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    First 'taste' of Soul - 73(ish) First 'taste' of Northern Soul - 75(ish) First Northern Soul all nighter - Peterborough Wirrina 76   Likes: Amongst other things all nighters/dayers, soul nights, (C<sub>9</sub>H<sub>13</sub>N), 50's Rn'B, 60's Soul & Rn'B, 60's/70's/80's Ska/Rocksteady/Reggae, some 70's/80's Soul, some rock (all time fav Led Zeppelin), some hip-hop (all time fav Cypress Hill), some pop (all time fav T-Rex), some punk (all time fav The Clash) Skinhead/mod clothing (especially DM's), good food, good alcohol, little furrry animals, breath-taking scenery, football, rugby union & league, winter sports, brunettes/blondes/redheads.   Dislikes C&W, thrash-metal, boy/girl bands (that's a misnomer if I ever heard one), 00's RnB, (un)reality shows, soaps, most teenagers (specially the ones round my way), 70's/80's themed discos/pubs, racists, overtly camp gay men, the tabloid press.

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    Soul music (obviously) as well as a vast array of other music including rock and reggae.
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    Near Glasgow
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    Just Say Your'e Wanted by Gwen Owens

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  1. Looking for a copy of this at the right price for a friend. The less expensive of the labels would be ideal. Cheers. Mick.
  2. Have PM'd you Picky. Cheers.
  3. Mick Howard

    Mick Howard

  4. I'm also after I'm A Devil foi. Agree about it being obscure but both JM and TB only have it at £30 or £40 - not that it matters what they think! Definitely played in the late 70's, first by Soul Sam as far as I recall. I bought my original copy, which was also clean and hiss free, for no more than £10.
  5. Some bits & bobs for sale. PM me if you're interested (no haggling please as I've already lowered the prices as per JM's guide even if it's in M condition): Troy Dodds - Rise Up & Walk – Penthouse - £250 - VG+ (WOL) Marilyn Calloway - Shut Up – Ajax - £175 - VG The Dedications - I 'Aint A Bit Sorry – Bell - £40 - M Johnson Sisters - I Found My Place - Broadway (D) - £50 - VG+ (XOL) Bunny Shivel - Top Twenty – Capitol - £30 - M Sam Waymon - You Can Count On Me – Ninandy - £10 - VG+ (small tear on label) Vince Carey - Don't Worry – Turntable - £25 - M Lou Johnson - If I Never Get To Love You – Bigtop - £30 - VG Porgy & The Monarchs - Love Chain - Verve (D) - £10 - VG Jackie Burns & The Bo-Bells - I Do The Best I Can - MGM (D) - £50 - M Bill Coday - I Don't Want To Play That Game - Epic (D) - £20 - M
  6. until

    Well I've been umming & ahhing about TrueSoul this year despite enjoying myself immensely at last years Saturday day (Ruffcut) and evening sessions but I've finally decided to 'kick it' & 'get in there' - Saturday sesh only this time. So now I'm getting a bit excited and as the ladies would say even a little bit of wee came out although it's all wiped up and clean now! To all my muckers, male & female, see you Saturday & to those who are doing the whole weekend let me say take it easy on Friday night FFS - some of you were in a right old state on the Saturday last year (especially you Tony Smith - although I suppose you could wear your sunglasses again).
  7. My playlist from last nights shenannigans: Tommy Neal - Going To A Happening The Four Pros - Somebody's Got Some Soul Priscilla Page - I'm Pretending The Hesitations - I'm Not Built That Way The Van Dykes - Save My Love For A Rainy Day Carl Hall - My Baby's So Good The Sheppards - How Do You Like It Bayou Town - Youngblood Sam Dees - Soul Sister Veneice - Stepchild Roscoe Shelton - Soon As The Darkness Falls Bobby Guy - Good Enough Dorothy Williams - The Well's Gone Dry Willie & The Mighty Magnificents - Funky (8) Corners Pt 2 Billy & Betty - Talking Bout You Baby Major Lance - Little Young Lover Jackie Wilson - (Too Much) Sweet Loving (LP) Irma Thomas - Take A Look
  8. Hi Neal If you still have the Billy Jones I will have it. PM me details. Cheers. Mick
  9. Thanks to everyone for the wishes...
  10. Ali & I are pleased to announce that we are finally, finally getting hitched - in the words of Chubby Checker "Two Hearts Make One Love", awww.... - in one year from now we will be Mr & Mrs Howard (providing I can find my divorce final order that is).....
  11. Andy Mick Howard here mate. I'm just off the phone with Mark Bicknell & assume that its your copy that he has agreed to buy from you. If so, then he apologises because he is having trouble with his PC which means he has been unable to PayPal the money. He still wants the tune if you're prepared to wait until he's back on line but it might be a few days yet (talk of routers and the like) but if you've sold it then never mind. Will PM you on FB too. All the best Mick
  12. As has already been said the only certainty in life is death which comes to us all in the end. For me, the passing of my 'heroes', and there is no question that Mr Babbit falls into that category, makes me ponder my age and subsequently my own mortality. I suppose that's rather sad really but having said that I can still carry on listening to Soul music and Motown in particular and know, truly know that it is right up there along with the very best that popular music has given us over the last 50 to 60 years and I reckon Mr Babbit knew that too. Right on indeed.
  13. An extremely enjoyable evening - all those I was there with agreed as well. Nice to meet some new faces - Dave yourself, Bob, Matt and Tim - remember what I said though, life is very short so the odd trip up North (for you) and down South (for me) at this time in our lives is a must..... Keep it up and will sure visit again if I'm in the area. ATB & KTF Mick
  14. Pete Didn't know it was shown 4 weeks ago - assume then it was shown as part of the Reggae Brittania week which is strange as I don't recall seeing this in the line-up (must have missed it somehow). It's logical to assume thats when it was recorded for the DVD I've been given. Anyway, to your other point about its original showing - I sort of agree with you because my recollection of OGTW is as a showcase for rock - the first time I ever saw any reggae artist on it was when the (original) Wailers came on and did Stir It Up which certainly was after the Edinburgh show. Nice to see it after all these years though. Mick
  15. I have just watched a 'lost' episode of The Old Grey Whistle Test featuring a whole reggae concert filmed at the Edinburgh Festival in 1973. Featured artists included Nicky Thomas, The Pioneers (who oddly did Soul covers), Denis Alcapone and The Cimarons, Winston Groovy, The Marvels & Malaka and hosted by none other that the big fella himself Judge Dread. Has anyone else seen this, does anyone remember it airing and more importantly was anyone on here at the 'gig'? Mick

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