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  1. Deanie Parker on Radio 4

    I'm sure most Soul Source members are regular listeners to Radio Four's Woman's Hour, but in case you missed it they interviewed Stax's Deanie Parker on Wednesday. It's on the BBC iplayer, about half an hour into the show. She's appearing at the Proms tonight
  2. nickinstoke

  3. Bob Relf, Bob and Earl, Bobby Garrett

    I've still never quite worked out if the Bob & Earl is a different recording from Bobby Garrett, despite playing them back-to-back over the years. Bob & Earl sounds as if it could just be a poorly-reproduced Bobby Garrett, but I'm a bit cloth-eared! D...
  4. Record shops in Madeira?

    I found a flea market this morning - quite a few records but nothing of interest
  5. Record shops in Madeira?

    I hope that's not rhyming slang!
  6. Record shops in Madeira?

    Looks like it'll be just eating and drinking, then
  7. Record shops in Madeira?

    Looks like cake is all I'll be buying
  8. Record shops in Madeira?

    A long shot, but does anybody know of any? Google lists a place called Agulha, in Funchal, but I've been and it's closed down.

    I can remember a large circle forming to do a special clap to Mary Wells "What's easy for two", around 1968/9
  10. Blues & Soul no 53

    Now sorted, big thanks to GrayM
  11. Blues & Soul no 53

    That's great, many thanks
  12. Blues & Soul no 53

    I'm trying to find an announcement of some sort for the launch of the Mojo label, in March 1971. Unfortunately, I'm missing B & S issue 53, which is probably where it would have appeared. (I've got #54, which has an ad for the first 3 releases). Does anyo...
  13. Richard " Popcorn " Wylie - Signature

    Tim Brown once listed a "rare, unsigned, copy" of Rosemary, I guess making the point that he'd autographed a lot of records
  14. News: Scepter Wand Forever! A new book now out

    Mine arrived today, it's been keeping me good all day. Well impressed, Steve
  15. Artists that sound like other artists

    I always think James Phelps sounds a lot like Sam Cooke, as does Louis Williams (Ovations). Sidney Joe Qualls sounds a lot like Al Green