets directly from the decks. So now we have 4 hours of uncut music from an entire Function night to share. It's been great fun listening to th..
  9. Helena

    Wanted Unit Iii

    Pm'd you yesterday...
  10. East Coast Connection also sold. Open to offers on the rest!
  11. Helena

    Wally Coco

    Got outbid on a copy on ebay 3-4 years ago. Went for $12... Was I young and foolish or what. Always wanted to know who actually won that copy.
  12. Thanks for that soulcarp. It's still available folks... James Chappell and Alcon Shades sold.
  13. Thanks Martyn. Still available that one... Sly, Slick & Wicked now sold.
  14. Hi all, Got the following nice bunch of 45's for sale.... Alcon Shades All is forgiven / Midnight light Blue Rock Ex+ SOLD Brothers Two My sweetness / Hoping Jonah WD Ex+ £25 City News The bells of my heart / Lookin good Ola M- £45 Freddie Watson Together baby / Its all over now Eloys (same backing as 'Unlucky seven') M- £50 Hi-Lites Thats love / inst. - Invictus demo Ex+ £25 James Chapp..