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  1. Andyd68

    Coopers Cask

    Mr.Fish presents; rare 45s with Ginger Dave & Andy Dawes Free Soul night in a Pub with great records !
  2. Andyd68

    Mr Fish at the Coopers Cask

    A night of Soul ,Crossover,Funky stuff and anything else that's in the box.Hosted by Steven Clancy and guest Andy Dawes.At the Coopers Cask in Hove 8.00-1.00.
  3. Andyd68

    Russian Spy

    You will never fully know all the answer, but if you take all the evidence you have come down to the logical conclusion that Russian did it they have done it,of which they have done many times in the past.If you take one part of evidence and over analyse it until it is void in your eyes then all convictions in court of law need to be overturned the argument against Russia doesn't make sense and any evidence to say otherwise is weak or just plain wrong.
  4. Andyd68

    Russian Spy

    Not fully but parts of the article don't make sense when he makes reference to strength and small details it don't ring true .He did state "The “novochok” group of nerve agents – a very loose term simply for a collection of new nerve agents the Soviet Union were developing.
  5. Andyd68

    Russian Spy

    The Nerve agent of all types have a signature of which is evident in the labs process we know it comes from a Russian lab its called Novichok.
  6. Andyd68

    Russian Spy

    Sorry that is totally bollocks , this was was not knocked up in the garage that is impossible - I am so scared that people really think the Russian didn't do it - motive and means and the timing of the elections all point towards one suspect Russia.The nerve agent has a Russian signature but if you really into conspiracies and have been brain washed then the Russia didn't do it ,moon landing fake ,JFK wasn't killed by Oswald and the Tories are evil and the far left are nice.
  7. Looking for a good copy of Al C. Bailey with Art Roberson And The Soul Providers ‎– Go On Home You Communist Thanks Andy
  8. Mary Love-Lay this burden down UK Stateside Demo Ex condition plays great £380 a little tick is on the label The very rare first release on the brown label. The Sensations - Thank you baby £300 condition is Ex Paypal please.
  9. Andyd68

    100 Club Allnighter

    Hi Loan Steve merchant came down before Cemetery Junction and stayed a good few hours
  10. So am I, been looking for a while now, last one sold last week on soulstacks.
  11. Boring Sunday morning so just posting this up for those who like humour with their soul.Disco flute is just wow....
  12. All the bids are (private listing - bidders' identities protected ) including wining bid and this was for the intersection single as well,is this the seller hoping someone jumps in or what ? can't be coincident. Andy
  13. I just had a record not arrive after a while got a refund,however the a few days later the seller put it back on ebay. Not too happy and couldn't be assed to bid again,still waiting for something from Spain which is getting late hopefully its a seasonal thing.

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