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    Soul ,Funk, Jazz & Fusion music

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    The Dells 'It's All Up To You'

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  1. Soulsides

    Precisely what is it...?

    First one is easy..I wasn't even born when JFK was assassinated but I can remember clearly the day Elvis died..hot summers day ,playing football with my mates in the street outside and going inside and finding my Mum crying with the radio on announcing the news of his death. I was a 12 year old kid when Lennon was shot..I can remember walking into art class at school and hearing about it from our teacher..most of us kids were pretty shocked and knew who Lennon was. Regarding the first time hearing Northern Soul I was around 18 or so working as a labourer on a building site and nurturing dreams of becoming a serious musician and producer, totally absorbed in the mid 80's Hip Hop scene and Jazz music. It was a bitterly cold day so me and the guy I was working for named Dave decided to eat our lunch in the works van..he had some tapes in there and stuck one in the cassette player,a C-60 no less ! and out comes this totally glorious music in the shape of The Soul Bros 6 'I'll Be Loving You' followed by Timi Yuro "It'll Never Be Over For Me' 'Better' by Ruby Winters and Sam Dees 'Lonley For You Baby' etcetera..all pretty obvious choices I know now- but hearing the incredible delivery,passion and sublime instrumentation pouring through those shitty little speakers for the first time was a truly overwhelming experience to my young and impressionable ears and was a revelation..I liked music of black origin to begin with at the time but this was something else..it was next level stuff. The main thing that sticks is you know that feeling when you get in the car and its bloody freezing so you put the heater on and after a while your cheeks are glowing? Well,that was me that day stuck in a dusty works van,eating a ham sandwich and being completely bathed in warmth from the heater and sonic sunshine by this strange, beautiful new music oozing out of the tape deck. Total magic..total bliss. To say I didn't want to go back to work that afternoon probably isn't a surprise hehe. On the drive home I begged Dave to dub me a copy of that tape..he duly obliged and brought it to me the next morning..I felt like I'd been given a weeks wages gratis when he handed that C-60 over to me and I still have it in my collection to this day. Moments and memories like that are impossible to forget for me,personally..
  2. Soulsides

    music streaming services... ?

    More or less,unfortunately. BandCamp is probably the best site for musicians wanting to release stuff online at the moment to be honest. Most of the time there's a fixed price on the music the artists are promoting although I've seen examples of pay what you like and plenty of stuff given away for free, also. I try to support the artists who are involved with BandCamp as much as I can -like Soundcloud there's a wealth of great sounding music being made by underground musicians who use the site.
  3. Soulsides

    music streaming services... ?

    I use Soundcloud a fair bit..it's a terrific platform for giving underground artists the opportunity to have their music heard by a global audience. It's been beneficial for me personally as a musician and the positive feedback I've received to what I do from all around the world has been terrific -there's a lot of creative, talented people using Soundcloud..I've discovered a ton of music there over the last couple of years, like any streaming service its got good and bad stuff but if you're prepared to look there's lots that definitely deserves wider recognition and appreciation. Apart from that it's YouTube most of the time for creating playlists of various musical genres,audio and recording studio equipment and tutorial videos on music production etcetera. I use Spotify occasionally,as previously mentioned in the comments there's a tremendous amount of great music on there although it could be improved greatly if they would pay the artists a better royalty rate as the fees received for streaming tracks are pretty low which is the main issue for many musicians who are currently using Spotify.
  4. Soulsides

    Feel Good Friday - Get them up now!

    Absolutely love that track and the whole 'In Flight' album is terrific..great choice Bruv!
  5. Soulsides

    Best group name I've heard for a long time!

    Me and my younger brother had a band in the 1980's ..we played a mad mixture of Funk and Psychedelic fusion type of stuff and went absolutely bloody nowhere hehe. Looking back In hindsight the name of our group probably didn't do us any favours, we were called 'The Gentle Menitals' hahaha..
  6. Soulsides

    New Doctor Who

    Good point. "The name is Bond...Janice Bond" or "pour me a Lambrini" doesn't really have the same ring to it to be honest.. Dr Who has never been the same since Tom Baker left and the original K-9 was taken off to the vets to be put down in my opinion.. . .Affirmative!
  7. Soulsides

    So - who will last longer ? M or M

    Mourinho hopefully.. Anyone who likes dancing to ABBA while simultaneously attempting to bring the entire nation to its knees deserves to be shot on sight...
  8. Soulsides

    Soft Sell Out

    I finally plucked up the courage to watch the video this morning. All I will say is this is tacky and contrived beyond belief..it smacks of total desperation and the music is as weak as piss. I don't care if it's a homage to the NS scene ..it just stinks basically-which is obviously no real surprise I guess. On a happier note, nice reels bro !
  9. Soulsides

    Soft Sell Out

    Quote: "Northern stompers in an electronic context". Oh dear,that's not going to work somehow methinks... And yes predictably, the track Soft Cell have recorded sounds like utter shite..
  10. Soulsides

    Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    Really nice to hear this. I remember you saying a while ago how much you'd like to have a dog of your own,Pete. He looks like he will be a terrific companion,all the best to the both of you,mate!
  11. Soulsides

    What is your genre?

    Soul, 60s to late 70's-definitely not interested in the 80s type of stuff and the same thing goes for rare Funk records. I'm also an absolute sucker for 70s Blaxplotation movie soundtracks and own loads of them ,some are incredibly good and it's a bit of a shame they're not better known in my opinion..take something like J.J. Johnson's score for 'Willie Dynamite' for example-terrific stuff! Oh and anything with interesting drum breaks that I can sample and chop up for my own production and recordings..again, I have a serious nerd/geek problem in trying not to obtain them and i have literally hundreds of these type of records on my shelves.
  12. Soulsides

    TV Quiz Shows That Wind You Up

    There's a modern urban myth that on the day Robert Johnson went down to the crossroads to sell his soul to the devil it was actually Noel Edmonds who was stood there waiting for him...


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