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  1. LittleAv

    Whitby Weekender(Yorkshire's Original) SOLD OUT!


    Had the most enjoyable weekend once again in the Rifle Club - well done Gary Smith, great little club, fantastic atmosphere and wonderful selection of rare/underplayed soul music throughout the weekend.
  2. LittleAv

    Whitby Weekender Rifle Club Crossover Help

    The Gladys Knight track was - It Takes A Whole Lotta Man For A Woman Like Me (Standing Ovation LP).
  3. LittleAv

    Jim smirk

    Just for you Baz, don't think you will have seen this pic I took at the last Whitchurch (31/03/17) of you, Shelley, Liz & Jim. Av xx
  4. Please pm with price & condition Thank you
  5. LittleAv


    You must be of been to a different venue Martin as the music policy at Soul Provision is certainly original vinyl only. As Pete Stone has already just have to look at the list of DJs to know that there will be no pressings played, just quality across the board soul. Also, a great venue run by a top knowledgable guy, Jonny Crawshaw.
  6. LittleAv


  7. LittleAv


    Looking forward to tonights Soul Provision - sure to be quality all the way. Great pub selling real ale too with a fantastic atmosphere. Av
  8. LittleAv

    DAB OF SOUL, NANTWICH - 23/04/16

    My playlist from a wonderful Dab of Soul, Nantwich, Saturday 23/04/16:- Gladys Knight & The Pips – What Good Am I Without You Marion Stewart – I Must Be Losing You Ella Woods – I Need Your Love The Specials – You Stood Me Up C.J. Austin & Gold-Star – We Got To Turn It Around The Impressions – Sooner Or Later Hugh Boynton – Girl I Feel It ..
  9. Hi - please pm with price and condition. Wanting VG+ or better condition. Thanks
  10. LittleAv


    Really enjoyed the night at this lovely venue in such wonderful company. Great mix of quality soul throughout the night. Thanks for the invite Mick & Kev and to all who came along on the night. Looking forward to doing it all again next year in Leeds with Pat Bleasdale and Sue Stutting xx
  11. Great playlist Debbie - love the Vee Gees. Av x
  12. LittleAv

    Dab of Soul Llandudno Weekender playlist

    Loved your set Olof - great speaking to you both also Av
  13. LittleAv

    Dab of Soul Llandudno Weekender playlist

    Thanks John & Ali. Ali's set was tremendous too, such a fantastic weekend from start to finish with a wonderful selection of soul music, well organised and a great crowd. Av
  14. LittleAv

    Dab of Soul Llandudno Weekender playlist

    Thanks Kev - full weekender was fantastic, you would have loved it. All DJs played fantastic sets and the venue was perfect. See you at H&G.
  15. LittleAv

    Dab of Soul Llandudno Weekender playlist

    What an absolutely fantastic weekend of quality soul music from all the DJs throughout the weekender. I also had the bonus of being asked to play a set on Friday afternoon, 5.30pm til 6.15pm. Here’s the tunes I spun:- Ronnie Walker ~ In Search Of Love ~ Gala Troy ~ And Tomorrow Means Another Day We’re Apart ~ Columbia The O’Jays ~ Never Gonna Say Good-bye ~ (Super Bad LP) Little Star Al Williams ~ The Other Side Of Your Love ~ ..