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  1. Here are the playlists from the Horse & Groom Dec 16th 2018 Dave 12:00 – 12:40 Executive Sweet - Christine Jimmy James - I know you don’t love me The Silent Majority - Frightened girl Jimmy Brinson - So many miles away Channel 3 - Someone else’s arms Sammy Jones – You’ve got to show me El Anthony - Crying without reason Tommy Hunt - Just a little taste The Insiders – I’m better off without you Dynamic Upsetters – I want a man to shag with me Mick 12:40 – 13:15 Barbara Lewis - Hello stranger Marvin Gaye - Where are we going Artistic Sounds - Little children Unknown Artist - Gonna take a lot Fresh - You Cunnie Williams - Come back to me Barbara Lynn - I’m still the same Harvey & Seven Sounds - Glamour Girl Broadways - You just don’t know True Image - I’m not over you yet C M Lord - Oh Mama Bri 13:15 – 13:50 Midwest Franchise - I’ll be around Gloria Gaynor - Tell me how Robert John - Poor side of town Modulations - Love at last Gil Scott Heron - Willing Douglas & Lonero - This time Darrow Fletcher - Let’s get together Stan Ivory - Come live with me Bill Brandon - The Streets got my lady Promatics - I think I’m gonna let you go Joe 13:50 – 14:25 Ben Pirani - Art school girl Garnet Mimms - It was easier to hurt her Alton Ellis - What does it take Jerry Butler - Aware of love Jay W McGee - I love you over and over Bessie Banks - Baby you sure know how to get to me Fantastic Four - Can’t stop looking for my baby Tammi Terrell - Come on and see me Impressions - I need you Mad Lads - What will love tend to make you do Nancy Wilson - The end of our love Steve 14:25 – 15:00 Other Brothers - Little girl Soul Bros Inc - Pyramid Wendall Watts - You girl Four Tracks - Like my love for you Cal Green - I’ll give you a little bit more Sterphonics - Don’t leave me Other Ones - The two of us Bobby Reed - The time is right for love Tony Colton - I stand accused Romey Rand - I’m coming in Barbara Mason - I don’t want to lose you Larry Houston - Give me something to go on Tony Smith 1st Guest 15:00 – 16:00 Marion Love - Can’t forget about you baby Modulations - Hopelessly in love with you Imperial Wonders - Trying to get to you Donny Hathaway - Little ghetto boy Jimmy Hicks Tell her that I love you Ray Frazier - Your eyes Vivian Copeland - Key in the mail box Rosey Grier - Beautiful people Unique Blend - Mommy and daddy Harold Tyler - Reality Brown Sugar - Game is over Coke Escovedo - Make it sweet Joe Bataan - Special girl Rising Sun - Miami bump Harvey Averne Band - Central park Percy and Them - Look into the mirror of my eyes Roscoe Thomas - American girl Flame n King - Oh happy day Natural Four - I thought you were mine Pat and the Blenders -- Just because Rob Hurcomb 2nd Guest 16:00 - 17:00 David Ruffin - The letter Charron Cotton - A little bit of love Bobby Womack - Give it up Lamont Dozier - Can’t get off L Young - Can’t get you off my mind Charlene P M - Believe what I say Volumes - Same old feeling Doris Duke - I’ll make a sweet man Aretha Franklin - Walk on by Willie Anthony - Groovin’ Johnathan Serriniah - What’s a guy gotta do Carl Hall - What about you Sharon Ridley - Where did you learn to make love Wilson Pickett - I want you James Phelps - Look on your face T n T - Something on my mind Vivian Copeland - Chaos in my heart Barratt Strong - Man up in the sky Ian (Taffy) 3rd Guest 17:00 – 18:00 Sonny Turner - Now that you gone Marlena Williams - Is this the real you Fletcher Walker III - Guess I’ll never understand Impressions - I’m the one who loves you Debonaires - How’s your new love treating you Johnny Gilliam - Find yourself another Terry Callier - Ordinary Joe Rhonda Davis - Can you remember Pretenders - I call it love Oscar Perry - I got what you need Gospel Classics - More love that’s what you need Falcons -- Love like you never been loved 21st Century - Shadow of a memory Love Affair - I can’t stop loving you Sharon McMahon - Get out of my life Dee Edwards - I can deal with that Vanessa & Carolyn - Goodbye Song Alton Ellis - What does it take Joe 18:00 – 18:30 Impressions - Potent Love Nicu Collins - Give love a try Alton Ellis - I dig you baby Walter Jackson - It’s an uphill climb to the bottom Big Dee Irwin - You satisfy my needs Curtis Mayfield - People never give up Jimmy Beumont - I never loved her anyway Dave 18:30 – 19:00 Village Choir - All purpose love Bobby Burn - I’m a dreamer Bernadette Bascomb - I don’t want to lose your love Delegates of Soul - What a lucky guy I am Ann Bogus - Don’t ask me to love again Glen Miller - Where is the love Sea Shells - Quiet home Patti Stokes - Is it true Willie Tee - Teasing you again Bri 19:00 – 19:30 Seville - Show me the way Selena Jones - Am I the same girl Crystal Clear - Stay with me Monique - If you love me Bobby Hutton - Come see Andrea Henry - Need you like a baby Bobby Kline - Say something nice to me James Fountain - Seven day lover Garnet Mimms - Looking for you Mick 19:30 – 20:00 Jimmy James & Vagabonds - Ain’t no big thing Gloria Scott - A case of too much lovemaking Constellations --I don’t know about you Vanguards - Good times bad times Kenny Wells - Isn’t it just a shame Morris Chestnut - Too darn soulful Bitter & Sweet - I won’t have any babies for you Phonetics - Just a boys dream Minnie Jones - Shadow of a memory Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose - Too late to turn back now Temptations - My girl Steve 20:00 – close No playlist
  2. soulfulmick

    Raresoul45s New List - Quality Originals

    I have done Jonno altho I already have the issue
  3. soulfulmick

    Darnall Horti' Soul Club

    Gutted can't make this one. bills to pay so gotta work.
  4. soulfulmick

    horse and groom doncaster

    Next one is the 9th Anniversary on August 13th one after that is October 15th and then the Xmas Cracker on December 17th. Usually starts at 12:00 and runs thro until about 8ish later for the Anniversary & the Xmas Cracker. Look forward to seeing you
  5. soulfulmick

    Sunday Chillout @ Horse And Groom

    You better have a doctors note with you when you come in August Will c u soon
  6. soulfulmick

    CHARITY SOUL ALL-DAYER @ Headingley Carnegie Stadium Leeds

    A pleasure to be part of it Paul
  7. soulfulmick

    torch poster

    It's on a lot of wants lists, put it up for offers and see what happens.
  8. soulfulmick

    CHARITY SOUL ALL-DAYER @ Headingley Carnegie Stadium Leeds

    Really looking forward to spinning a few for mi good mate Paul and hopefully raising a huge amount of money for a cause that is dear to my heart. C U all on the night
  9. Yes it is. Hopefully see you then
  10. soulfulmick

    Sunday Chillout @ Horse And Groom

    It will have to be a big hat C U Sunday
  11. soulfulmick

    Sunday Chillout @ Horse And Groom

    Will miss you Pat
  12. soulfulmick

    Johnny Praye on Sidewalk

    I have one Ady if your not sorted.
  13. The lady in question also as a George Pepp for sale
  14. soulfulmick

    Gene Townsel - Time Wounds All Heels

    Would be better off in Record Sales
  15. soulfulmick

    Darnall Horti' Soul Club, Friday 20th Jan

    Of course I do


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