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  1. Well I respect your opinion although i seriously doubt that being extremely passionate about a certain genre of music and having a 'them against us' mentality is the singular, exclusive domain of a bunch of Northern Soul fanatics.. you're misguided if you truly think like that,there's a whole set of people who live this stuff literally 24 hours a day..not just at 'weekends' or 'nighters'..i'm talking every day of the week,year in, year out..there's dudes I know who run small independent record labels who work tirelessly to get the music they believe in out there. I also highly doubt you'll find many people who are more 'driven by music' than myself and many other people I know for that matter who actually go out and make music for a living for example. For lots of these folks music isn't something they choose to call a hobby like collecting and going out dancing to's so much more than that, it's a way of life, in fact.
  2. Yeah,you are wrong, ...although there's nothing actually erm wrong with your comment and I admire your passion! Music's a universal thing, it's a language which truly unites people..go to a block party in the Bronx and marvel at the folks breakdancing while the DJs cut up some heavyweight 70s Funk tracks or even the Heavy Metal kids who love to mosh and's absolutely wonderful to see how much these kids love the music and like yourself, they believe they're part of something very special which 'outsiders' just do not get and more to the point, will never understand .
  3. Excellent stuff..thanks for posting,Shufflin! Apologies Source team, I cant seem to display the YT video as just a link for some reason.
  4. Yeah, congrats to a Man City on the title win and Liverpool have been absolutely magnificent all season. Meanwhile,Man Utd lose at home in the last match of the campaign to the relegated team which sacked their manager..
  5. Separated at birth?... Dave bags the worst haircut winner's medal though...
  6. Maybe whoever put the record on top of the fryer was thinking.. 'Do I Lard You?.. Indeed I Do!
  7. Here you go Steve..there was a character missing from the YouTube video URL
  8. It was 20/1 only a couple of months ago at the quarter final stages if I recall the start of the season odds would have been at least double that if not more I would've thought.
  9. Bloody hell..another rollercoaster ride again! What a result! Well done Spurs!
  10. Exactly..Spurs were excellent against Man City in the quarter finals..they've a great chance to make it through if they play well tonight and I'd personally love to see both English teams in the final. I'll certainly have my fingers crossed for them !
  11. Hats off to Liverpool..seriously well done. And lordy, what a comeback!..I had a sneaky feeling they just might possibly do it and ive got to say as a neutral this was a fantastic night of football to witness. Good luck to the team for the final, they absolutely deserve it after this performance.
  12. You're not wrong there..I could easily list a couple of hundred 45s off the bat! Are we allowed to change our minds next week, hehe ? Anyway, as we're only dreaming...:) Id like a copy of this 45 'Quit Jive'In' by Pearly Queen on the Sound Triangle label. The last original copy I saw sold for around £850 I think..I only have a vinyl reissue on a compilation album,alas. You can literally smell the grease on this.. Another original I'd dearly love to own is Baby Don't Cry by The Third Guitar featuring Eddie Holloway, released on the Rojac label in 1968..again I only have a reissue copy. Theres two copies of this record up for sale on Discogs at the moment for £300 which isn't a massive amount in terms of collecting admittedly but it's a no from me at present, unfortunately.. Great looking label..:) Last up is this, 'Has Time Really Changed' by Communicators and Black Experience Band on Tri Oak records from 1974 . The A sides totally naff in my option but I actually want this for the flipside, which is a track called 'The Road' ..a seriously hot slab of Funk I first heard on the 'Funk Spectrum' lp that Keb Darge and Josh Davis put out around 1999. I've seen a couple for sale at around £500'. The Funk Spectrum album also contains a track by The Second Amendment Band called 'Backtalk parts 1&2' which absolutely blew me away.. Keb Darge first heard the track through Mark Butch Dobson if I recall correctly and who I know has a lor of admirers on this forum and quite rightly so too!...I know both of those fellas are legends of the NS scene and if either of them ever happen to find themselves reading this thread I'd like a say a massive thanks! Original Reissue.. Edit: I've never Googled this record before btw so hopefully this isn't a boot.
  13. I also really like biopics on the lives of musicians although i rarely get to see films of any kind as the majority of times it interferes with music that I want to produce myself. I finally got around to watching this one in the early hours of this morning . 'Soaked In Bleach' Everyone and his dog probably knows the back story on this, but for anyone who's unfamiliar, private investigator Tom Grant tries to unravel the mystery surrounding the death of Kurt Cobain of Nirvana when he's hired by Courtney Love, Cobain's wife, to locate Cobain who'd walked out from treatment for heroin addiction at a drug rehab facility. I originally read the Ian Halpern and Max Wallace book 'Who Killed Kurt Cobain' which part of this is based on, and 'DEAD MEN DON'T PULL TRIGGERS-OBSERVATIONS ON THE DEATH OF KURT COBAIN' by Roger Lewis years ago and always believed that there was a load of dodgy shit going on surrounding the death at the time..Tom Grant has pushed for the Seattle police department to reinvestigate for 2 decades as there's a lot of unanswered questions still and the case should definitely be reopened in my opinion. Kurt Cobain was obviously a troubled soul and although grim in places the film is well worth watching,even for people who may not be fans of the music .
  14. Happy 60th Birthday Señor! Hope you have a good one Dave!
  15. Great choice..The whole albums really good,'s been getting a fair bit of rotation around my way! My drink of choice has been this lately, £1.25 from Asda and very nice indeed it is too..

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