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Book: Looking for Romance (with Steve Davis) by Ben Summers

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Book: Looking for Romance (with Steve Davis) by Ben Summers magazine cover

News about a new ebook book now available by member Ben aka @ben summers

Looking for Romance (with Steve Davis)

‘Men profess to be lovers of music, but for the most part they give no evidence in their opinions and lives that they have heard it.’ Henry David Thoreau (poet, philosopher, abolitionist)

‘Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life.’ Beethoven (original soul boy)

Romance is on a quest. He wants to explore the wonders of soul music - and thereby the meaning of life - through his art. He has a seriously soulful idea: to make a documentary about looking for his soul idol, Romance Watson, singer of 'Where does that leave me' (Coral records, Chicago, 1965), and he wants snooker player and fellow soul-devotee Steve Davis to be involved. But Romance’s love life gets in the way, and the escapades of his soul friends – Spaghetti Weston, soul artist Thelonius Tripp and the deceased Demetrius Demetriou among them – serve to confuse as well as enlighten.

As Romance works on his fanciful film ideas, fellow soul devotee Thelonius Tripp works on his mediocre paintings of northern soul dancers. Romance’s friend, Spaghetti Weston grieves for his dead soul dog, and Demetrius Demetriou dies of cancer and, literally, takes some of his records to the grave with him, including, Romance believes, a rare test pressing of Where Does That Leave Me.

It's one young man's attempt to make sense of the holy trinity that is God, love and rare soul music. And it's what's in the grooves that counts.

Soul lives!

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Review by Hans of Fingerpoppin' Soul:

For soul people this is a must read. The book is full of intimate references to the core of what constitutes soul music and the passion people have for it. The book also has a great plot that reveals itself gradually. It is also a philosophy book about life. There is also superb humour in the book: records buried in a grave, a dog named after a famous soul dj, hilarious also for those not in the know... read this book to understand soul music and why it is the greatest artistic achievement of humanity.

(The record's in the post.)


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