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  1. Soulsides

    What's Your Audio Setup?

    Wow.. look, we get that you're a Technics hater and that's fine by me but you're just basically posting condescending barbs about why people shouldn't even possibly own a Technics deck when a member of the site is merely asking for some advice regarding cartridges and you're turning the posts into endless self congratulatory info regarding your own 'far superior setup' ffs. Get over yourself, it's obvious that there's folks here who like and enjoy the brand and you're starting to sound a little ridiculous and like you're trolling, frankly. This thread is called 'What's Your Audio Setup ?' not 'What I Dislike About Your Audio Setup' Are you actually Michael Fremer in disguise or something? Smh.
  2. Soulsides

    Sporting Heroes Who Cut Soul / R&B Records

    Hehe..no, Dynamite Singletary are a group. This is an absolute stormer !
  3. A record which means more to me than words can say..the joy and anguish associated with the memories this track brings flooding back to me are truly immense. Dedicated to my younger brother who sadly passed away in 2010. Gil Scott Heron is probably the artist I've listened to the most over the past 30 years ..as a teenage Hip Hop fanatic I was listening to artists like Public Enemy and the more political end of the Hip Hop genre. Then one day out of the blue someone played me 'The Revolution Will Not Be Televised' and my mind was instantly blown away by this mans music, unbelievable conviction and his beliefs. I could wax on forever about GSH - a true originator, his influence on Hip Hop and beyond cannot possibly be underestimated in any way whatsoever.
  4. Soulsides

    first three records to start a set

    There's always a possibility, although I'm guessing they probably didn't exit the venue on foot afterwards, hehehe..
  5. Soulsides


    Some 30 odd years have now passed and still there’s no one living in Walford who owns a washer/dryer, despite the fact that they’re so cheap these days that it costs more to have them plumbed in, than to actually buy the machine! Lololol. And of course yes,we all realise that E20 is a very dangerous place to live, but even if your character is killed off, there’s always a good chance that you could be brought back to life. After work had dried up for Leslie Grantham, his character Dirty Den managed to miraculously recover from his death to return to Albert Square ! It’s just a shame that they couldn’t do something similar for that German taxi driver he murdered..
  6. Soulsides


    Why on earth anyone would actually want to sit down without being forced at gunpoint and watch a load of idiotic cockneys shouting at and threatening each other to varying degrees is far beyond my comprehension I'm afraid.
  7. Soulsides

    first three records to start a set

    That's all fine and dandy hehe, but this is a thread about which 3 records you'd choose to start a set with. The 'Soul Source Armchair Philosophers Mega Thread' can be located in another section of the forum..
  8. Soulsides

    first three records to start a set

    As has been mentioned previously the ability to read a crowd of people on a dancefloor, judge their reactions and what they want or expect to hear is paramount. Please bear in mind that I'm not a Northern Soul DJ,I just appreciate the music, so I'm coming at this from a background which is immersed in Hip Hop,Funk and Breakbeat culture,where often as much emphasis is placed on the skill set of a DJ as the records they spin..sometimes more so,in fact. That said I'm a firm believer in programming sets if its just playing records,ideally having several options to cover all bases and spend time really working hard on how certain records can be mixed or sequenced together to the best effect.Most importantly you need to know your records inside out, where the breaks or breakdowns are at certain points on the record for example which can be mixed in and out to create cue points for the next record to be dropped etcetera. One of the main issues I take with certain DJ's (or people who like to call themselves one) is often their inability to mix with cohesiveness which is something I just don't understand as theres no point in having boxes of great sounding vinyl if you cant mix them together properly. When I've paid good money to go to an event I expect to see a DJ with a charismatic stage presence,great sounding tunes with well-composed routines, and precise technical control.Sloppy or inadequate mixing I just cant tolerate,personally. I could list loads, but here's an example of 3 tracks out of many that I could easily start a set with providing that the records hadn't been played earlier in the night by another DJ obviously.These are all in similar tempos and also very simple to mix together too!
  9. Soulsides

    Potential Soul Source Anthem?

    The title says it all really..
  10. Soulsides

    Potential Soul Source Anthem?

    I'm seriously disappointed..are you trying to start a riot here? Why on earth haven't you mentioned that absolutely extraordinary, unifying Frank Wilson record,Steve??
  11. Soulsides

    Selling Again

    Terrible stuff indeed! I sold the majority of my vinyl records a couple of years ago and still dream about them from time to time..Its always the same where I've woken up in a panic thinking I sold more records than I did, which was around 1,500 and had forgotten to take out the few remaining ones that i'd wanted to keep hold of! Looking back though I'm glad I sold them now and the individual they were sold to is a good bloke who I know appreciates having them..it was hard to let them go at the time but I just kept looking at the faces of my two youngest kids and thought of how much they would appreciate the money,and the happiness it would bring even more.
  12. Soulsides

    Obscure Jazz Fusion Artists At Work

    This sounds like a case for 'Ricky Simon', A.K.A. the Soul Source resident Bass expert!...
  13. Soulsides

    What's Your Audio Setup?

    I'd like to hear those! Some years ago I bought a pair of Mordaunt Short smaller,shelf speakers from a store which had them on sale for around £50 and they were awesome things,the bass response and overall sound they possessed was terrific for a relatively small speaker.


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