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  1. ARR thats why.Ive only ever had or seen the other one.
  2. Thttps://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-YORKERS-DONT-WANT-TO-BE-YOUR-FOOL-NORTHERN-SOUL_W0QQitemZ190180276269QQihZ009QQcategoryZ306QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZVie wItem This doesnt look right does it/
  3. I cant belive this thread has gone this far without anybody mentioning The Servicemen Sweet Magic and the BRILLIANT other side Connie.
  4. Come on there must be some British collectors out there somewhere.
  5. Hi can anybody give me value of a mint Chubby Checker You Just dont Know British Cameo Parkway Issue? Thanks Steve
  6. Well the Mrs is at work so i'm playing all my latest buys in peace. The Greater Experience Dont Forget To Remember Colony 13 (ebay) Steve Mancha Friday Night Groovsville (Thanks Lars) Little Joe Cook I'm Falling In Love With You Baby Two Jay (Thanks Dave Moore) The Four Voices We Live In The Gheto Voice (Thanks Pat Wallace) The Metrics Wishes Chadwick Records
  7. And my addition is Tommy Turner Lazy Elbam.(Brilliant)
  8. I dont know how true this is but i seem to remember back i the seventies Bob Foster bringing 10 copys back from the states and being sold for 10 bob each.
  9. Wanted The Jades Lucky Fellow The Lovers Without A Doubt Thanks Steve
  10. 1st dibs on the Falcons please
  11. Some good choices but a couple i would have liked to have seen are 1.The Hesitations doing the Soul Superman LP 2.The Caverliers Do What You Want on Shrine (absolutly mental) 3.Smith Brothers Betterway and Payback. God theres so many. At least i got to see The Dells at Toke a few years back which was awsome. Steve
  12. Thanks all first time ive heard the girls side.
  13. Hi Peeps could anyone please put a soundfile up of this. I bought one last week (thanks Tommy) but im in Spain and cant remember it. Thanks Steve
  14. Hi Lucia im in Barcelona tomorrow for 2 weeks and then on to Bilbou for 3 months anything happening over there? Steve.
  15. Yup i think i only missed one.I even came down from London with Pete Miles and Chalky,done the peir,back to my mums house at eight in the morning for tea and bacon butties then off to stafford. Great times.
  16. Absolutly brtilliant track so underated.Well done that man.

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