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  1. Only met him a couple of times, but by chatting with him, it soon became obvious of his passion and knowledge for soul music , rest in peace fella
  2. Looking for one of these, please pm me if you have one to sell, trade or both thanks
  3. Still looking, cash or top trades, or both cheers
  4. Looking for Jimmy Toliver / Come Shine , T&t records Cash or trades , please pm me if you have one for sale Thanks
  5. Pm me please if you have a copy of Johnny and the brothers of soul / It's alright ,girl , Lifetime recordings, money or good trades waiting please no comments on who , where when etc, thank you
  6. Well there's a couple for sure, maybe more on the south coast, haven't seen one for sale for a few years, at a guess 700 / 900 , but not seeing any for so long, that's all it is, a guess
  7. So the A side is the lp track , with the end faded out then ? just what I used to do with the lp if that's the case
  8. A few finds from last year from me Earl Duke and the Roullettes / You've been Trippin / Geodol Records Crusader gospel singers / Lost and found / Harvey Edwards Generation / Keep cool brother / tight records Cinnamon Suns / Party time / Ida records Billy Young / I'm in love / joy- Jo records Easy / A little bit harder / Groovin / Acca records Funder Cooper / Didn't Know / Lamp records Magnificent Seven / What you've think you've got / Taboga records Jimmy Lane &other incredible 5 / What kind of man / Little records Banks Bros / Bring it all back home / consolidated records Jon Paul / Girl / envy records
  9. Back home and knackered , sign of a good weekend, this event just gets better and better, was a privilege to play my little part in the proceedings . Thanks to Jan and Ralf and the crew who's hard work made everything run so sweet also thanks to all friends from far and wide who make this pilgrimage every year,,,, there's a reason for this,,,,,it's bloody Fantastic !!! I Was asked by a few people at the Komet Bar if I could put up a playlist of the night, so here it is, shall include the main room set that I started Saturday nights proceedings off with as well Main Room 10pm Georgia soul twisters / blow your mind Grey Imprint / Do you get the message The Bonnievillie / Get ready Al Johnson & Angela Coulter / Make it for yourself E J Rush / Hole in my soul Joe Hicks / I gotta be free Anetta Archibald / Clip my wings Linda Jones / You can't take it Ruby Johnson / Don't start nothing Fender J Browne and the positive vibes / Move On ,c/u Cash McCall / I'm in danger Cecil Washington / I don't like to lose Komet Bar after party Gospel all stars / Lonely Journey Triumphs / We don't love enough Crusader gospel singers / My salvation Curry / Beauty of you Happy sound / Soul girl Black Sugar / Viajecito Gods Children / Troubles, c/u Valdons / All day long Curry / Plea to the people Leroy Barbour / I ain't going nowhere
  10. Hi Graham, the correct title is You got my boy, might have more luck with the searches cheers
  11. The Lost Soul djs Sallie Reynolds , Tim Smithers and Nik Mak play a mix of soul and funk 6 til 8 https://www.facebook.com/events/631080117058237/?ti=icl
  12. Paul Bear ( Bearsy ) had the ep for sale the other day
  13. Some deep soul and crossover 45s for your listening ears

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