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  1. 73 left now but had another 80+ over the years .
  2. Wrong place Sammy. Your in wants
  3. The Xmas 16 hour one was on the 23rd dec , we ran a coach from Goole to it. Was at work at 8.30 on the Monday. Brilliant do
  4. Yes . Over the last 24 hours. Ok at the moment
  5. How many times do you have to tell them chalky
  6. My copy is definitely not mint and wasn’t when I got it from the states years ago
  7. No holidays or inspirations demo’s . Fireman demo on Atlantic rare. Of the polydor demo’s I would say Jamo Thomas. I spy is probably the rarest
  8. Between 3 and 4K now I would think if not more
  9. Ray he wants it on English cameo parkway not import
  10. Have a lovely English atlantic demo if interested

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