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  1. Is this the locally famous BUB?

    I remember one time my mate and I and girlfriends had a night drinking with bub at York rugby club on a Thursday night. He Could certainly drink but we had a great time (I think)
  2. Rodd Keith - Like The Lord Said

    Bonnie Graham had another northern sound on preview 1414. “A fool am I”
  3. Unlikely record finds...

    In the local mace store in Goole in the early seventies used to get multiple copies of valentines each week. 25p each. The only problem was half of them jumped but still managed to sell them each weekend
  4. J Manship Auction Results 20/12/2017

    Doesn’t anyone think the Valentinos is slightly overpriced. I think I sold my last demo for £200 and I thought that was a good price
  5. Just Brothers

    Just sold mine on lupine
  6. Major Harris - Call Me Tomorrow

    Ray mine is the same as yours cheers Paul
  7. J Manship Auction Results 13/09/2017

    People think that Tony Galla went for less than what it's worth and Bernie Williams more than . Bernie Williams is a 100!times rarer and 100 times better .
  8. paris sleepless nights on doc

    Patti Young far better record
  9. Anglo American Auction Results

    Pete Did you get one of my Gwen and Rays when mr Rivers was selling for me cheers Paul
  10. Customs charges!!

    Also the big ticket items have now got lower limits. Used to be £2000 and now it's £800. Had a five page customs import form to fill because I bought one and he put full value of $1200 on it. It's a serious form
  11. Sammy seaman

    Happy birthday Sammy.
  12. Sad news. Francis Terry Thomas- RIP

    Sad news indeed. Always remember him selling his records in the corridor at the Mecca. Always plenty people looking through them.
  13. Paris and the Delites on ebay

    Julian. The winner of both does actually have high feedback . Just a coincidence I think
  14. Joe Dunlop List 19/052017

    Joe could you possibly put up if you sell the records at the prices stated please thanks paul shackle

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