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  1. Soulsides

    Whatever Happened To............................?

    Some of the mothers pushing em' definitely could...
  2. Soulsides

    Darryl Stewart Soon To Visit Site

    You can try to contact Darryl by sending a PM via this site,Pat. Click on profile link, he is a member here on Soul Source. @Darryl
  3. Soulsides

    Whatever Happened To............................?

    I always thought It was a bloody terrible idea to make that castle out of papier-mache'...
  4. Soulsides

    Whatever Happened To............................?

    In a magical kingdom,far far away,Dave...
  5. Soulsides

    Sugarcube sc-1 anyone tried one ?

    There's also the SC 2 model. http://www.sweetvinyl.com/ We were discussing the merits of this product over on the Hip Hop forums a couple of weeks ago. I've read really good things about both products, but they're not cheap. £2,600 for the SC-2, which is the one you'd likely want. These machines would be very useful for sampling and music production for someone like myself as I have a load of old fcuked up stuff I could sample that would benefit from this kind of tech and especially for sampling some great sounding drum break for example that inconveniently pops or crackles in the 3rd bar or something similar . The OCD side of me really wants this machine but I've tried super hard to kill that uptight bastard for the last couple of decades. I can't imagine listening to Cypress Hill's "If I Could Just Kill a Man" without the crackles. There are times when I like a super-clean sound though. This would also be so good for digitising your vinyl collection. It even splits the tracks and handles meta tagging! My only concern is what if it accidentally removed the pedal-squeaks from the hi-hat on the intro drumbreak to "Wah Wah Man" by Young-Holt Unlimited? what then???? End of days. That's what! The video below shows an example of how it works.
  6. My great grandfather was a soldier at the battle of the Somme. He was injured in a gas attack and was left for dead but fortunately was found and rescued..he lost one of his lungs in the process unfortunately, but was one of the fortunate to be discharged from service due to the injuries he had sustained during the fighting. My Dad has spoken to me quite a bit over the years about my great grandfather,he knew him for around the first 8 or 9 years or so of his life and has always said he was a very honourable and special man. Sadly, my great grandfather committed suicide 25 years after the war had ended,during WW2 ironically enough, no one is exactly sure why as he left no note or indication of his intentions and apparently had appeared perfectly happy and normal in the day's before it happened. I often wonder if the terrible things that he witnessed played a part in him taking his own life, I will obviously never truly know. Then again maybe it's better that I don't in fact, if the truth be told. May the fallen rest in peace.
  7. Soulsides

    Whatever Happened To............................?

    Hehe. Well, in all fairness and knowing the mad antics of the loony lefties, Steve , calling a waste management and disposal technician a bin man is classed as being racist nowadays.. ...probably.
  8. Soulsides

    Whatever Happened To............................?

    Fascinating stuff, and a brilliant read.
  9. Soulsides

    Ebay Seller. Shady Practices.

    Or those pesky Russians...
  10. Soulsides

    Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    Did Gordon Giltrap play 'Heartsong' Mal ?..I absolutely love that track and the Perilous Journey lp were both a massive influence on me when I first started out on the acoustic guitar as a teenager. Love the photo's btw !
  11. Soulsides

    Whatever Happened To............................?

    Barry Newman, who played the part of Petrocelli also starred as Kowalski in the movie Vanishing Point, one of the greatest films of all time in my humble opinion. The scene with the hitchhikers is classic.
  12. Soulsides

    Whatever Happened To............................?

    The Green Cross Code.
  13. Soulsides

    Members Intros - Welcome to Soul Source

    Hello and welcome to the site Soulestekft !
  14. Soulsides

    Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    Took my youngest son to work with me today. Private job..no hard hat required !
  15. Soulsides

    So...age before Beauty TV show tonight!

    Gloria Jones, fantastic singer..terrible driver...


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