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  1. Nice clean white Atco demo £25 +post https://youtu.be/6aALqlRotgM
  2. Chi Chi / Just let it happen, stunning copy of this double sider £60 all in https://youtu.be/_0wkFtyjpRs
  3. Bobby Dixon / Women you made me (without pic cover ) vg+ Top notch in-demander £90 + post https://youtu.be/6ZQFnTsUG8Y
  4. Big Ella / To hot to hold, vg+ if not better £85 +post https://youtu.be/_4erAf2F7VU In demand screamer Ripp Tide, lovely copy ( not my clip on vid ) £55 +post SOLD https://youtu.be/PBZkMz4Q07g Tommy Bush / Come on now Pounding R&b, one of his hardest to track down, £55+post Lovely copy ( not my clip on vid ) https://youtu.be/9gv1nra8dhI Please edit as I have done. See guidelines Thanks ROD [Forum Moderator]
  5. Its killing me lol you can have mine Mr Dog
  6. For those that don't know it, hear is a clip from my youtube channel https://youtu.be/PP0w027wMS8?list=UULa6eheGG-SkCK574bbEIjQ
  7. Let me know if you cant find one Mr Dog, shouldn't be that hard, if not will try and sort you out
  8. I have a really nice copy, make me a sensible offer if your not sorted yet
  9. Here is a snippet of a cross selection of tunes I played on Sat Jessie Hill / Mardi Gras Manny Corchado / Pow-Wow Rosa Lee Brooks / Utee Clarence Murray / Don't talk like that Bobby Williams and The Mar Kings / All the time Richard and the shells / Peanut Jimmy Moore / Church St Sally Spencer Jackson Family / Ain't Nobody Gonna Treat Us Like That E J Rush / Hole In My Sole Pervis Lee / You Don't Care Pervis La Vawn / Soul Dance No3
  10. You would do alright selling on facebook Vince, surprised your not on there as yet, if you do, don't put a pic up of yourself, its sure to scare people off
  11. Got mine off Thorsten for around 25 squid,was around 10 / 12 years back though, did see one sometime prior to that on here I think for 15, those days are long gone, no rarer than it was though, just a popular spin these days , think a fair price for this these days would be a 100 / 120, but there are some greedy buggers out there
  12. How good is this, Greg Belson play, was lucky enough to track one down, any info about the group, is this their only recording ? https://youtu.be/nCSfHhGwjqA
  13. My mate Mark ( Jonah ) Jones is in contact with him, I picked him up a few years back to take him to a do in Bmth where Soul Sam was djing, send me you tel number by pm and I will pass it on for you
  14. That's got me scratching my head now, ive held the soul kitchen one and the clevetown one and I know ive got something else by him on palos, now where is it
  15. Ive had two, both mint, a find of mine from the 70's, a Poole charity shop find for some unknown reason

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