Soul Event Guide

    • Gogo Children Bristol 8th Bday Niter No 2 !!
      by markw
      Ezzie has summed it extremely well. A great mix of music - class and quality upfront Northern, Rare Soul & Funk all the way from a well-selected, balanced and blended mix of some of the most experienced DJs around. I thought they all played off each other superbly, each injecting their own style and approach which made the night's sounds flow very nicely without any resort to the obvious or overplayed. Great venue and a superb ticket-only crowd who were a nice mix of soul fans of all varieties - younger, older, keen to dance, keen to listen. A record and anoraks corner near enough to the action to soak up the dancefloor atmosphere and far enough away to be able to chat and pontificate comfortably. Plenty of fun and laughs and altogether a fabulous all niter and a credit to the organisers who have built this club so well over the last 8 years.
    • Gogo Children Bristol 8th Bday Niter No 2 !!
      by ezzie brown
      A proper all niter tremendous tunes all nite with a healthy record selling  buying and browsing mafia in attendance and good dance floor with atmosphere till the close, thanks to all concerned.ez
    • Gogo Children Bristol 8th Bday Niter No 2 !!
      by spacehopper
      Well that was alright !! ☺
      despite selling out a week ago we were still getting requests for tickets right upto Saturday afternoon and deals were being done by those who couldn't make it
      Wed already taken the projectors and decks down Friday night so just had to tweek a few things and soundcheck saturday night and by 9 we were ready just as the first gogo ers started to arrive.After my first 30 minute set John took over for 30 while I joined nicci on the door with tickets and wristbands which was now a steady flow of regulars and new faces with both sides of the streets outside filling up with cars
      Dave Rimmer and Alan Handscombe were next up with mainly rnb and Northern from what I could hear on the door.I had to keep taking a peep and the main room and dancefloor was filling up nicely as was the far end with record sellers and collectors talking vinyl.
      At 12 we closed the doors and could join the party.Matt Sneath was now on the decks and it was HOT!! The dancefloor full to matts uptempo funky edged rhythm n soul.The best set of the night for a lot of people
      Myself and John were up next with 30 minutes each of gogo faves and requests before Mick H came on and pushed even our boundaries further with a set of different soul styles weaved together brilliantly for some very happy dancers
      After Mick Ted came on and kept the dancefloor full with big in demanders,northern rnb and some great funky edged stuff too
      Dave Thorley was up at 4 and educated aswell as entertained as always with quality rare soul as with mick pushing boundaries 
      as we approached the final hour although the crowd had obviously thinned out a bit.there was still more than enough to keep the atmosphere going while john and myself double decked...and still they danced right to the last track at 6....the night had flown by
      great sets by all our guests so a MASSIVE thanx to all the travellers from devon to dundee and porthcawl to london and so many towns and cities in all the first timers many who were already talking about July's niter our regulars for the last 8 years and to the brilliant management Joe and Dan and all the helpful staff at fiddlers
      last summers niter was gonna be a hard act to follow but judging by the Facebook comments, saturday lived upto expectations
      Roll on July ☺
    • Different Strokes... All Dayer... Special
      by Soul Children
      First time there and what can I say - if you truly love soul music and a fully up for it crowd, then this is this place for you...already plans in the making for our next visit...hats off Steve, Mattie and Richard for what can only be described as one of the best soul clubs in the UK...totally got my mojo back after visiting...
    • Movin On A Groove
      by mtay9778
      Come along if you like a variety of across the board soul! From popular oldies to underplayed rarities! See you there!
    • Northern Soul Algarve
      by Cazza
      Please dont book anything just yet .Should have full confirmation tomorrow Fri the 12th Feb. Sorry for the inconvenience .
    • Lowton 20th Anniversary Special - Don't Miss This! !
      by Les H
      Yep one more sleep until the best night in the north west and its TWENTY YEARS . What a set all the five selections would make certainly would have you dancing or foot tapping that would. See you all tomorrow 
      ATB Les H 
    • Moss Bank Soul Club, St Helens
      by brookesy
      Nice one Dave, always a pleasure to see you both!