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    • Scissett Wmc Motown And Soul
      by JohnBarnsley
      Another great night at Scissett Mecca, as is to be expected. Wide range of music, something to please everyone. Lisa and Carole are a real double act, their enthusiasm is infectious. 
    • Coppenhall Soul's Big Charity All-dayer
      by Boxter
      Superb turn out by all, huge amount of money raised for a great cause and what a fantastic N/S afternoon.
    • Parklands Northern Soul Club.. Alldayer..2nd Anniversary
      by ShazSoul
      What can we say? Apart from thank~you to all for making our 2nd Anniversary at Parklands a really great day.... I'm paying for it now.. Never drinking again.. And I mean it this time.... Thank~you to all Our DJ's... My Hubby. Mopsey, Craig & Ray.... Oh and not forgetting Dianne France who I double decked with at the beginning of the day.... Really enjoyed that... Soul~Sisters doing it for themselves.... Will have to do that again!! Thank~you to all of you who complemented Me on My later spot, so glad you enjoyed it.. Hope to see you all back there on Sept 26th when we have Andy Liddle and Joe Bycroft to Dj with Me and Mick....
      To give you 5 hours of Great Music.. KOKO... Xx
      Shaz & Mick Xx
    • The Sink Soul Club Mini Nighter
      by brookesy
      Top night at the Sink Soul Clubs Bank Holiday mini nighter--a bit of a slow start but it filled up and ended up a cracking event. Thanks to everyone for their support and to our two guest DJs Clarence and Andy Rowan for playing varied and quality sets which kept the dance floor busy.
      Good mix of people too with quite a few young 'uns enjoying themselves which is always good to see.
      Next one over at the Sink is on Sunday 18th October which is a return to our Sunday afternoon soul sessions running from 3pm--9pm, hope you can make it!

    Event Comments [all]

    • Scarborough Spa Northern & Modern Soul Weekender
      by Llicros
      You should get an email or letter with a reference number on it, you then take this to the venue and they exchange it for wristbands. We won two tickets at a charity event too and have received our ref number.  Get in touch with Rob Wigley in you haven't.
    • Polish Nottingham
      by marty57
      September allready bloody hell.!!! Soon be goose fair! Friday coming fast & still heavy legged from Alfreton /Cotgrave,  /Bestwood nita Satdi too , oh boy wheres me walking stick. Got to agree with Gaz totally awesome night its gonna be ,himself,Dave ,& Paul & Mick H blimey gonna be some top tunes spun .
    • Dbsc Alldayer & Dance Comp In Aid Of Multiple Sclerosis Research
      by OW31
      A fantastic Charity result and it’s thanks to the DJs and everybody who supported this event and gave so generously. The raffle table had a steady stream of people buying tickets and the prizes were joyfully received. Again, a big thank you to those who donated raffle prizes.
      All the best
      DBSC Cotgrave Notts
    • 1600 People 3 Rooms 10 Djs 1 Venue, Only The Best
      by the man himself
      All the Djs
      Dj line up for September 26th 2015 is in the Northern Room    / Tony D / Sam Moore / Ted Massey / Yocky / Rob Smith /Fitzy
      Motown Room     Fitzy / Rob Yates / Yocky / Clive Henderson / Cressey /   Modern Room     Mark Randel / Clive Henderson / Neil Clarke /
      Only three and half weeks to the great night of soul
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