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    Semi known gem
  • Birthday 14/07/1954

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    the reds
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    June Jackson Your welcome
  1. samplat

    Vinyl Record Lp Warp Flattening Service

    Does he do 45’s
  2. samplat


    How many times do you have to tell them chalky
  3. samplat

    The Oval Ball Haxby Rd York

    Rugby club
  4. samplat

    Cecil Washington - Prophonics

    My copy is definitely not mint and wasn’t when I got it from the states years ago
  5. samplat

    Curtis Lee - Is she in your Town - Mira

    One on eBay now.
  6. samplat

    uk labels -did they ever exist

    No holidays or inspirations demo’s . Fireman demo on Atlantic rare. Of the polydor demo’s I would say Jamo Thomas. I spy is probably the rarest
  7. samplat

    Bernie Williams ever again

    Between 3 and 4K now I would think if not more
  8. samplat

    Here She Comes

    Ray he wants it on English cameo parkway not import
  9. samplat

    Vala Regan ‘ Fireman

    Have a lovely English atlantic demo if interested
  10. samplat

    If I was granted one vinyl wish...

    Should have got it off me when you bought the Gwen Owens demo cheers Paul
  11. samplat

    Manship - C Checker demo

    It’s looking good for my C.P demo’s
  12. samplat

    Flash McKinley - I’ll Rescue You (Bombay)

    Mint I would say 2k +
  13. samplat

    If I was granted one vinyl wish...

    Has to be June Jackson - your welcome. Just class
  14. samplat

    Ty Karim - Lightin' Up Romark or Car-A-Mel

    Completely different records. Pink caramel rarest on the sixties one