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  1. Law of Tehran, a compelling, magnificent piece of work. My attention span is severely limited and yet I was completely transfixed for the just over two hours. Blew me away
  2. Dark Hearts (BBC 4 and I Player) French series set in Iraq during peak Isis. It's a grower and very suspenseful
  3. whenever Man U played Leeds Charltoms mother use to say to Jack, " be kind to our Robert"
  4. Slippers


  5. Underneath my appartment theres a typical Swedish restaurant serving typical Swedish food. I had the windows open last night and just caught the faintest traces of something special on their CD player. Margie Joseph - One more chance Moved over to the window, lit up a fag, and sung (out loud). Felt happy and stupid all at the same time. Then this morning I went over to the 2nd hand shop and found an album Ive been after for donkeys - Blue Magic, 13 blue magic street which includes the sublime - The lonliest house on the block. Bit my tongue this time but its going around in my head as I type
  6. Walked to work this morning whistling along to Sam and Dave's 'soothe me' . Got a few odd looks from the locals as I don't think that whistling is a european thing.
  7. See my other post in events - This is the event I was looking for. Jens, what time does it start/end and where is the club in Stockhom Cheers S
  8. Is there anywhere that I can find info on soul events in Europe for this weekend. Sorry If I've posted this in the wrong section Cheers. S
  9. Solomon Burke - Simplicity (UK London) Lillian Dupree - Shield Around My Heart (D-Town) Jessie Mae - Don't Freeze On Me (DRA) Cheers, K
  10. Sounded a great night even if numbers were slightly down. I can't wait till this bloody ankle gets sorted and I can get mobile again. Will try really hard to make the next one K
  11. Really gutted that I can't make this as I reckon it's gonna be a cracker - be interested to see the lookbacks section next week. K
  12. Only ever heard this played out once (Shield Around my Heart) and I was hooked. Bought a copy a few months ago. It's £100 on Manship but I would have thought that you could get one cheaper than that. Good Luck k
  13. Stafford for the music and from what I've heard, the punters.
  14. I've recently started collecting ( a modest 60 odd records) and to be honest I have to keep a close check on it - I know I could easily go completely overboard. Prices do seem on the high side but compared with what prices/wages were like in the seventies I don't see that it's too much of a luxury.

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