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  1. Excello

    Shorty Billups On Solid Gold

    Rarest press of this modern soul version of the classic "Shake Off that Dream." Flip is "Alone" EXC unplayed from a very small stock purchase (less than 5 copies and this is the last going into circulation). Couple of paper scuffs on the "Alone" side. Plays perfectly. Shipping is free worldwide, will ship within 24 hours. 400 gbp. PM to purchase or with any questions. Thanks!
  2. Finally found a nice copy of this elusive one from Mr. Tex that is always in demand. Black label Dial, great 2-sider with the uptempo "I Wanna Be Free" on the flip. VG+ with a few superficial marks and very light wear to the labels. There is a tic for 2 rotations in the dead wax intro on "Blood," it plays beautifully past that. The attatched sound file of the full side will show this - note how it plays completely..
  3. Excello

    Gold - What About The Child - Mrc

    SOLD. Thanks all!
  4. Excello

    Gold - What About The Child - Mrc

    This is now on hold.
  5. GOLD - What About the Child/If You Can Dance - MRC '77 Got an EX/EX copy of this stunner available and would love to avoid eBay with it. 675 GBP includes worldwide shipping, and is more than 100 GBP less than the VG+ (maybe) copy that just went on eBay. Paypal only, will ship immediately upon payment. Any questions just ask.
  6. This is sold. Sorry if I didn't respond to every inquiry individually, but there were a lot of responses. If I come across any more copies in the future, I'll be in touch with those who missed out. Thanks!
  7. I sold 2 or 3 of these on here around 3 years ago after coming across a small stock in my storage. Never did find any more copies, but this is the one I kept for myself back then, last one, I'm letting it go to help pay for some airfare. I need a vacation! EX- stock copy, some paper scuffs, plays divine. $150 GBP includes worldwide shipping. Paypal only. PM to reserve. Thanks!
  8. Here's one that doesn't turn up often. I know you guys are all about the 45's, but this album is pure soul delight, and includes the highly sought-after track "The Stars," which is not available on 45, except as a dodgy issue. Produced by Ollie McLaughlin and arranged by Mike Terry, this is early-70's soul at it's finest, straight through. Vinyl is white label and clean, strong EXC with only a few hairlines keeping ..
  9. Recently found another copy of this always in-demand tune. Vinyl is EXC, glossy with a few stray marks, plays beautifully. Labels are decent with only light wear but that ubiquitous drillhole (never seen one of these WITHOUT the DH ) £75 includes worldwide shipping. PM or get me at soulcrates @ Thanks for looking! Mark
  10. Excello

    Couple Nice Pieces For Sale

    No takers, eh? Ok, one reduction before they hit eBay:
  11. Top copy of this Modern fav!
  12. Excello

    Couple Nice Pieces For Sale

    Linda Evans - A Woman Has Taken Her Place/I've Gotta Get Myself Together Watts Sound (No# - 1970?) Fantastic slice of obscure L.A. crossover soul, finally starting to get some well-deserved attention. Involvement from L.A. legends Bob Relf & Charles Green. Absolutely stunning label art of Watts in flames. Stock copy, spun 4 or 5 times by me - labels are near-perfect 55 GBP nabs it. Micke..
  13. Excello

    A Few Lp Wants - Anyone?

    Forgot, one more: Leon Haywood - Mellow Mellow - Galaxy
  14. Excello

    A Few Lp Wants - Anyone?

    Looking for clean copies of any of these LP's: ----------------- Sam Baker - Sometimes You Have to Cry - 77 Freddie Hughes - Send My Baby Back - Wand Brenda & the Tabulations - S/T - Top & Bottom James Knight & the Butlers - Black Knight - Cat ------------------ I can work cash, trades or both. PM me or get at me through soulcrates @ gmail..
  15. Excello

    Couple Nice Ones - Emanuel Laskey, Linda Evans

    You ain't kidding! Thanks to everyone who got in contact, the Laskey's are indeed gone. The Linda Evans is still available, and for the person who inquired about a soundfile for the Linda Evans, I'll put one up later this evening unless someone buys it first.