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  1. Feel Good Friday - Get them up now!

    Friday night funk for Saturday night brothers & sisters
  2. Cup games still have the magic!

    Absolutely ! It has to be the most humiliating defeat and the worst result in Chelsea's history since the club was founded..'. ( back in 2003)...
  3. Cup games still have the magic!

    Bradford City 4 Chelsea 2 At Stamford Bridge .. In 2015 ! Anyone else think this was the greatest F.A. Cup upset ever ?
  4. Wigan 1-0

    Shots-Wigan- 4 Man City- 26 Corners: Wigan- 0 Man City- 14 Passes: Wigan- 182 Man City- 831 Possession:Wigan 17% Man City- 83% FT: Wigan 1-0 Man City Hehehe...
  5. tv adverts that really wind you up!? What's Yours

    What these adverts should really say is if everyone gave a donation of just £5 a month it would help to provide a brand new BMW for the impoverished and overworked directors of our charity...
  6. Yes, such a shame . That YouTube channel was a proper little goldmine for music,I discovered a lot of nice stuff through there and it's a pity it's gone now in my opinion. Oh well...
  7. Feel Good Friday - Get them up now!

    It's like a jungle sometimes... and that's just Tesco on a Friday....
  8. Peter99. Birthday

    Happy Birthday Pete. Many happy returns mate..
  9. Facebook.

    Paypal Mark Zuckerberg $29.00 Canadian...I hear he's a real loon ...
  10. If you were dj'ing to yourself

    Is that the same Deep Sensation that did the 'Harlem & 42nd Street' track Shufflin ? Its a nice tune. Good choice with Calibro 35' there also btw...I really like some of their music and Record Kicks is a dope record label too ..The Thi...
  11. New device allows you to DJ without using a needle

    Yes ,this is exactly how it works. It also eliminates the need for DJ's to have to cart multiple and heavy crates of records around to every gig they're performing at. Using these controller vinyl records has been mostly well received by a lot of sc...
  12. New device allows you to DJ without using a needle

    It works with any DVS. A hub sits between your turntables and your mixer and sends wireless data to a reader that sits on top of your record. The hub also acts as a charger for the readers. Eliminating all the issues you can face with needles and they're port...
  13. If you were dj'ing to yourself

    I dunno mate..no offence Pete but I love the fact that people post up their playlists, personally..some of this stuff is pure sonic gold. One of the main reasons I joined Soul Source is because of the absolute wealth of knowledge that's openly shared on ...
  14. If you were dj'ing to yourself

    The last of Sunday's late evening listening. Ernie & The Top Notes Inc- Dap Walk All The People feat. Robert Moore -Cramp Your Style The Grits -Mmwauu The Third Guitar feat. Eddie Holloway-Baby Don't Cry J.J. Johnson -Parade Stru...

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