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ITV In The Club Wigan Casino Granada Tv 2006

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In The Club" was a Granada TV series on famous North West clubs
other episodes inc The Cavern etc
'Think it was only broadcast in the North West Area
there is a post by a member who was involved from 2006 in the forums at link below


I took part in the making of the `In the Club` vid above............. The Wigan episode was part of a Series of shows about the Northern Club scene down the years, Northern being the location, not the type of Music as it was only meant to be shown in the Granada TV region..

The First was about the Cavern, the Last about Creamfields, the Middle one being about the Casino........ It was not meant to be a video about the soul scene as such, just a `Punters` point of view of going to the above Clubs.

I agree with you to a point as it is just 'another` Wigan Video and if you never went, then it doubless gets a bit boring, but at least this programme asked a few `Different' people a few 'different' questions about the old place, instead of just digging up the 'Usual Suspects' in Searling, Roberts and co just to tell us all (again) how wonderfull they all were....

Granada TV "In The Club - Wigan Casino"
24/06/2003 (not this episode but given as a guide)

internet quote...

Members of Wigan casino talk about the feelings they have after the closure of the all-nighter in 1981. They mention the drug taking at the all-nighters as if it was a normal activity which at 1970's all-nighters it was

in the club at Erics
it should have its own clip but times on my back


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