Soul Event Guide

    • The Morg Northwich A Charity Event
      by Johnny Northern
      Well done everyone who contributed to a great night. A list so long, I cant begin to mention incase I leave anyone off accidentally. You know who you are. Especially all those who bought a ticket, without you it would never of happened. Thanks.
    • New Century Soul Manchester 12th Anniversary Allnighter
      by Winsford Soul
      Was just going to say WOW. But that wouldn't do Willie Parker justice. Man this guy can sing. Never dropped a note, ably supported by the Casino All stars band. He looked the part too in his dazzling white suit. Respect.
      Great to catch up with people of the night as always.  Big thanks to everyone who was involved in last night's Radcliffe civic centres penultimate nighter. Let's give it the send off it deserves on boxing night. And to say thanks to the promoters for the last few year's at the civic. 
    • Soulville Special Edition
      by tlscapital
      The New Yorkers duo DJ's cancelled their trip due to the terrorist alert at it's peak (level 4) since the Brussel's local authority decided to shut down all down town's businesses from 18:00 on last Saturday 22nd. Which cancelled the Sundae Soul W-E saturday night BTW. As shown in all medias, this dull politician move killed the party for some. The businesses are going to suffer from that dull move for a long time still... Occupy we still did this Saturday 28th November. And it turned out to be a fair night all in all baring in mind all of the above. Patrick Michiels spinned some classic club jazz grooves and now well established northern popcorn tunes to kick in the party. I started to play for the ambiance the Malik followed me with his Jamaican sounds. Digging' Dave followed and treated us (half of the crowd were actually not used to such a thing at all) with precious deep, low-rider and dead beat sounds. The crowd was getting in the venue but still no dance action. Then I hitted the classic 6T's northern to bring some ambiance around midnight and the nite was ON. We kept on until 5ish and did our OCCUPY and PARTY bit that Saturday when the scare is still emptying the streets, musical events and businesses down town in Brussel. RIGHT ON !
    • Inner Soul Sheffield Saturday 28th November
      by 3 before 8
      Well the bad weather didn't put a damper on the turn out. A top night was in store and again forgotten gems making their debut. Nice to see new faces from Hull. Got to wait until 28th December for Cathy C to make her debut looking forward it. Dave