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  1. phil shields

    TSU Tornadoes on Volt

    Looking a nice copy of TSU Tornadoes I Still Love You on Volt
  2. phil shields

    Four top tunes

    The Arabians Please take a chance on me Let Mans ex £300 The Naturals Don't just stand there Path ex £200 Dusty Wilson Cant do without you Bronse vg+ £300 This plays great but has some light marks Groovettes Think it over baby Reness ex £900 sold UK Postage £2.50 recorded or £7.50 SD
  3. phil shields

    4x45 rpm bangers

    Squires & Bob M both gone open to offers on last couple
  4. phil shields

    4x45 rpm bangers

    It’s yours mate ill pm you my paypal
  5. phil shields

    4x45 rpm bangers

    Few nice bits to move on The Joys Of Life Good Times Are Over Columbia DJ vg++ £175 The Squires Don't Accuse Me Gee DJ Vg++ £90 Bob Marshall You Got Me Crying L-Rev vg++ £110 The Creations Just Remember Me Globe vg ++ £50 UK Postage £2.50
  6. phil shields

    EXCITERS - BLOWING UP MY MIND Mr Manships auction!

    Totally crazy price on what should be a cheap 45 Some people will pay over the top prices, one of the reasons I've sold loads over the past year and why I don't bother buying much northern any more.
  7. phil shields

    The Spidells on Coral ..

    Got a lovely copy of this one to go THE SPIDELLS PUSHED OUT OF THE PICTURE CORAL DJ EX £80 cracking dancer at a fab price
  8. phil shields

    few cheap bits

    Got the following few bits to go The Cadillacs Let's Get Together Roulette DJ ex £35 The Spidells Pushed Out Of The Picture Coral DJ ex £85 The Drifters The Outside World Atlantic DJ ex £20 The Trends Get Something Going Smash DJ ex £35 Josephine Taylor Ain't Gonna Cry No More Mar V Lus vg++ £30 UK Postage £2.50
  9. phil shields

    Irma Thomas issue

    thanks I'll have a look
  10. phil shields

    Clydie King Imperial Issue

    Looking to replace my cracked copy of the thrill is gone Imperial issue only please
  11. phil shields

    Irma Thomas issue

    Hi, I’m looking an issue only of Irma Thomas The Hurts All Gone on Imperial cheers
  12. phil shields


  13. phil shields

    The Hyperions

    The Hyperions Why you wanna treat me the way you do Chattahoohee Ex condition so close to mint £1000
  14. phil shields

    Few cheap bits

    Few bits to move on Ketty Lester Please Don't Cry Anymore RCA demo vg++ £20...on hold The Clovers One More Time Canadian Barry vg++ £35 The Lord's There Ain't No Doubt Canadian Pace vg+ £40 The Commands Hey It's Love Dynamic vg++ £50...sold UK Postage £2.50
  15. phil shields

    Bobby Bland Duke Demo

    Looking to replace my copy of I Ain't Myself Anymore Duke Promo Ex condition


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