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  1. nickinstoke

    Arnie's Love - I'm out of your life

    I have a few mint copies of Arnie's Love - I'm out of your life" on UK Streetwave WAVE 9. Unplayed warehouse stock. £5 each plus £2 P&P
  2. nickinstoke

    Moving house, so they've got to go part 3

    All sorted, they’ve found a home
  3. Just found a pile of black and white promo photos, 70s Soul and jazz artists (Isaac Hayes, Natural Essence, Cal Tjader, Rufus, War, Crusaders among others), about 3 dozen. Anyone want then? Just pay the postage or collect
  4. nickinstoke

    Songs For The NHS...

    Hunt’s Determination (to privatise it)
  5. I've also got a pile of old record lists, from around 1970 (priced in shillings and pence, anyway), mostly FL Moore, a few Jeff King. Mourn your missed opportunity to buy Vala Reegan on red Atlantic for 5/-. Again, free for collection from Stoke
  6. Does anyone want around 120 issues of "Manifesto", starting at #2, 9 issues of Dave McCadden's "Soul Galore" and a few copies of "There's that Beat"? Free if you can collect (I'm in Stoke). There's also 20-odd years of "Record Collector", from 1983. PM me if you want them
  7. nickinstoke

    Moving house with a record collection

    Thanks for all your suggestions. I think shelving will be my major challenge so feel free to keep sending great ideas
  8. nickinstoke

    Moving house with a record collection

    That is some record room! I’ll definitely be investigating those shelves. Many thanks
  9. nickinstoke

    Moving house with a record collection

    We’re still in negotiations about the exact meaning of “all”, but I’m hopeful
  10. nickinstoke

    Moving house with a record collection

    Great suggestions, many thanks. I’ll definitely move the singles myself, maybe let the removal men do the LPs. I’ve got purpose-built shelves here but that’s been vetoed by my beloved, so any thoughts on ready-made? Looking at around 12000 singles and 2000 LPs
  11. nickinstoke

    Moving house with a record collection

    Sorry. - meant to post in “All about the soul”, mods please move
  12. I’m moving house soon and need to find the best ways of moving, accommodating and maybe storing a substantial collection. I’m sure some of our members have done this - I’d really value any helpful advice you can offer
  13. Moving house so they've got to go. I have a load of record company catalogues, as supplied to UK record shops in the '60s and '70s, plus stuff like release notification sheets. I don't want anything for them, but you'd have to collect. PM me if interested
  14. nickinstoke

    25 count record mailers

    Thanks for your replies. I’m sure I’d tried Covers 33 before without luck. Good spot Derek - I won’t have to dig out my Blue Peter Annual and make my own
  15. nickinstoke

    25 count record mailers

    Does anyone know of anywhere I can get some 25 count 7” mailers?


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