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Secret Stash Records - No Longer A Secret

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Secret Stash Records - No Longer A Secret magazine cover

This I'm sure will be of interest to members on Soulsource, you maybe aware of Minneapolis based Secret Stash Records a contemporary recording studio and record company formed in 2009, they release new and classic Soul/Blues/Latin/African/R'n'B etc. they also hold the rights and full licence for the legendary Chicago based Leaner Brothers One-derful, M-Pac, Mar-V-Lus, Toddlin' Town, Midas and gospel label Halo.

This was starring everyone in the face so when I became aware of the label and this awesome find I contacted label owner Mr Eric Foss way back last year, after the first contact it went quiet so I tried again with a few ideas and bang it has resulted in me becoming the UK hub for Secret Stash basically marketing/promotion/retailing and A&R for future releases, Eric sent me some 250 sound files of the existing Masters tapes, you can imagine I freaked out and spent the next 12 hours going through stuff, alternate takes on the likes of The Inspirations - 'Your Wish Is My Command' - Midas, The Ringleaders - 'Baby What Has Happened To Our Love; - M-Pac, Alt takes of Big Daddy Rogers - 'I'm A Big Man', unissued material some of which has been put out on the Albums and 45's, finished masters of Mousie And The Traps. Jimmie And The Entertainers, Admirations, Harold Burrage, Otis Clay, Beverley Shaffer, The Blenders, McKinley Mitchell, Alvin Cash, The Sharpees and pretty much all the Northern related tunes from the labels, there are some missing masters but not many, some of the tapes are MP3's of sessions and I keep finding some very tasty tunes indeed. Little snippet of information according to the studio work sheet and written on the tape box of The Ringleaders -'All Of My Life' is simply 'Sweet Little Girl' which if you go and play it makes sense.


The attention to detail Secret Stash put in to these releases is second to none, fully licenced from the Leaner Family estate, no disc dubs, dues paid and 100% legit, there are some really nice releases coming out with the next one being simply off the scale due out in about 12 weeks, Chalky has kindly offer to do a far more detailed feature on the project nearer to release date so thanks in advance to him and Mike at SS. All current releases are now available in the UK making for a much quicker delivery of purchases, there is a pre release reserve list with over 70 people requesting to reserve, no payment required as yet it just secures a copy. There is a Facebook group please feel free to join - SECRET STASH NORTHERN SOUL RELEASES UK DIVISION.

Finally just like to thank everyone who has warmed to this news the support has been staggering, Mark White hat's off to you buddy for marking my card, all the DJ's who have offered to support the label and all the radio and podcast boys who have all been only too glad to receive a prom CD or MP3, I've pretty much contacted everyone I know on the scene to spread the word, if you have a Radio show or podcast please contact bicknellmark@aol.com and I will send promo and information.

Mark Bicknell.



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