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  1. Soulsides

    Birthday Peter99

    Happy birthday Pete. Hope you have a good one!
  2. Soulsides

    5 Favourite Books

    Top 5 (Fiction) A Clockwork Orange-Anthony Burgess Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas-Hunter S Thompson (We can't stop here...this is bat country!) The Ginger Man-J.P. Donleavy The Ginger Man,published in 1955, is absolutely hilarious but was initially banned in Ireland and the U.S. on the grounds of obscenity. It's also listed as one of the Modern Library's 100 best novels. Donleavy's friend and fellow writer Brendan Behan was the first person to read the completed manuscript. The Singular Man-J.P. Donleavy Down All The Days-Christy Brown And an honourable mention as I've just read it again recently after 30 years. As I Walked Out One MidSummer Morning-Laurie Lee
  3. Soulsides

    Calling it a day.

    +1 Shame,thought you were doing a good job personally,Simon. As Tim, Steve and Shufflin have already stated,I also enjoy and appreciate your contributions to this place. all the best to you mate.
  4. Soulsides


    Yes,you're correct it isn't.It's the master recording as I've already said, the original source material, not the original vinyl . We're going round in circles here,if you'll excuse the pun!
  5. Soulsides


    No, of course not .I was looking at it more from the technical aspect as I stated previously. Sorry for any confusion!
  6. Soulsides

    Greatest Movie Scene Ever Made

    Steve,go to You Tube and choose your video,then click on the white arrow on the video at the top right hand side of the screen and the option to share the video will show. You can then copy it to the clipboard and paste it into the thread. Hope that helps.
  7. Soulsides

    CURRENT fave spins! 2019.

  8. As the great Louis Armstrong once said "Musicians don't retire,they just stop when there's no more music in them". I think he may of had a good point, there. Horace Silver for example in 2004, said this would be his final year of live performing and that he was going to retire and do other things instead of music. I think retiring could have possibly led to Silver's Alzheimer's disease,although that's just my speculation,by the way.Count Basie retired and ended up needing a wheel chair to get around in his last few years, when he came out of retirement in 1982 the Basie orchestra played the New Savoy Ball Room in Harlem. Basie rode out on his motorized wheel chair and slid himself over onto the piano seat. Basie said to the audience retiring was the worst decision he made.I also recall an interview with J.J.Johnson from the early 90s. Johnson said he had officially retired from traveling and performing. The first time he traveled after retiring, his wife and him were waiting for their luggage, after they grabbed their bags, his wife asked what are you waiting for still? He told her, my trombone. It still isn't here yet. She told him, you didn't take your trombone. I can't think of many musicians that retired and didn't pick up their instrument at some point and play. My Grandfather and his brother were both semi pro Jazz musicians who still played into their 70s & 80's. Unfortunately, I suspect the real reason behind the decision to put off retirement is financial for most musicians. They simply can't afford to stop because they didn't earn a lot and couldn't save enough for their later years. They don't have pensions often and many don't have adequate healthcare insurance,if at all. Their rent and other costs are going up at a much higher rate than their pay. Sure, there are cases where it's a "play or die" ethic, but I think for too many musicians it's actually a case of "play or starve".
  9. Soulsides

    related songs with sun/sunshine/california

    An obvious choice..
  10. Soulsides

    Reel to reel + Other Old Junk!

    Someone brought this to my attention a while back. A stunningly beautiful Revox tape machine which * DOES NOT HAVE RECORD AS STANDARD* Oh, but feel free to drop another grand if you'd like that particular function! https://www.analogplanet.com/content/new-revox-details-emerge
  11. Soulsides

    Reel to reel + Other Old Junk!

    Nice thread!.. I'm very interested in most things tape related, along with a few other like minded enthusiasts/anoraks that I know. It's boomboxes and tape decks mostly that are a real passion of mine..i use a very nice Sony tape machine from the 1970's for my own music projects,it sounds terrific, with a lot of warmth and nice saturation, a mate kindly donated it to me when he sold off his recording studio a couple of years ago . I've been thinking of getting a proper set of reels lately though,something along the lines of an Akai 4000DS reel to reel deck as it turns out that this particular Akai also has the right features for tape delay too :-)..it is a 3-Head tape deck, so the tape passes 3 heads in the transport: Some specs for any fellow nerds here! https://www.hifiengine.com/manual_library/akai/4000ds.shtml?page=1 Don't want to get too technical here but its kinda ironic that a lot of producers are now using VST's which are computer programs that emulate vintage recording equipment. I was in the studio around a fortnight back and the engineer had an amazing collection of them including a pro high end reel to reel emulator which was modelled on one from Abbey Road Studios I believe and which sounded absolutely amazing, I was pretty shocked at the difference in quality it made to my original recordings which I thought sounded pretty good..the amount of depth and clarity it added was startling to be honest..shows how much I think I know about production, hehe As mentioned, top thread..long live tape!


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