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  1. Here’s a thing! I’ve just played the two versions side by side and they’re in different keys - the unissued version is a semitone higher It also sounds a bit faster to my ears - can anyone confirm?
  2. Mine arrived today - it sounds to me more like Fred Cash singing lead rather than Sam Gooden
  3. I’ve had one from Roger before, did us proud. I’ll be in touch with him. Thanks
  4. Thanks Richard, I’ll check them out
  5. I once bought an Ian Levine soul pack - playing through them was an ordeal!
  6. I’m looking for a soul pack (100 records) to share with some chums for Christmas. Does anyone know of anybody selling them?
  7. Oakhill Bowling Club presents an evening of Soul and Motown with Nick Marshall (ex BBC Radio Stoke and 6 Towns Radio). 8.30 till midnight. Free admission, everyone welcome, real ale on hand pull.
  8. I wondered if it might be him, given that he wrote and produced it, but the two voices don’t sound at all similar to my ears
  9. I just listened to Azie Mortimer’s version of “You can’t take it away “ and there’s a male voice duetting who sounds to me a lot like Jerry Butler. Anyone know who it is?
  10. I think it’s actually Texas Southern University. One of their Ovide releases features a live version of “Nothing can stop me” and you hear the MC announce them as “Tor o na does”. I wondered why he pronounced it that way, checked the label and realised I’d misread their name for decades
  11. Here's boba's 2006 interview....
  12. Thanks for all your replies. I’m not talking about anything expensive, just bought some stuff cheap at a record Fair and had about a dozen with Dymo on. I’m tempted to leave them alone, but if I have a go at removing I’ll report back with the results

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