George Jackson lives!

George Jackson lives! magazine cover

Many thanks for those that came along to the all new George Jackson night at Smersh bar last Wednesday. It was good to see all our regulars.

We hope everyone enjoyed the night as much as we did.


The next one is on 18th February (every 3rd Wednesday of the month).

Usual details:

Smershbar, 5 Ravey Street, London EC2. 7-12.

Free admission.


The free CD went down well.

For anyone that couldnt make it along last week we have a limited quantity left. Below is the track listing, which features the best of the sounds played over the last four years.

You may contact us via our website: until then, David Nossiter


Theme From Nap The Highlighters (Lulu)

Heaven Will Welcome You Clarence Reid (Tayster LP)

Got To Be Free Sylvia Maddox (Duke)

How Can You Be So Cold Lee Mitchell (HL&M)

Stay Baby Stay Johnny Daye (Stax)

It Hurts Me Too George Hughley (Fairlane)

Things Are Gettin Better George Jackson (Chess)

I Dont Mess Around Jeannie Reynolds & The Re-Leets (Washington)

What've I Done (To Make You Mad) Linda Jonesm (Loma)

The Good Night Song Gas & The Funk Factory (Brunswick)

Oh, How You Hurt Me OJays (Imperial LP)

I Dont Want You The Lovations (Cap City)

Promise That Youll Wait Skip Jackson & The Shantons (Dot-Mar)

Never Set Me Free The Charades (MGM)

Tried So Hard To Please Her Knight Brothers (Mercury)

Anything You Want Kenny Hamber (Artic) 

I Cant Believe (Youve Got The Nerve to Cry) O.V. Wright (Backbeat LP)

When Its Over Don Varner (Unissued Quinvy)

I Dont Want To Take A Chance Wee Willie Walker (Unissued Goldwax)

How Big is Big The Masqueraders (Bell)

Just a Few Feet From The Gutter The Ascots (American Playboy)

The Thought of Losing Your Love The Vanguards (Lamp)

How Did I Lose You Richard Popcorn Wylie (ABC LP)

If We Were Still Together Jimmy Bo Horne (Alston)

I Cant Go Without You Dorothy Morrison (Brown Door)

Cant Live Without You Connie Laverne (GSF)

Im For Real King Floyd (Chimneyville LP)






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