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  1. Patti Drew did “ The mighty O.J.” on Innovation II/UK Contempo. Not one of her best, sadly
  2. Nick Marshall brings you an evening of classic soul and Motown. Fully licensed bar with real ale. Talc-friendly dance floor.
  3. I don’t have the stocker of “Shake off”, just a demo, but comparing it to a couple of other 77 releases from a similar date, I’m sure it’s wrong. Looks like a stuck on label and the print quality is inferior.
  4. It’s definitely vinyl, but the matrix is wrong - see my earlier post
  5. I took it along to our local Beer and Records night, attended by local luminaries such as Butch, Johnny Beggs, Kev John and other long-time collectors - everyone was as baffled as I am
  6. It doesn’t have that in the run-out. I see from Discogs that the B side on Soul Tribe is a remix - my copy sounds identical on both sides, so unless it’s a very subtle remix, I don’t think this can be the Soul Tribe reissue
  7. Does anyone know anything about this, which I assume to be a bootleg? Both sides are identical, apart from the sticker, there's a number (09) scratched in the deadwax on one side, 010 on the other. Picked up cheap at a record fair the other day. There's no mention on Discogs or 45Cat
  8. Nick Marshall brings you an evening of classic soul and Motown. Fully licensed bar with real ale. Talc-friendly dance floor.
  9. We’ll be saying our goodbyes to Jim on Monday 25th March, at 12.30, at Our Lady of the Angels and St Peter in Chains RC Church, 106 Hartshill Rd, Stoke-on-Trent, ST4 7LT. The church service will be followed by a burial service at 1.30, at Stoke Cemetery. You’re invited to join us for a drink and buffet at the Beehive, Honeywall, Penkhull, ST4 7HU, from 2.00, to celebrate Jim’s life in his favourite pub. Attendance at the church and cemetery are optional, but Jim was insistent that we have a drink with him at the Beehive.
  10. I’m sad to report the passing today of Jim Bates (Platters81 on SS). Many of you will remember Jim as a fixture at Stafford and numerous venues of the 80s and 90s. Poor health kept him out of circulation in more recent years, but he never lost his love for the music, the soul scene and his great record collection. When I know, I’ll post details of his funeral arrangements
  11. The 1967 Okeh recording wasn’t released in the UK. The 1974 remake on UK Warner Brothers wasn’t released in the states.
  12. Putting my head above the parapet….I went to see it on Tuesday and thoroughly enjoyed it. Was I wrong?

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