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  1. Few Monday Banging Bargains... Tyree Glenn -Yesterday -Sue DJ vg+ £200 Cracking under played 45, double this on Manships, got a few marks but plays great. The Chances - A better day is coming - Finch vg+ £125 Fab 45, vinyl in great Nick but label has a few marks. Elements of Sound - I'm walking - Vale vg+ £175 Blue eyed and still pretty unknown, vinyl has a few marks but it plays great. The Dramatics - Toy soldier - Cracker Jack vg £90 This has had a hard life but after a bit of noise on the intro it plays well. UK Postage £3
  2. Looking a decent playing copy please, US or UK, please message with price
  3. Looking for a few cheap ones please Clarence Reid - I've been trying on Alston The Grey Day - Away on Hi Hat The Wailers - There She Goes on Wincox Thanks
  4. Couple of W/D to move along Billy Sol Time Time Domar ex £150 E J & the Echoes Put A Smile On Your Face vg+ £75 on hold UK postage £2.50
  5. looking for a decent copy of the wailers with the mighty Vikings - there she goes - wincox pm with price please
  6. Looking for a couple of cheap ones Clarence Reid I've been trying on Alston The Grey Day Away on Hi Hat Thanks
  7. Any chance on a short clip of the fabulous dinos please
  8. Sorry Mark, I just sold it to a PM 2 minutes before this

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